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3 Pillars & Twin stairwells -part D-

Out of the 3 Totems of Islam/Judaism/Christianity, I can only
show the Gematria-Numerology of Christianism, since I do not
possess a clear knowledge of Hebrew or Arabic tongues; each of
the 3 are totally obsessed with Gematria-Numerology, yet only
Islam & Judaism admit it openly, and this realm of study is
regarded as "the highest" in those 2 traditions. In Christianism
this is done secretly, unbeknownst to most; so I can only verse
on the Western christian tradition in this regard, the one I know
best, and uses our common English language as centerpiece.

For ex. the Opus Dei semi-masonic Templar cult that controls
the Vatican nowadays, carries the code [ OpuS DeI ~ DIOS ]
in its name, apparently a harmless ref to God (Dios in spanish,
the Opus Dei comes from Spain); then of course follow the all
abiding doubts, like a hangover follows a night of drinking. Bad
wishful thinking is followed by the harsh fact that "Opus Dei"
is Latin for "God's Work", and we all know there is only one big
really famous "work" here, it is FreeMasonry, called "The Craft";
then one ponders why a name in Latin to carry a code in Spanish?
Message? Change the language, so we change to Standard English
Gematria (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26): [ D.I.O.S. = 47 = Beast ]. Aha...
The Craft, the Beast... hardly holy. Initials for "God's Work" match
the Bush dynasty initials, to make a bad thing worse.

Now: [ GOD'S WORK = 1+111 = "A New York" ]. Hardly then
a surprise the Opus Dei moved its old hearquarters in Chicago to a
brand new tower in Manhattan-New York, inaugurated just a few
months before 911. Then just like everyone else in the block of
conspiracy research you begin to suspect them, and when you hear
that the Opus Dei was trying to take control of Asia starting with
Vietnam (some say this was the secret push behind that ill famed
war), you can't help but realize that they must not have liked JFK
a whole lot when he decided to bring ALL the troops home -(all,
not just a few, was closing shop on Vietnam)-, and perhaps that is
why the 1st. catholic president of the US met with bullets in Dealey
Plaza (D-eal-EY), his car exiting the plaza through TRINITY Pass,
and the lone-nut patsy was named { harveY leE oswalD ~ DEY }.

Which brings to memory an identically named "DEY St" in the big
apple; DEY St. at the corner of CHURCH St. is... where... GROUND
ZERO (where the old World Trade Center Twin Towers were) is...!

2 blocks north is "MURRAY St"; now the Opus Dei changed their
headquarters to a Tower in Manhattan called the "MURRAY Hill
Bldg". If we look at the "WorlD TradE CenteR" 1st & last initials:


Now the Opus Dei shares the identical perk of not answering to any
bishop or parish except directly to the Pope (in other words they
are an intelligence agency) as the Knights Templar did through
their Constitution called "MILITIA DEI" in the Medieval Ages;
the Opus one is called "Personal Prelature", and that reminds one
of the famous fascist "P2" Lodge (2 P's). David Yallop caught rather
early on the fact that it seems the Opus group poisoned the 33-Day
Pope, otherwise known as John Paul I in 1978, who died in his bed
of unkown cause without an autopsy performed; thing is, they did
have the biggest of motives, since no Pope for many decades had
approved the Order to become official and clerical (with priestly
powers). It was only after JPI died in this mysterious way, that
the follow-up Pope John Paul II quickly gave them the "Personal
Prelature" order approval in 1982, thus the Opus Dei all of a sudden
entered the 80's in full swing, accompanied by JPII, M. Thatcher
in Britain & Ronald Reagan (and G. Bush sr as vice pres) in the US,
all conservative to the hilt. A year and a half before John Lennon
was killed in New York; the same Lennon that Richard Nixon had
tried to deport in 1972 for his anti Vietnam war campaign. Opus
Dei had a pivotal role in many Latin America dictatorships during
the 70's, involving extensive human rights abuse, so it is not far
fetched at all to suspect a John Lennon connection as revenge; after
all, by 1980 NO ONE had any beef with Lennon...!, thus his murder
can only make sense in retrospect to Vietnam (unless of course you
also blindly believe it was "just" another lone-nut...). But then again
there is our... Gematria angle; JOHN Paul I, JOHN Lennon...:

[ John = 47 = D.I.O.S. ].

See, I don't tend to view a radically fundamentalist conservative
group in full masonic covert display such as the Opus Dei in strictly
"catholic" light; I was educated by american Jesuits, and they did
not see with good eyes any fanatical Bible-thumper secretive org,
much less so involved in covert ultra rightwing paramilitary actions.
To me with that kind of flexible critical upbringing, they look like...
rather... MUSLIM...!!!! In other words they say and preach catholic,
but THEY ACT LIKE MUSLIM fanatic extremists in a Jihad mind-
set. Naturally one cannot pass by the fact that Pope JPII also was
hit by a bullet, as he claimed it was none other than the very Virgin
Mary herself who had saved his life "deviating the bullet" -(in his
own words)-, calling it a "Miracle of the Virgin of Fatima" -in ref to
the supposed Fatima-Portugal Apparition of the Virgin Mary in 1917.

Now this is where it all gets very strange; I previously stated that
all 3 major western/middle-east Monotheistic religions come from
exactly the same source in the 13th to the 18th Dynasty in Egypt
-the 18th being the relevant one, with Pharaoh Akhenaten some
like Carl Jung contended was the figure upon which "Moses" was
constructed upon-. Now the Book of Revelation in the "Bible" is
most famous for the verse regarding the "666" No. of the Beast,
Rev 13:18.

If you have not yet gathered that "13:18" unequivocally refers to the
emblematic Egyptian dynasty ("The Beast that Was, Is Not, but
will come out of the abyss again"), then you're kinda slow in
the head. I'm a western man, but I do know that FATIMA was the
daughter of Muhammad the Prophet of Islam, who said: "She has
the highest place in Heaven after the Virgin Mary" -because worship
of the Virgin Mary is higher in Islam than in Catholicism...! Portugal
of course was occupied for centuries by the Muslims, thus the name
of the village "Fatima" in honor of the Prophet's daughter.

Exactly what is going on here...? you may ask yourself. And rightly
so; what happens is that the illuminati have some different plans
concerning religion after the global New World Order is firmly in
the scene acc to their plans. They seek to make a One-World single
global religion, and for this they need to REUNITE THE 3-PILLARS
of Islam/Judaism/Christianism, adding the new fad of Buddhism
and the Native cults to the mix, which will be of decidedly New Age
flavour. This new Golden Age of Peace will be ushered under the
auspices of a united world under one Messiah. Never mind that
the word "MESSIAH" comes historically & directly from the word
"MESSEH" (or Mesheh) in Egypt, which means CROCODILE, the
CROCODILE FAT as ritual of Coronation; indeed the word for
Pharaoh is a crytogram made of 2 Crocodiles. It doesn't take a
PhD in an Ivy League university to figure that the entire Pharaonic
lineage is of Reptilian origin; after all, they carry a Head-Dress with
a COBRA protruding from it...! See for ex the revealing next link:

Practically eveyone ignores that in English Gematria:

[ JESUS = 74 = LUCIFER = 74 = MESSIAH ]

So yes, the waters are pretty murky in this monotheistic religion
stream of the 3 Pillars; nothing's quite like it seems, to put it mildly.
By now you probably had already seen "The Da Vinci Code" film
or read the book, a fictionalized theft of the "Holy Blood, Holy Grail"
1982 book by authors M.Baigent/R.Leigh/H.Lincoln. Their claim of
"Jesus" having children with "Mary Magdalen" is a spurious
secretive propaganda mantra for the european Monarchies, as
they sought the affirmation of "Divinity" in their bloodstream,
claiming to possess the very blood of "Jesus & Magdalen" in their
veins, dating very far back to the days of the Merovingian dynasty,
which is when this whole preposterous myth started, to create and
install the european Monarchies in power, based on the fable of it
carrying "divine blood", in the 5th Century. Baigent/Lincoln/Leigh
were right in noting that the legend of Merovech being a hybrid of
a fish and a woman, meant to imply the early christian ICHTUS
or Fish sign (actually representing the Vesica Pisces or Sacred
Vulva, an esoteric symbol attributed to Isis/Venus/the Virgin)
was a way of conveying the lie that "Jesus & Magdalen" had kids
that became the kings & queens of Europe. Few know that the
Cross was NOT a christian sign until the 3rd Century when the
mighty Emperor Constantine who was from the Ireland territory
of the Roman Empire, brought the Celtic Cross (of druid-egyptian
origin) to Rome, and included it in the "Bible" narrative, a symbol
of the cyclical Planet of the Crossing -NIBIRU-, in Astro Zodiacal
terms (thus the "INRI"~ "NIBIRU" sign was included also in the
Cross within the narrative). When reading Druid-Egyptian as origin
of the Celtic Cross later turned Christian don't be surprised; a simple
hearing of Celtic music as compared to Moroccan/Algiers (NW area
of Africa) music for ex, reveals them as nearly identical ! {Being a
musician I am entitled to bring out these parallels; music does
leave an imprint or trace no different than linguistic roots or DNA}.

As the Virgin Mary in the story does not have sexual intercourse,
the ICHTUS as Vulva was related to MARY MAGDALEN within
the esoteric circles and later by the Knights Templar, thus this
claim of a "Jesus & Magdalen" descendance was historically the
origin of the european monarchies, yet in secret and only for the
initiates. In this way the Monarchies maintained such a devout
following, through the power of this fake "secret" amongst the
aristocracy & clergy. But in esoteric Schools of Mystery (stemming
back at least as far back from the greeks and earlier egyptians),
the VESICA PISCES is associated with the mythical "No. 153", &
its relation to the creation of the PENTAGRAM & HEXAGRAM,
"Ichtus" drawn as figure of a FISH symbolizing "Jesus Christ" in
the early christian era, was meant to mean that "Mary Magdalen"
was the Secret Code, as the Sacred Vulva in the mysteries. Then
as such has been researched in many books on the matter, and it
is clear the Gospels written in Greek, contain a Gematria Code
that indeed places "Mary Magdalen" as the real "Virgin/Vesica"
behind the appearances. This is why secretly:


When it is said that the so-called "PRIORY OF SION" or "Order
of Sion" has preserved the alleged "Jesus & Magdalen" descendance,
it's to be understood they were the propaganda master designers!
Why? Because they were the secret elite order that knew what
the GREEK GEMATRIA in the Gospels really mean, in the sense
that the literal text is merely a Syncretism of much earlier Greek
Schools of Mystery & Egyptian/Sumerian sources. And that the
figures like "Mary Magdalen", are symbolic representations of
Astro-Zodiacal mysteries, related to multi-dimensional geometry,
i.e. 4D Hyper-Dimensional Space. You don't "go to heaven" after
you've said your prayers, but through organic StarGates inside
yourself, through your own DNA Acension...! The themes of
"BIRTH" and "REBIRTH" or "RESURRECTION" (or as they call
it to be "Born Again") is a pun for this operation, that only the real
selected few initiates always knew and attempted only in a close
circle of elitists, since the times of Egypt...!

The "Vesica Pisces" as the "Sacred Vulva" of the "Magdalen" was
meant to convey a very secret Hyper-Dimensional knowledge of
how to enter an organic WormHole or Stargate, through which one
can access higher worlds, anchored in certain specific DNA Grails,
which were from selected Bloodlines, often presented as hybrids
between ET's and humans. Eveything else in the "religion" cover
stories, were fables to CONCEAL THESE SECRETS, while at the
same time transmitting them through generations of elite initiates,
the masses totally unaware of the secret content. This content also
built & preserved in Churches & Buildings, or anything big & famous
that would serve as carrier of the codes -be it a painting, a book,
children tales, legends, architecture, music, or what have you-.

This is why the elites don't mind having all the different religions
fight each other to death for centuries or millennia, because to
them all these are merely fables, manufactured to conceal the
deep secrets they themselves hoard alone.

In 1994 I saw a special on TV that referred to some of these deep
Knight Templar secrets, how they actually worshipped a FEMALE
FIGURE, a mixture of Isis/Venus/Magdalen; "Magdala" means
TOWER, and it secretly indicates the base of the Brain, the tower
is the SPINE where the 7 Chakras (or inter-dimensional organic
vortexes) lie, arriving up unto the Brain at the point where the
AMYGDALA is (the "Magdalen" Portal). Fractally, it is altogether
the Tower or Spiral Staircase ("Jacob's Ladder" of the DNA) when
viewed on side elevation; the DNA helixes fractally mimic the way
the 2 Male/Female energies coil up & down the Spine through the
Chakras as the Ida & Pingala Kundalini etheric forces. In the tv
documentary, they showed how the Magdala/Towers made by
the Templars, were actually secret keys to the PENTAGRAM
that the planet VENUS (Isis, Mary) draws in the sky through its
revolution around the Sun during the year. The code worship
of a "BAPHOMET" idol they were accused of, is a cipher meaning
"SOPHIA" (i.e. Wisdom, in feminine form -the "Magdalen"-). You
may observe how the greek "SOPHIA" for Wisdom, is intimately
tied to the "OPHIS" meaning Serpent -the ancient Order of the
Ophis arising form the 13th to 18th Pharaonic Dynasties-. In this
day and age, this same old Reptilian code is disguised as the word
"Office" prevalent everywhere, from the universal MicroSoft Office
software, to even when we say "Office of the President":


The same Templar Venus/Magdalen pentagram is also preserved
in our days as the Pentagon (also present across St. Peter's Square
in the Vatican, look in Google maps). So much for "male" power...:

{ }

In fact the identity between VENUS & MAGDALEN as Magdala
Tower, is proven in English Gematria. There's a reason in English
a "Plaza" is still named "Square", and it is usually anchored by a
"Tower", most typically a Church Tower -for ex St.Peter's Square
in the Vatican emblematically called a "Square" even when it so
clearly depicts an elliptic VULVA-:

[ VENUS = 81 = TOWER = SQUARE = "The Craft" ]

The "2 P's" (as in "Personal Prelature" of the modern day catholic
Templars, the Opus Dei) refer to the "2 Towers" inside the Brain;
the PITUITARY/"Peter" and the PINEAL/"Paul". Whenever the
elite enacts a fabricated "War of Opposites", each Pole is meant to
symbolize the Pineal vs. the Pituitary, thus every war is a RITUAL
enacted to INWARDLY DIVIDE A HUMAN, i.e. "Divided From
Within" in his very own Brain, always unto itself forced to "Choose"
between either the Pineal or the Pituitary, thus killing either one!?,
and in this way through the ritual enacted, humans will NOT enter
the organic portal at the Brain, to exit this 3D material matrix unto
the higher realms. This is what war esoterically is meant to produce,
a blocking of the entrance to Paradise, so to speak...! The Amygdala
is the Mary Magdalen, and "Mary" comes from "MAR", which when
reversing in a mirror the "M' to a "W"... forms the word... "WAR"...!
In such way that when entire masses are forced to "believe" that
they must wage a Jihad-like war against infidels, be it the muslims
or the jewish or the christian all the same
, what is really transpiring
is an esoteric sacrifice ritual, by which the participants are inwardly
blocking their own StarGate portal to the hyper-dimensional higher
realms ("paradise"), in energy terms.

And these 3 Pillars of "religions" were originated in Akhenaten in
Egypt. In Genesis it is written that a CHERUBIM was placed at
the entrance gate to Paradise, to NOT LET ANY HUMAN ENTER:


So in effect, each "Pillar" represents either the Pineal, the Pituitary,
or the Hypothalamus; and in practice, have been designed to go to
the ends of the world to Conquer & Convert everyone, in their own
specific energy archetypal signature. In this way, a perpetual state
of war between them has been created forever, ritually enacting a
HUMAN DIVIDED UNTO ITSELF inside the Brain where the Star
Gate portals to "Paradise" dwell, fractally represented in the society
or group or humanity at large.


slam said...

Hello Chris

Thanks for your monthly posts - very helpful. My question is how does one raise energy of vibration up the spine to open centers in pituitary and pineal? and if done how do you prevent the annunaki from disrupting the process? Does raising the kundalini to activate the 3 glands in the brain = transition from 3d to a higher dimension?

do u have an email to correspond thanks

chris hohn said...

You have to find an "anchoring" to your deeper self to begin with; the old hindu/buddhist technique of
emptying the mind is to me deceptive. Much better to do something as FOCUSED Meditation;
I can use performing/writing music for ex, or practicing some
Gematria pschic surfing, etc. The "right" activity for YOU on
your experience as "you", has to be
found by this "you". This anchoring activity then occurs as a BEING more than a "doing". That is the critical issue in energy
beyond the body, to acquire Being
through Expression, as opposed to the Violence of Doing rooted in
Ego computer. This anchor will most often than not, raise your frequency to a level of Love & Beauty, or close to it; it is the freqauency itself and the "letting go" of expectations and such, that act as trigger. Too much energy
boost can cause kundalini burnout,
you could damage yourself even.
Energy is Nothing without Intent, and having a Pure Heart is the Key. Without this, you just BLOCK
and BLOCK and BLOCK to no end. The pure heart is the liberator of your own self, the intent raises
the frequency, Being makes it happen. All these are mere empty words for a Synchronicity process
that I can't explain. The Reptilians will attack yur Lower Body in the process most often,
as you open up chakras high above.
It manifests as illness or what have you later on. You have to be
brave, it's part of the equation.
How can anyone pretend to have a Pure Heart without being Brave...?
How can a warrior pretend to go to
battle and never be hurt...? Bt you
must chose: whether you'll get hurt in the above, or in the below.
Most people opt to be "safe" in the below (the lower gross body).
BAD CHOICE...!? That's exactly how they zap you. Material bodily "spirituality" does not interest me one bit. There are subtle energies and information that are tapped by letting go of the body only. So what kind of
Kundalini are we talking about really then...? Reptilians tampered with most hindu/buddhist
tradition. SEE ALL THINGS BY YOURSELF, AS YOU YOURSELF SEE THEM WITH A PURE HEART. This is the higher frequency door.