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3 Pillars & Twin stairwells -part E-

If you happen to be one of those people that are seeing "evil" shapes
and signs and figures everywhere -that are forbidden by the Lord
and so forth-, I have one piece of advice to you: GROW UP...!

This is not about those childish things; what happens is that abuse
from higher-dimensional beings towards lower-dimensional beings
might be a common thing, sadly. The human intermediaries, play
a game of "gate-keepers" for the higher Watchers, clearing out all
vestiges of higher knowledge and all evidence available, hoarding
every bit & piece unto themselves only. What is Masonry but the
secret storage and accumulation of all hidden things from public
access and view...? It is a disguised Inquisition, banning everything
that matters, and safe-keeping it in Private Libraries for the few.

The Inquisition was created in Spain, it was an application of the
Muslim mindset unto the Catholic realm; torture was well-known
to be a refined practice within the Turks and arabs, as assassination;
the very word "assassin" comes from a muslim secret order. That's
how the system of the 3 Pillars operates: whatever works in one,
is soon exported to the rest...!

The Bi-Polarity of the whole ordeal is so blatant, it completely runs
the show, suppressing all common sense. Adherents to each cult have
the clear conviction they "know" what's "good" & what's "evil" with
absolute authority. Yet simple English Gematria reveals otherwise
(a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):


So if you're looking forward to converting to "Gematria" now that
you realize it holds truer keys, find a forest and get lost. We like the
word "LOVE", but reading it aloud in reverse it says "EVIL" (Evol).
What's the moral of the story here...? Do no get attached to forms!
This or that language, this or that DNA, this or that ideal, this or that
project, this or that faith... ARE ALL ILLUSIONS...!

Love and goodness and infinite consciousness as the divinity in all,
are not the same as a TOTEM...! Be fast in distinguishing these.
Forms morph one into the other, perhaps not in this semi-static
matrix in 3D here, but in higher & higher realms it does more &
more so...! Form is not the same as content; content is freedom,
the form is this or that fixed, momentary illusion. What passes
for "religion", is mostly a carcass, a fixed casket, a totem, a rigid
materialistic frozen form of an ideal, unable to fly free and clean.
On the other hand freedom is deviated into a disorder, a tendency
to violate the will of others, to compulsively induce damage.

Religion seeks to "contain the anarchy of obsession-compulsion",
yet it becomes another more powerful obsession-compulsion, bent
on control of others. It is fueled by Ego; religion becomes merely a
tool to demonstrate that I am better than others, an exercise in
pathetic futility. Everyone claims to represent a "God" that is just
the projection of their LIMITED CONSCIOUSNESS, a "God" as an
image of their own tiny little selves. If anyone else has a bigger and
better God, they will kill him...!? If anyone is in touch with the one
universal mind, and attuned to the power of infinite consciousness,
they fight him...!? They hate infinite, they want limit only...; it's a
prison full of walls and bars inside their heads. They want brands;
they can't handle free spirit. You must be republican or democrat,
liberal or conservative, this or that; what? you're nothing? you're
"exempt"...? No way, they will punch you. Can't handle liberty.

Protestants will swear that the problem was catholics; then each
denomination as it gets exposed, will find its alternate "true version
claiming to be the original". Finally some will jump to a farther
away side of the fence, dreaming the grass is greener on the other
side, always. They will jump christianity and embrace islam, or
buddhism or what have you, It's such a repeated wasted trick, it
becomes painful to watch. Never aware of the Big-Picture.
From Part D we gathered that the early symbol of Christianism
was the ICTUS or ICHTUS sign of the "Fish", as the Vesica Pisces.
This means the opening of the organic trans-dimensional Portal;
it was later substituted by the Cross, because it is a similar idea,
the Cross means "CROSSING" the Portal, the intersection of 2
realms or dimensions. But it is a much more generic symbol, that
gives almost nothing in the sense of specific knowledge, unlike the
Vesica Pisces; that's why this was replaced by the other, to conceal.
it's the same with every other issue.

Beware of the ICTUS, as it has been utilized for mind control for
a really long time now, in its superficial form aspect; we see it for
ex in the ribbons placed in cars for supporting our troops & such,
subtly morphed into the "ALPHA" shape (as in the Alpha mind
programming, the most basal and public massive kind). This is
connected for ex with the masonic business Tie and how the knot
is formed, etc. All this "knot/ribbon" symbology, is to avoid; I am
of the opinion the whole "Alpha & Omega" theme associated with
the "XP" (Chi-Rho) Sign of Constantine, is a proclamation of mind
control through language & symbols, a very ancient thing, coming
down from the Phoenicians that acted as the creators of the new
languages, that coalesced into Greek or Hebrew, or Arab, etc. It
appears that just like in the 1994 film "Star Gate" starring Kurt
Russell and James Spader (a film you are advised to watch again,
as it contains some clues about Egypt's negative ET interdiction)

Not surprisingly, we realize that the Book of Revelation declaring
"Jesus" calling himself "I Am the Alpha and the Omega", contains
the most irrefutable proof of the Akhenaten figure behind the whole
plot, as we see in the Constantine XP Sign:


In English this "Alpha & Omega" cipher is even more incriminating;
the "ALPHA" relates to "ALHIM" (the name of "God" in the Bible,
besides the unutterable TetraGrammaton formula YHWH), while
"OMEGA" relates to "IMAGE". Thus when the Bible speaks of
man created in God's image, and at the end of the Bible "Jesus"
declares himself as the "Alpha & Omega", it all leads to none other
than... Akhenaten as usual. Perhaps that is why the Book of Rev
also gives instructions to "make an image" of the Beast (cloning).
The crucial "666" verse of REV 13:18 as I pointed out is a clear
ref to the Egyptian 13th to 18th Dynasties, Akhenaten in the 18th.
Extracting the 1st. & last initials:

ALPHA & OMEGA ~~~ { AO/AA = 18 }

The literal cloning scenario is put forth by Freeman, including the
code names given to Obama's family by the secret service:

But this thread runs much deeper apparently; when we consider
the last 3 Figure-Heads on the run to the key "2016" date:

georgE busH BaracK obamA saraH paliN
[ EHKAHN = "AKHEN" + H ]

Yes, that spells "AKHEN" as in AKHENATEN...!!!!

Now this is not a "United States" issue per se; it just happens
to be the most powerful country on Earth, and all the codes are
put in the most visible places on Earth. Don't believe me...? let's
look at another really big and visible place on Earth, the Vatican.

In the same time-frame "Countdown to 2016", we have a Joseph
Ratzinger, named head of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the
Faith in 1981 by John Paul II, who almost immediately formalized
the approval of the priestly order of the Opus Dei in 1982...! This
guy chose a very curious name: in english "Pope Benedict XVI",
in latin "Papa Benedictus XVI". Yes you read that right, it's the
very ICTUS...!!!! Now, pay attention to the "XVI".

There is a biblical "7 YEAR" countdown to 2016, starting with 2009
on. Let's go back to the Roman Numerals version year 1776, as:

[ MDCCLXXVI = 114 = "III uminati" ] (ill-uminati)
[ POPE BENEDICT = 114 = Seven Year ]

{ XVI = 55 = Satan }

When using the alternate spelling for Akhenaten:
[ 7 YEARS = 75 = ACHENATEN ]

That's why all big leaders in really big places have to play Akhenaten,
so to speak. And as we approach the "2016" countdown date, all the
Gematria codes get really intense; this Hot-Gematria starts with the
911 event. Let's begin by utilizing an interestingly accurate version
of the name Lucifer... as... "LU-CIPHER"...!:

{ Cipher = 59 = Dragon = I.G.W.T } (In God We Trust)

{ "LuCipher" = 1+91 ]

{ Joseph Ratzinger = 191 }

Keep in mind that what Akhenaten did during his Pharaonic reign
was a synthesis of the egyptian biggest God "RA" as "ATEN-RA",
in a new Monotheistic way:

{ ATEN-RA = 59 = Dragon = Cipher }

If the claim that "Moses" is a composite figure molded after Akhen-
Aten is right, then Moses key delivering of the TEN Commandments
must be a cipher for the same monotheistic deity: [ ATEN ~ TEN ].

When considering the No. "10" as letters "IO", we see that moving
1+Space up the alphabet [ "IO" becomes "JP" ], as in John Paul
II, or as in "JP Morgan". The famous St. Malachi prophecy motto
of Pope John Paul II was: "DE LABORE SOLIS", meaning being
pregnant of the sun. Nobody has quite nailed the significance of this,
but when using English Gematria it becomes transparently clear:
it means that John Paul II was about to deliver Joseph Ratzinger
as the Last Pope in the Malachi list (see 1st. & last initials):
JosepH RatzingeR ~~~ { JR/HR = 54 = SUN }
However when we look into the latin term for Sun as "Solis":
{ SOLIS = 74 = LUCIFER }
In other words, the "Sun" being delivered is Lucifer, the Black Sun,
Nibiru. In Malachi's list, after John Paul II with his "De Labore
Solis" motto, comes THE LAST POPE, NAMED "Peter the Roman".
So if John Paul II was pregnant with this Sun, this means his motto
already contains the last Pope. Indeed, looking at 1st. & last initials:

The reason for this meticulous detail & attention is that the last
Pope coincides with the fulfilling of the Rev 13:18 prophecy, so
the name given by Malachi must match the last Pope, which
happens to be the current Pope Benedict XVI. As this end goal
becomes nearer, the clusters of synchronicity increase to a point
of Hot-Gematria where everything resonates to everything, as
the 4th Dimensional beings come into the 3rd Dimension here:
{ "A Pope Benedict 16" = 79 = Akhenaten }
{ Ratzinger = 118 = "Benedictus 16" = "A Papa Pietro" }

Let's now consider the most famous Nostradamus quatrain,
where he gives "THE YEAR 1999" for "The King of Terror";
much has been written about this, finding no real clue about
it; did Nostradamus miss...???? In the previous paragraphs
I went out of my way to emphasize the figure of this Joseph
Ratzinger as last Pope, clearly seen "loaded" with Gematria;
I figured, then Nostradamus must have picked up the scent
as well. Let's pay closer attention to his last name, bearing in
mind that ATEN-RA is the new "SUN" of Akhenaten that is
being brought back again to lead the New World Order's new
single-religion syncretism:

[ RA = 19 ] and [ TZINGER = 99 ] ~~~ "1999"

Nostradamus then, saw in a single conjoined No. "1999" the
aprox time of all this, including the English Gematria for the
last name of the individual to become the last Pope, as well
as repeating the combination of the numbers "1" & "9" that
are also giving away the key "911" event, all reaffirmed as:


In other words, Nostradamus in such a simple & brief "1999"
has blended Joseph Ratzinger and the 911 event, as I had
done via the Opus Dei that he brought to power in the Vatican
-in the last Part D article tying the WTC location and the Opus
Dei codes-. It seems as if through these players, the advent of
the planned "AR-MAGEDDON" ("RA" in reverse) is thus made
possible. Ratzinger's concordance with the 911 event is also
once again found in:

{ JOSEPH = 73 = PBXVI = 73 = WTC/DER }
(Pope Benedict XVI) & (WorlD TradE CenteR)
Now here's the extraordinary thing that shows all this has been
planned in advance, including the players; when Ratzinger came
to be Pope, his coat of arms included the figure of a BLACK MAN:

(By the way: "EWTN" is 1st. & last initials of "NeW EgypT").
Besides the obvious Obama figure, notice the Knight Templar
theme of the "3 Pillars & Twin stairwells" in the head-dress, but
sideways, reaffirmed at the bottom with the 3-Stars. In my
opinion this is ORION'S BELT, a ref to the 3-Pyramids of Giza.
In the Gospel these 3 Stars/3 Pyramids are disguised under the
"3 MAGI" that come to greet the new-born "Jesus", one of the
Magi being a BLACK KING named "BALTHAZAR":


It seems Obama knows perfectly well his role as "Balthazar", in
most prominent manner appointing the newly created figure of
"Czar"s of this and that, more important than anything. While
the official explanation in the Curia is that the black man is a
MOOR'S HEAD associated with Freisig-Germany, it is obvious
the larger esoteric theme is the Return of Nibiru (the Planet of
the Crossing) as herald of the old Orion reptilians last seen in
at l;east partial display in Egypt -emphasis on the previous
passage while the BLACK Pharohs of Egypt were the creators
of the new religions- (NIBIRU=73=EGYPT).

In the Malachi prophecy for the name of the current Pope Benedict
given as "Peter the Roman", it is clear to me that the "RO-MAN"
refers to the CHI-RHO man (Emp. Constantine), who syncretized
Christianism in the 3rd. centruy -de facto creating it as a religion,
and defining the "Bible" we have today as such-. Therefore this
was meant to signify a fixed dogma religion to remain stable until
the moment of the "XP" (Chi-Rho) IS TO BE SEEN IN THE SKY,
which is of course NIBIRU...! Emperor Constantine said he saw
this XP (Chi-Rho) Sign, but it's evident this is a secret sign for the
end of the agenda, when the "ante-christ" from Nibiru shows up
again, and everything gets redone, a new 6 thousand years with
a new reality & religion. He secretly meant that WE NOW IN THE
English Gematria for "Balthazar" shows the solution to the riddle
of Malachi:

[ "CHI-RHO MAN" = 89 = BALTHAZAR ] ("Ro-Man")

In other words, the illuminati through Barack Obama as the Moor
African, are announcing the end of the Age, and the near return
of NIBIRU as Planet of the Crossing, since Obama represents
one of the 3 Kings that went to greet the "New Born Jesus" -as
figure of the future Nibiru-; this is quite clear & rather obvious.
It means that the underlying secret meaning behind the literal
narratives of the "Bible", is finally coming to roost as the true
events about to transpire, the return of the Orion ET's...!

It doesn't matter whether it was done under the cover of a good
"positive Jesus", or under a "negative Ante-Christ", it was all the
same an identical hidden meaning -(use Ichtus for Ictus)-:


[ POPE BENEDICT XVI ~~~ "XP" & "BI" & "ET" ]
-full 1st & last initials- / ("BI" for "ni-BI-ru")


All this exhuberant and highly precise English Gematria is not a
result of clever numerologists; it is clear evidence of an extra
dimensional interference, harmonizing everything in the typical
4D Synchronicity manner, it is ET signature.

I am unusual in the sense that I don't believe in the illusions so
craftily presented as "religious texts", and rather treat them
the way the were created back in the old days, as GEMATRIA
CODES, plain & simple. Therefore I don't look for a single and
all powerful "Ante-Christ", but as a series of figures who all in
each particular sense like a wall of bricks build up a theme, as
an agenda to be enacted. Nostradamus already clearly caught up
this concept, placing 3 Figures as 3 consecutive "Ante-Christs",
but there is more thread to this clue, it is a larger perspective, a
"NET-WORK" of figures in Fractal Synchronicity ! Take for ex.
further concordances, like moving 1+Space up the alphabet the
initials of Barack Obama:

[ "B.O." becomes "CP", as in Prince Charles ]


Finally, a rarely noticed clue is found in Obama's ancestry, coming
back from a LUO TRIBE in KENYA; [ LUO TRIBE = 102 ], this
"Luo" hinting at the "LU"-Cipher root of the paradigm; it is like
saying that the Egyptian Pharaohs came from Lake Victoria in the
origin of the Nile River -now Kenya in the Upper Nile-, the Nile
representing fractally the BLOODLINE of the Pharaohs, secretly
from "LU"-Cipher.


slam said...

Thanks for your monthly posts - very helpful. My question is how does one raise energy of vibration up the spine to open centers in pituitary and pineal? and if done how do you prevent the annunaki from disrupting the process? Does raising the kundalini to activate the 3 glands in the brain = transition from 3d to a higher dimension?
do u have an email to correspond thanks

Anonymous said...


chris hohn said...

It's like asking one how to "do" the hunger thing, or how to love.
These are very hard to define processes in existential terms;
the hindu-yoga analysis is merely a map. Of course it's all traps
and reptilian annunaki nets. Find
WHAT WORKS FOR YOU; energy is only
a matrix aspect, there is much more beyond energy, starting with the copnsciousness of information itself. What worked for me, is a
CONJUCTION of 3 things at once:
Love/Music/Thought. I take out one, and I stay stuck & closed.
I "do" music as a KNOWING THING,
as a WISDOM thing -not just as
sheer feeling or mental hubris-.
Lyrics I found, heklped open the Crown Chakra, when synched with a
"raised frequency" field, via
voice & playing instruments. But
then again, I get it right when it's there, I could not tell how to "raise it" from nothing, 'cept to say one must be in The-Right-Attitude of expecting it when it
comes. For ex I never write any posts "prepared" or with a script, it just happens, preceded
by some morning or previous days scattered notes. In other words, the true answer is that one has to learn how to LIVE OUTSIDE this whole "self" & "body" illusion, and that's exactly how it begins to happen. You position yourself at a different point of being, and
it comes to you like a magnet. It
recquieres a consistent detachment from Ego. You have to stop believing "you are who you think"
you are, and same with reality as
a whole; easier said than done...! When it's done, energy flows quite rapidly, almost instantaneously, as
like a reflection of your Inner Logos so to speak. IF YOU CHASE IT
IT WON'T HAPPEN, IF YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT IT THEN IT HAPPENS...! This is what true Absence of Ego means.
Like a shy Bluejay bird; you look at it, and it hides. Must learn to just "BE" in a truer deeper level
and not expect anything really,at that very point it fills you up.
All power all wisdom comes to you.
Morning is helpful, you are too sleepy to remember who you are and what you "believe" life is. Not the answer you're looking for...?
The true Kundalini for me -the one not tampred by the annunaki-
is Beauty, and she's elusive. Don't go looking for her or trying to impress her, attempting to convince her or beg her. Just be
yourself beyond everything illusory; being knows, supra-
natural. Energy follows Being as Beauty, as a perfume, as an add-on, not as the centerpiece.