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3 Pillars & Twin stairwells -part C-

ATLANTIS, which were not only global civilizations, but
inter-planetary or inter-stellar cultures.

The masonic image of the "2 PILLARS", represents earthly human
consciousness derived of the 2 main remnants of Lemuria/Atlantis:
the far Orient, and the West (incl. the Middle-East semite cultures).
The masonic image of the "3 PILLARS" represents the "West" mode
of consciousness, where control & manipulation of the "3 Lights" in
the Brain (Pineal/Pituitary/Hypothalamus) is fractalized to ring-to
the 3 major religions of Islam/Judaism/Christianism. This series of
articles, does not refer to Hinduism/Buddhism and the many Orient
cults, but strictly to only one of those 2 Pillars, composed of these 3
Pillars; this is NOT to imply in any sense at all, that those far Orient
cults are "better" or more benign in comparison with these, only to
be understood as not being covered in the analysis.
The world at large is experiencing the 3rd Muslim Invasion -as the
previous ones occurred during the Middle Ages-, disguised under a
"peaceful immigration" specially into Europe. Simultaneously there
is a carefully staged very bloody fabricated war in the Arab-Israeli
lands, and all geo-political maneuvers are in a contrived way forced
to be "defined" by this artificial conflict. In this way, the lands of
Jerusalem are supposed to be sought after by the 3 monotheistic
religions, each claiming to be the "only true God's cult". However
all 3 sprung exactly from the same source -which is BLACK AFRICA
IN EGYPT, its tenets later expanded to the Semite lands, in what
became Palestine (now Israel) and the Arab peninsula regions.

In order for this highly contrived & fabricated scenario to appear
minimally "credible" to the world at large (that all reality must be
dependant on the possession of some mythical rock or church or
temple in Jerusalem...!?), the illuminati established OIL AS THE
ONLY FEASIBLE SOURCE OF ENERGY, supressing all alternative
sources, and impeding the declassifying of Zero-Point Energy (i.e.
etheric grid "sacred geometry" derived of vaccum energy) and/or
Hydrogen and analogous cheaper forms. By doing this, they neatly
"centered all interest" in the same exact region described, since it
contains vast reservoirs of Oil. After interest in religion decreased
in the developed world, they utilized this dirty-trick to "correlate
geo-political interests" with... fundamentalist religion...! Obviously
on a more practical tone, the Arab world would have very little
power and resources if not for Oil, therefore the public appearance
of the Oil cartel in the West as "for the white man" is totally bogus,
as it literally yields power to the Arabs & Muslims, to create the
ilussion they are indeed rich & powerful, thus "so dangerous".
This SYNERGY between Islam/Judaism/Christianism, operates
behind the scenes, and on each side public appearances are kept to
maintain the ilussion and deceive the common folk.

However there was also another key issue they needed to address,
which is to encircle Russia & China, in order to gain leverage upon
them. In other words, through the exacerbating of the age-old
religious conflicts, the false paradigm of "Peak Oil", and the ever
increasing definition of civilization as "territorial struggle", these
elites in secret play these games of false conquest & fake wars
between sides that they control all the same, in order to induce
a state of fear & instability in the general population, & to be able
to cull the human numbers by De-Population via war & disease.
Constant wars & recessions and the like, perpetually maintain this
status-quo, which is the perfect "angst factor" that guarantees a
return to the atavic religious faith. Free-Will and existential and
psychological independence, are NOT part of this construct.
Factual evidence of Lemuria & Atlantis is extremely hard to come
by, as they are exceedingly ancient civilizations, so far back in time
that their vestiges have decomposed to the point of vanishing, and
covered with layers of soil & ash after the many cataclysms the
Earth routinely experiences. The study of the earliest surviving
remnants in SUMERIA is carefully hidden from public view, and
this was one of the secret reasons for the Iraq war, to cover up
the museum collected evidence of that time period. Even the much
later Egyptian civilization is kept under wraps very strictly, as info
about it is delivered "drop-by-drop", under the most preposterous
official academy crap imaginable, like the claim the Pyramids of Giza
were "funerary tombs". What is laughable is not the claim itself
-because politics will always use preposterous lies-, but how these
are still believed by so many people as true; yes, we are still at a
very low-point in consciousness & information awareness.

Nevertheless some repositories of ancient knoweldge & science
were left deliberately, most ostensibly in the PUBLIC monuments
of stone specifically designed & built to withstand cataclsyms and
the relentless of decay of time itself -while other SECRET similar
repositories are the subject of an ever present race to get to them,
as well, far from the public view-. It is completely self-evident that
in Egypt some remnants of the ancient Atlantean Priesthood did
use ancient technology to control the population under a very tiny
elite control at the top, but by then the old Atlantean Grids were
inactive, and these were the last scattered desperate throbs of a
fragmentary group from a dying civilization. By then most highly
developed inhabitants in the planet either had left Earth, or had
gone underground into the Earth's hard-rock mantles to seek refuge
from further DNA damage; DEVOLUTION was quickly taking its
toll, and the leftover humans were victims of it by the scores.

Essentially, both Lemuria & later Atlantis were Hybrid reptilian-
human projects attempting a sustainable blend of both DNA's.
These projects in turn were part of a much further back in time
(measured in eons) galactic struggle, and as such what we see
today is part of the same issue; the ORION QUEENS are the
origin of the entire drama here on Earth. These reptilian genes
and the "Female-Queen-Goddess" source, can only be hinted
at during that Akhenaten 18th Dynasty Egyptian period, because
after that this was carefully hidden from sight, and the reptilian
manipulators hid their presence behind many trappings, both
through a fake-shift towards Male Dominated Religion & Power,
and though the ilussion of a "White Race" leadership, later on.

These 2 covers -the "Male" and the "White" power-, were
the most succesful ways of hiding their presence and their agenda
without being noticed for a few millennia. There was a precise need
for this concealment, as the NORDIC WHITE galactic DNA had the
specific so-called "Angelic StarFire DNA" embedded in its gene
pool, that some Devolving Reptilians races needed, to survive in
the long run; these needed genes nests, are anchored in the forms
of "Passion" & "Love" and "Empathy" and so forth, which were
sorrily lacking within the devolving reptilian groups in question.
This ability to "braid the fractal of passion" in the DNA, still at
some degree present within the Nordic-White gene pools, was a
very sought "Genetic Capital" at the heart of both the Lemuria
and the Atlantis long-range projects. The conundrum being, that
in order to "manifest these traits", whites had to be given some
thus recquiring the ilussion of Freedom & Independence to grow
on their part; concealment of their presence and their part in the
genetic makeup of humans, and all the rest of it, was necessary
for these reptilian manipulators, if they were to partake in any
shape or fashion of what is known as the "Ascension Process"
as a restitution of the original angelic StarFire DNA. So the neat
trick was to apparently give some power and some freedom
to the Nordic White pools, yet not enough that they would veer
off genetically speaking unto a totally DIFFERENT FREQUENCY,
i.e. keeping them within a Range of Frequencies still accessed
by the reptilians (based on fear & territorial dominance) that
was to act as a "COMMON ANCHOR THREAD" between both
DNA's, a a common RESONATOR. Wherever there is a common
resonance, there is a common shared DNA, is the rule. This careful
trick between giving away some power & freedom for the angelic
genes to boost/manifest, while at the same time "trapping" them
within the narrower "Fear & Territorial Dominance" reptilian
recessive frequencies, is what explains the history of the last 6
thousand years, and particularly our recent present history.

Thus if you somehow carry a bit of the angelic StarFire DNA in
your genes, they will not kill you, but "own" you in the sense of
subjecting you to "experiences" that induce a SHARING OF THE
signature resonance; only in this way can they establish a sort
of "Silver-Chord" attachment, whereby they can "Ascend" their
DNA to the previous origins they came from, from where they
devolved. This is the entire agenda of the so-called "Fallen
Angels", who are using some portions of white humanity, to
attempt a return to the higher dimensional realms they could
no longer vibrate to. It can be best called "PiggyBacking" on
the few angelic DNA still embedded in some human gene pools,
specially within some Nordic White lines, or the many hybrid
lines of it. This is the background to mapping the Human Genome,
or the meticulous Genealogy obsessions of age old, still present
for ex within the Mormons, and the Semites, and the Royals, etc.
This is why interactions and exchanges with the civilizations in
Mars have taken place, it's all part of a large-scale hybridization
programme, in part positive, as well as in part negative (I have
the personal impression it is mostly negative in slant).

In this scenario, the belief-systems are the method by which a
few frequencies are "logged-in" the DNA consciousness, and these
frequencies can thus be "tuned" or "modulated" to resonate to
the whim of the occult ET designer of the cults, depending on what
"fear" or "territorial" trait he/she wishes to shape in any specific
way for some specific end of "Twin Resonance" between Human
& Reptilian. The symbol of "3 PILLARS & TWIN STAIRWELLS"
means that there are 3 main DNA strands at play (instead of the
devolved 2 strands), with the attemt to harmonize by a common
resonating vibration (thought/emotion) both the Human DNA
thread with the Reptilian DNA thread. So the entrance to the
Tomb of Jacques DeMolay in Paris, sports the "3 Pillars & Twin
stairwells" motif of Merovingian tradition that the Templars
preserved, because the Merovingians were of DUAL NATURE,
both reptilian and human; the Knights Templar seal of 2 Knights
on a Horse, represents not poverty as they publicly claimed, but
it is a symbol of this DUAL NATURE, 2 in 1 body as vessel:

{ }

This is why in the greek myth of the Labyrynth, Theseus had to
go deep into it to kill the hidden monster (the extant reptilian, or
mammal DNA, depending on the side of the deal you're in), while
carrying the correct DNA thread of Ariadne ("Arian Dna") as the
only way of not getting lost; in this myth, the struggle happens in
the BRAIN -the Labyrynth a literal representation of the Brain-,
because the Brain is a body-computer processing terminal of the
DNA. The greeks were overly preoccupied particularly with the
THOUGHT as the DNA RESONATOR, not so much the Emotion
aspect of it. Beyond a doubt, there were previous ET genetic labs
in the area of the Aegean Sea, Minos & Crete & Patmos and so forth
this is why the Book of Rev in the "Bible" is deliberately set-made
to "have been written" in Patmos Island
, to link directly with this
is to effect a new Hybridization in this coming 3rd Millenium (the
so-called "New Atlantis", the "New Golden Age", or "New Dawn"):

{ }

In the meantime, a vast hidden use of Gematria/Numerology has
been in operation to produce an Entrainment of the Psyche, in
order to subliminally control its Inputs/Outputs as specific to
the convenient goals of the manipulators, in all "3 Pillars" all
the same: in Islam, in Judaism, and in Christianity. The goal is
to effect an "alignment" of all "harmonically resonant fractal"
secret languages, that can thus be coordinated to "match &
mean" different things only at the Unconscious/Subconscious
level, while on the surface Conscious level words/names appear
to only mean common random things.

VECTOR OF DNA, but it has been a preferred way to control
human DNA to manifest this or that way. While being outwardly
free on appearance, at the subconscious level you may be "owned"
& "controlled" via the multiple hidden language concordances.
The effectiveness of this can be dramatically reduced when one
becomes AWARE of the issue, this is why Gematria/Numerology
is kept strictly in secret and in a fringe category, because through
knowledge of it is how you set yourself free!

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