Sunday, December 6, 2009

Esoteric origin of "America"s name?

The official explanation for America's name, is to me since I was a
child and first heard it in classroom, contrived. I could never believe
that one of Christopher Columbus associates -Amerigo Vespucci-
would end up usurping the latter's glory for the name.

As decades went by, more & more I read that Columbus actually
not even discovered America, since others had come before him,
for centuries -Templar myths and all-. It then appeared to me
even stranger, that we don't really know at all who "Christopher
Columbus" was; as far as I'm concerned, this fact was the nail in
the coffin for my trust in the whole official version.

When I once read about the "Planet of the Crossing" either named
once caught the match; it seems as if the english version of "Colon"
(Columbus real name), is a secret reference to HERCOLUBUS, thus
America would be a continent to arise in preparation of the Planet
of the Crossing's return, marking this period in time.

While some even contend "America" actually derives of 2 old Norse
words -"Omme" "Rike"-; Omme means out/most remote/ultimate,
and Rike designates a place. Since the Vikings are the true voyagers
to America before Columbus, it follows that this name would pay a
homage to their best untold quests -secretly so-.

Yet the story does no end here, it merely begins; "America" as a name
must be understood AS FRACTAL, containing several RESONANCES
including the actual event of one Amerigo Vespucci involved in its 1st
official european voyages of colonization -one of several fractals-.

America thus got officially "discovered" in 1492, the number 492 a
famous part of the key 3x3 Magic Square of Saturn (Lo Shu Square),
Nostradamus quatrains are 942, the year 1942 a pivotal moment in
the 20th Century, etc. As so obviously the date cannot just be a sheer
coincidence -and as such is in my opinion deliberately reinforced by
Nostradamus as a clear hint, implying the planet Saturn (the man
was obsessed with astrology), one must look for RITUALISTIC keys
to the origin of its name fractals.

Without going too far back in time, at once we do realize that maybe
the most relevant origin of the name is to make it secretly FORM A
PART OF GREAT BRITAIN; the founding provinces of Britain were
part of "MERCIA", which included the "3 Stars/Pyramids" of Essex/
Sussex/Wessex (along with northern ones, these 3 the ritual ones).
These "3 Mary"s have "XXX" as their last initials -the pyramid ref-;
this "XXX" glyph is the geometrical shape of the letters "M/W", and
of course the coat of arms of Mercia was the "X" Cross (in yellow).
It is eerie how the word "Sex" and the female "X" chromosome, as well
as the porn label "XXX", all seem to neatly land in the same glyph.
Is this a hidden ref to a Hybridization programme...?

When we consider this "XXX" glyph originating way before Britain,
as Phoenician and denoting the 3 Pyramids of Giza (or beyond our
linear-time history, simply as multi-dimensional language marker),
I found it also strange that nobody has noticed how it could be the
actual cipher for the Rev 13:18 verse concerning the "666" (that
is to say it should be viewed backwards, from 3 numbers into 3
letters); in English Standard Gematria reducing all letters to 1-digit
number, the Number 6 corresponds with 3 letters: "F/O/X", thus
"XXX" is in this reduced Gematria, "6/6/6" (so much for the naive
ones who think that FOX Channel is "christian"...!?). Then this is
definitely the most accurate rendition of the cipher, since the Greek
text of Revelation reads literally "ThreeScore Six" for the number
"666", emphasizing the riddle of a LETTER -not just a number-
repeated 3 TIMES.

When we apply kabbalah's Notarikon (separating 1st & last initials):
[ ESW = 47 = Beast ] and [ XXX = 72 = Monarch ]
{ ESW+XXX = 119 }
In this way 911's date doesn't seem so random neither, now does it?

Practically everybody has this exaggerated view of the Book of Rev,
while me and a tiny few others, think it is truly a sort of Instruction
Manual for the global conspiracy, a symbolic & kabbalistic blueprint,
incorporating multi-dimensional science language (et manipulated).
At the backbone of it, one can see the preservation of some extant
Sumerian/Babylonian/Egyptian keys in the Collective Unconscious.

Which takes us to the next onion layer; one has to be blind not to
observe how "AMERICA" is also a fractal of "SUMERIA", however
the latter indeed can be separated in a most indicative manner, to
exactly pinpoint the continent's most relevant nation, ours:

Out of which fractalize Britain's 3 Mercia originating provinces:

The name MERCIA is a latinization of the Old English "Mierce"
(meaning "border ones"); it is interesting how in the US we have
the CIA contained both in merCIA & AmerICA, while in Britain
we have the MI intel agencies contained in the old MIrcie. As
if to prove that all this analysis is all the more totally accurate.

But furthermore to the point, J.R.R. Tolkien included old Mercian
dialect in his Middle-Earth saga, when writing about a mythical
"Kingdom of Rohan" otherwise known as "THE MARK". I am of
the opinion Tolkien was knowledgeable about this secret wisdom,
and spilled a few beans into his writings.

As I have detailed so many times in previous posts {English Std
Gematria / a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):

73 = UKUSA
73 = WBUSH

Which goes to say that America -its emblem the US- is linked to the
ancient recurring NIBIRU/SUMERIA/EGYPT archetype, only if it
is & when it is "made part of Britain's united kindgom". (This was
effectively done in secret 3 times: in 1913 when the bankers brought
on the Federal Reserve conspiracy to in fact render America merely
another branch of the British financial system, and in the early 80's
(1982 to 1984) when in the Thatcher/Bush/Reagan era secretly the
US was made part of the British Commonwealth, disguised through
a secret Intelligence & Security Cooperation Treaty altogether with
the totality of England/US/Canada/Australia/New Zealand. This was
to a point effected also during WWII, as the US did not have a real
intelligence service, and during the war it was provided & operated
via the british intel services -which then in 1947 were instituted as
the US intel agencies, a crucial year-; some have suggested the
hidden goal of the fabricated WWII, was precisely to bring the US
into this fait-accomplis global war, which in turn would produce the
said takeover of the US by Great Britain, to a point).

Thus in essence ever since the Independence, there has been a very
clever and concerted effort to reassimilate the US back to the colonial
British Commonwealth -from this article's point of view, a bait for
the much larger Orion/Nibiru/Sumeria/Egypt roots-, that came to
take place in 3 consecutive crucial dates: 1913, 1947 and 1984. As
2000 seems to have been the final phase of this process, we would
now be in a "global" takeover, after America as the most powerful
has been assimilated via manipulation/conspiracy.

These 3 crucial dates are also numerologically linked to Rev:
[ 13 + 47 + 84 = 144 ] ***(see Note 1 at the end).

That this process was "finalized" under Bush is evident, because:
[ BUSH = 50 = AMERICA ]

While also when we say "GOD BLESS AMERICA" we link the
local dynasty's initials to America ("G.B."), doubly so.

It is a testament to people's weakness to subliminals, how nobody
seemed to notice that the "George Bush" CODE, acts both in the
subconscious to mean "Great Britain"/"God Bless (America=Bush)".
Of course they know it, and particularly Dubya made a permanent
campaign out of it; the only president to ever had 'at-least' 2 books
link him HIM WITH GOD (...!?...), is Dubya...! Nope, G-eorge is
not G-od, no matter how much you hipnotize weak people ("God
and George W. Bush" written by Paul Kergo, and "The Faith of
George W. Bush" written by Stephen Mansfield, the most blatant
cases of preposterous "god-manipulation" in the history of our
american politics, the lowest point ever in its practice, to attempt
to convert raw dirty politics into a blatant mind control god-cult)
***(See Note 2, at the end).

Thus ritualistically via Gematria, the "final phase" of reassimilating
America to its British/Mercia agenda, was effected under "WBush".
Thus since 2000 on, America is supposed to belong to the GLOBAL
WAR (GW) state, and the new goal is to relocate the global power
center. No wonder some have suggested Bush & Obama both are
the famous "Mabus" of Nostradamus prophecy -"opposames" to
merely playout in the public perception as opposites-; this line of
thinking finds Gematria clues, when we put the 2 names together:

This "MABUS" code brought to us by Nostradamus (notice how its
fractal is embedded in his own name), is simply the ennunciation of
[ SUMERIA/BABYLON ~ "MABUS" ], by anagram. Practically
all Nostradamus interpreters, make a lot of the "3 Antichrists" that
supposedly he identifies, while Nostradamus does not use this icon,
and he simply presents the agenda and its No.3 Fractal.

As to J.R.R. Tolkien's "KINGDOM OF ROHAN", it gets more precise.
Moving each letter 1+place up the alphabet:
[ "ROHAN" becomes "SPIBO" ]
(initials for Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, Bush; in this case, the same
No.3 fractal, as consecutively Bush/Obama/Palin, the "3 Kings").

Therefore we see an undeniable esoteric code underscoring the
name of America, which 'only' comes into play if America is "made
part of the Mercia" fractal for the old Orion/Nibiru/Sumeria/Egypt
lineage, that is controlled and "owned" by the British Crown through
the City of London. Then Lyndon laRouche is right when he indeed
recognized this as the root cause of the problems here; but while he
and others present the geo-political conspiracy angles, I here present
the hidden Gematria esoteric codes background.
***NOTE 1:
It was Gary Val Tenuta who saw the hidden key of the English
Alphabet, related to the Book of Rev (144 thousand "saved"),
grouping by number of letters (3/4/5):
[ ONE TWO SIX = 144 ] and [ FOUR FIVE NINE = 144 ] and
[ THREE SEVEN EIGHT - God = 144 ]
As (God=26) and 26 is the number of letters in the alphabet.

***NOTE 2:
Besides the horrendous debasement of the God persona unto a
Caesar-Is-God mantra, few realize the word "God" as we use it
does NOT appear in the Bible at all. There are 2 main names/titles
for the Creator in the Bible; one is a 5-letter "ALHYM" formula
-often rendered "Elohim"-, which is not a name but a more generic
designation as it is PLURAL and means "Gods" (i.e. the Gods)...!;
another is a mysterious 4-letter "YHWH" TetraGrammaton very
secretive formula, that lately has been realized is merely the clue
to the 4-letter Genetic code ("ACTG" as used by Geneticists today)
-here comes the Bush code again: G.H.W.B. & "YHWH"-. This
formula was deemed too secret, and forbidden to be pronounced
in vocal form; in its place the substitute "Adonai" was vocalized
-meaning "Lord"- (interesting how the British system is made
of Lords, the House of Lords...)-. The current name "God" is just
a derivation of the old english "GOTHA", which happens to be the
true name of the Windsor dynasty in Britain (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha,
changed to "Windsor" in 1917 to appease the disgruntled masses
during WWI against the Germans; it is a Danish-German-British
lineage). The only language in which the name "God" is also the
name of a royal lineage, is english...!? In reaction to this awful
fact, for ex the WatchTower Society (Jehova's Witnesses), & other
Bible cults, had sought "to restore the true name" of the Creator
as given in the Bible (don't agree with them, just mentioning the
hard contentious fact). All the more troublesome, as some have
long suggested that "G.O.D." in this english corrupt-name case, is
indeed an acronym for "Gotha Order (of the) Dragon", the Dragon
of course being the heraldric emblem of the Windsor lineage ("I Am
Your Leige-Man" recites the Prince when taking the Royal Oath,
"leige" is dragon). Besides, the "G.O.D. acronym when rendered
in full Notarikon (1st & last initials), is recursive & re-spells Dragon
once again (GothA OrdeR DragoN ~~~ G.O.D./A.R.N.=DRAGON);
in addition to this, the Genetic DNA ref is there all the same, as RNA
means RiboNucleic Acid (DNA is Desoxy-Ribonucleic Acid), that is
to say, in english: { "DRAGON" spell "GOD RNA"}. An excessive
emphasis in the "GOD" english corrupt denomination thus, must
be regarded as highly suspicious of this lineage, more of a bloodline
ref than a spiritual one. In most other languages, the generic ref
to the Creator is also a past-tense of the verb "Give" (Goth/Gave,
in old english), yet only in english it stands for a royal bloodline...!?
---for ex in spanish "Dios" means "Di Os"/"I Gave (Thee)", etc---.