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3 Pillars & Twin stairwells -part A-

I have in many previous posts, written in-extenso about the Trinity
fractal operating behind the scenes in most defining historical and/or
theological/esoteric issues, from the 3 stars of Orion's Belt, to the 3
pyramids of Giza in Egypt, to the emblematic INRI sign of the Cross
acting as thinly disguised cipher for both "TRINITY" *& "NIBIRU",
etc etc etc.

Emperor Constantine syncretized many extant cults into a "one single
religion" now called Christianity, in order to extend the shelf-life of
the elites in power to the next few millennia, as the Roman Empire
was fragmenting & collapsing, during the 3rd century AD; we know
about the syncretism of 2 the Testaments (Judaism & Christianity),
but most are fully unaware of the rest of the embedded syncretisms,
from the Sumerian sources, to the Egyptian & Phoenician, and most
importantly, the Greek-Egyptian sources, which are actually the
very text of the entire New Testament itself (written entirely in
Koine Greek).

Both the Judaic -through Kabbalah-, and the Greek "Chrystos"
mystery school sources -through Greek Gematria-, abscond a
much deeper Cipher-Codes theme than the usual "Solar Deity"
and "Archeo-Zodiacal" angles so well known today, through for ex
the fine work of researchers such as D.M. Murdock, etc. These
'other' themes, run at a much deeper layer of comprehension, and
involve linguistic operations in a 4-Dimensional structure realm,
way beyond the linear-sequential 3D logic, anchored in a previous
more advanced knowledge of the Harmonic/Resonant/Fractal
nature of multi-dimensional reality; I have consistently exposed,
that previous advanced interplanetary/interstellar civilizations
either existed fully on Earth, or had "colonies" interacting with
the Earth's inhabitants, and when these collapsed or "went under",
the fragments of these more advanced multi-dimensional sciences,
were in scattered pieces integrated into "cults" of esoteric/religious
traditions, this being the backbone of most philosophy & religion
to this day.

Under this scenario, either the entire Earth or some of its leading
inhabitants, WENT THROUGH DEVOLUTION, and this is what
is universally known as "The Fall" in so many mystic traditions.
Since then, the agenda has been to REBUILD THE TEMPLATE,
i.e. both in the bio-magnetic DNA genome of the angelic-human,
or in the body of knowledge & science in general (& technologies
involved); this has been symbolized as "The Temple". However
what became of Earth and its peoples, is not a 'neutral ground';
quite the contrary, since then some elites who have lost the source
have aligned themselves with negative aliens, in order to gain the
most advantage of the chaos that followed. Thus since then, we have
a grave situation, whereby the majority of devolved humans, exhibit
violent & territorial tendencies, while the majority of the devolved
elites, also show the same traits; any enlightened human on his/her
way of regaining & reassembling the angelic DNA Template, is all but
squeezed between this 2 powerful forces -from the bottom, and from
the top, all the same-, in an existential conundrum that I would best
term as "a sandwich", you are sandwiched between nefarious forces
of opposing vector.

The elites trying to protect themselves from the now common brute,
developed intricate systems of SECRECY, to "HOARD & HIDE" each
piece of crucial knowledge, while at the same sought to preserve
them embedded in the various mythical symbols, through esoteric
rituals and the like, and usually through religions, even through
secular folk tales and so forth, even in political mythology.

This is the actual origin of the various CIPHER methods, be it in the
Kabbalah or the Greek Gematria traditions that are the true meaning
behind the external symbolic trappings of the Old & New Testament
narratives -respectively-. Of course there were many more pieces of
scattered ancient more advanced knowledge hidden in many more
places beyond this. For ex. it would not be until the 1200's that we
would regain once again the knowledge of the arithmetical numbers;
we were for more than a millennia, using the Roman Numerals, which
are really not suited for arithmetics, and until Fibonacci brought back
to Europe the lost ancient knowledge of numbers 1 to 9 -and later 0-,
from the Hindus & the Arabs, we were stranded in the Dark Ages.
Fibonacci also brought from Egypt the ancient wisdom of the Golden
Mean as the backbone structure of Nature itself. These were some
scattered pieces of the lost Template, that had not been absconded in
the "Bible"; so he had no trouble declassifying them again.

On the other hand, all those things that had been carefully embedded
in esoteric & religious cover-carriers, even to this day have a hard
time getting declassified; they still operate within the prevalent
membership secrecy circles. The present elites profit of this state of
affairs, offering 5-Senses Science & Technology to the masses, and
hoarding for them the rest of the multi-dimensional scattered pieces
of information, or hiding the alien et partnerships relevant to all this
knowledge & applications.

Anyone honestly simply seeking to open up this contrived secrecy for
all the pathologies and abuses it involves, has been systematically
labeled a "conspiracy loonie", or marginalized from all sources of job
and income, literally being starved. This 'Standard Routine Method'
of dealing with the issue, has begun to breakup and become obsolete,
as more & more people realize the con. Usually the conspiracy angle
has been labeled under the "illuminati" term, implying the elite who
possess some means of real consciousness enlightenment techniques,
while forbidding the masses from acquiring them, or in quite more
nefarious mode, utilizing a "negative" slant of the multi-dimensional
templates, in all effect "vampirizing" the rest of the populace. One
has to then begin at the root of this very term itself, if it has any real
meaning. Let's see... try typing "illuminati" backwards in the internet
[ ]. Surprised...? Don't be.

I don't usually buy the "all evil" or "all holy" adjectives most people
too easily utilize to label the many sides involved in this opening
up struggle; I keep a safe distance from these caricatures. As in
any other human venture, there are both evil and good people and
agendas in everything. The world's intelligence agencies no doubt
have been utilized by some nefarious elites for all kinds of terrible
things; yet at the same time, there are some good people in them,
who actually just seek to maintain some stability & security in a very
troubled world. The question is how to identify one from the other.
In the case of the agency in the link, it has to be understood that
it interacts with higher hierarchies of alien nature, to "gradually"

This is the "Beast That WAS", of Apoc/Revelation; however I have
in previous posts shown that this last book of the "Bible" is not what
people take it to be; it is a CIPHER-TEXT, transmitting the agenda
to enact, the instruction manual so to speak, not a "Prophecy" per se.
The Reassemblage & Reconstruction of Atlantis, is the SECRET CODE
OF THE ENTIRE BIBLE, disguised under the "Redemption" symbol.
"The Fall" of Man & the entire Earth -Devolution-, was intended
to be ended, and Evolution enacted again, to recover the original
potential DNA of 12-Strands (12 Tribes, 12 Apostles, 12 Knights,
12 Zodiac Signs, etc), and "BE BORN" once again into the original
multi-dimensional universe & nature; the 12 Zodiac Signs are there
to preserve the knowledge that we are all STAR-SEED DNA's, that
each strand has a different stellar et origin.

This Recovery-Process is riddled with many dangers, as the old
reptilian hybrid elites seek not to let go of their power structure,
and are wary of the entire human race bent on re-entering the
MultiVerse once again; humans are regarded as extremely unstable
and dangerous, from their point of view. Never mind that these
same hybrids are even more unstable and dangerous...!? So it is
what it is; one big complex bi-polar mess.

The reacquired powers of near-immortality, are not to be given
away to devolved humans so easily; we have to sort the good apples
from the rotten apples; much of what's now presently transpiring
happens as it is, to allow humans to WORK THIS OUT, almost all
by ourselves (this the defining trait, to not sit it out and just dream-
believe that some supreme god will do for yourself, what you-you
yourself have to do by yourself).

A crucial aspect of this struggle, is to gradually abandon the oh-so
BIPOLAR MODE of Consciousness, rooted in the Body-Computer
identifying the Ego as the "Self", thus opposing all non-belongers
to my Body-Computer Hive-Mind, as "them" to be erradicated.
Every race, every country, every group, every religion, every one
obsessively compulsively seeks to assert itself as "the only" viable,
and wage war against all others. On the other hand we have a very
bland and deceitful modality of calling all the same, all equal, as if
there is anything "equal" in nature; this perpetuates the status quo
of Devolution, just the same as the previous war mode reinforces it.
It's neither about the Body-Computer Hive-Mind groups enforcing
themselves upon all others, nor about a fictitious "equality" of all
and everyone; both are powerful deceptions that entrap humanity.
John F. Kennedy was assassinated at Dealey Plaza in Dallas-Texas,
and after getting hit his limousine scurried away through TRINITY
PASS, at the end of the triangular plaza, at the apex of the Pyramid.
This "Trinity Pass" acted as a public icon for the Knight Templars'
revenge, as the tomb of its tortured leader Jacques De Molay lie
in the Square Du Vert-Gallant in Paris (arrested and killed as the
order was dissolved by a corrupt Pontiff) emblematically showing
a TRIPLE PILLAR entry. JFK was a 1st catholic president, to enact
the notorious satanic ritual named the "Killing of the King", to serve
as token for the "return of the templars" to power -as if they had
ever really left... (...!?...)-:
{ }

Thus in ritual terms, they got their revenge from the catholic Pope,
and through this they were advertising a "total takeover" of the
world's power again. But the Tomb is a double symbol; both the
3 Pillars and the Twin stairwell are the concepts to grasp. We have
to include the Twin Towers of 911 as part of the final "takeover",
in their use of these highly iconic events, as rituals. But, why in
Texas 1963...? (Using Std. English Gematria: a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):

KNIGHT TEMPLAR ~~~ [ KT/TR = 69 = Knight = Texas ]

Yes, that is "knighTTemplar", as in "TT" for "Twin Towers". So,
yes, definitely some have not been behaving right; Twin stairwell,
Twin Towers, "TT". Keep in mind that: { 9+1+1 = K }, "K"night.
Also bear in mind that: { 1+9+6+3 = 91 }, as in "911". This is why
911 had to be under a Texas president, Dubya.

The keyword here is, literally: "KEY" for "K". This why the old 90's
scare for the computer "Y2K" failure, was nothing but announcing
the same, if you use the "Key" word:

Y2K ~~~ "yeaR twO KeY" ~~~ { Y2K/ROY = 96 = NY City }
You may notice that this combo yields in reverse the place of the
future event: { Y2KROY ~ "YORK" }, where { York=69=Texas },
to furthermore round up the 'twin' JFK & 911 events. There's more:
[ JFK = 27 = Code = RED ] { "worlD tradE centeR }.

So yes of course, we indeed are living under a system best termed a
CRYPTOCRACY, nothing new in that regard, 'everybody knows' as
Leonard Cohen would sing. But, who is really in charge of this full
cryptogram enacted as "reality" here...? Is it the Knights Templar,
is it the so called illuminati, is it... a vast computer as in The Matrix?
See, god or the devil is in the details, as the saying goes:


This simple Gematria would lead us to think that both Kennedy bros.
assassinated (one sitting president, the other soon to be president),
was a result of the enmity between these 2 & the Windsor dynasty;
and that the 2 brother presidents, represent the TWIN Towers (as
to the 3rd brother Ted, there is nothing to the sort, he was not part
of this issue, and was a politician all unto his own, part of the elite).
That this archetypal nemesis-pairing between the Kennedy's and the
Windsors through the icons of JFK and Prince Charles is accurate, can
be proven easily through another simple Gematria clue:

[ johN fitzgeralD kennedY ~~~ PrincE CharleS ]
{ NDY = 43 = PCES }

Now twinning the 1963 event once again with the 911 event, reveals
more correspondences in the name "World Trade Center":
{ W.T. = 43 } as well as { Center = 65 = Prince }

What you are learning here, is that in multi-dimensional science,
all is Harmonic/Resonant/Fractal, even the very names & numbers
are specially so, in such way that language itself is an "Etheric" or
ANOTHER; in the case exposed here, the signature of the Gematria
energies in the JFK assasination, are transferred to his nemesis in
the Windsor dynasty, via this carefully enacted "Killing of the King"
ritual, pre-planned many decades in advance up to the detail of
each name involved and so forth. And the same case is to be made
as to the 911 event; this one way the ATLANTEAN PRIESTHOOD
keeps maintaining its power-grip in this realm, through high-energy
Rituals of Transference of Psionic Energy. You are given a linear-
sequential 3D inferior 5-Senses science, while they in secret utilize
a much more powerful 6-Senses hidden multi-dimensional science,
effectively performing very real Black Magic in large scale, with
your own individual mind acting as the "Collective Unconscious
RAM Processor" unit (as you read and repeat the names involved).
But this is merely one angle; the Neuro-Linguistic Psionic science,
utilized in a negative way, for vampiric energy transference purposes.
There are more angles, and other sciences.

Question is: are what most researchers name "The illuminati",
these same "Atlantean Priesthood" puppet-masters using more
advanced Multi-Verse science, operating though selected hybrids,
and some specific dynasties...? We can use the example above of
911, to exact a relationship, that the announcement of the "Y2K"
bug, was in fact an announcement of the 911 event, as the moment
when the "New Atlantis" comes forth as a New Dawn of mankind,
only to be hijacked by the usual suspects once again, as it was in
the times of Atlantis, the reason for its cataclysmic disappearance:
[ Y2K/ROK = 96 = NY City = 96 = ATLANTIS ]

As Neil Young sang in his 80's "Like an Inca": "Said the Condor
to the Preying Mantis, we're gonna lose this one just like we lost
Atlantis". Hardly a secret...

In other words, the New Dawn is ad-portas, we are indeed just
about to engage in a Re-Evolution, where the human genome can
be once again assembled to be perfected in a larger number of
strands, diseases can be identified and corrected, and a new more
advanced science can yield near-immortality and higher powers,
yet a tiny few are conspiring to hijack this process unto their own
advantage and "ownership" as it were, in alliance with some few
negative alien et forces, because they intend to merely hibridize
a few new human-forms in their own DNA image, while excluding
other more angelic human-forms, rendering possible only those
incarnations that have them as "soul-carrier" of the Body, thus
excluding all other possible incarnations.

These few Usual-Suspects, have a grand plan of a few hybrid new
human-forms for them to incarnate, and a perpetually devolved
mass of humans to be their forever servants and organ donors.
I am of the opinion the "3 PILLARS" means to them a new DNA
of standard "3 STRANDS" -instead of the 2 Strands currently
the norm in humans
-. The symbolism of the Jacques De Molay
tomb, is Knights Templar symbolism for the old "Jacob's Ladder",
a figure of the spiral DNA viewed on side elevation; this is what
the "TWIN STAIRWELL" & "3 PILLARS" mean. They were
as Knight Templars, the preservers of the MEROVINGIAN blood
line, which was a HYBRID dna -intended to be part human, part
et of certain reptilian source-. For this ancestry to become the
RULERS OF THIS EARTH realm, they needed to propel it into
positions of power well into the 20th century, when the advent of
the new GENETIC SCIENCE would provide THEM ONLY and no
one else, with the NEW 3-STRAND DNA, conferring them with
more powers than the average human 2-Strand DNA.

The entire "Bible" is nothing more than the hidden secret wisdom
of these scattered bits & pieces of fragmentary clues of knowledge
on BIO-GENETIC SCIENCE, extant from the previous Lemuria
& Atlantis civilizations, disguised under fable-narratives, intended
to convey to the very few hybrids, the real meaning, so that when
the proper time came -when the PLANET OF THE CROSSING
came by again, Nibiru-, these hybrid dynasties would wisely
control all power here on Earth, and would be the only ones to
hold in their hands the 'KEYS TO GENETIC ASCENSION".

Genetic Ascension being the true hidden & encrypted science
behind the "Bible" narratives; the term "illuminati" came to be
at a time when this was becoming a very near event; to identify
those who would be the recipients of this Genetic Ascension via
new technologies. Thus in 1776 a puppet figure named Adam
Weishaupt in Bavaria-Germany, was "publicly" positioned to
"create" the Order of the Illuminati, but this was a sheer public
announcement ploy, just meant to signal the near-time of the
agenda. We can clearly see how the word "Illuminati" in itself
carries the "3 PILLARS" emblem in the 1st 3-letters; if we look
at the capital "I" and lower caps "ll" forming a triple "III". The
very year "1776" was chosen specifically to convey & harmonically
fractalize the same "III", in the number "111", since:
[ 1776 = 111+666+999 ]

While of course the 911 event carried the same exact code as:
{ New York = 111 }

No, there is nothing "evil" about the "666" or any number for that
matter, this is utter superstition, and/or completely misplaced
interpretation of the famous Rev 13:18 verse (666 as the number
of the mark of the beast); 666 is the number of water -water
crystallizes in Hexagonal stars of david-, and the Hexagon is the
centerpiece of the so-called METATRON'S CUBE, the key to the
Flower of Life in Sacred Geometry, which is the very essence of
practically every sacred ancient tradition. Once again, the Book
of Rev is nothing more than an agenda's instruction-manual, for
the few hybrid elites, to monopolize the new "Hexameron Sciences
of Genetic Creation" -the Hexameron is the structural order of the
Creation in the Book of Genesis in the Bible-.

This is why the same year 1776 was adopted by the forefathers of
the United States, aware of its intrinsic benefic powers; anyone can
use this number at will, it is not the "property" of any group/agenda,
or any category of "evil" nature whatsoever (any number or energy
can be utilized both positively or negatively).

[ III = 27 = Code = 27 = RED ]

Therefore the 911 "WorlD TradE CenteR" event, was carefully and
systematically ritualized, to announce this elite's "ownership" of the
new Bio-Genetic science, to effect a transition from a 2-Strand DNA
to a 3-Strand DNA (3 Pillars, III). The falling TWIN TOWERS, was
a representation of the falling "Old Human" with his "Twin 2-Strand
DNA", from which like a burning RED PHOENIX Bird out of the
ashes, could the "new human" be brought forth, under the control of
the tiny few hybrid dynasties in power, after their opposing powers
(symbolized by the 2 Kennedy Brothers Presidents) were dealt with
-this the major all encompassing message, 911 basically a Phoenix
ritual, quite evidenlty so, fire & smoke and all-:

[ PHOENIX = 91 = (1+9+6+3) ]

This is why the sucessor of Dubya under which 911 was enacted, had
as his mantra slogan "Hope 'N Change", a reaffirming of the same:

[ "PHOEN" ix ~~~ "HOPE 'N" ]

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