Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I've often heard that while many people attribute the state of the
world to conspiracies, the stupidity of mankind is under-appreciated.
While this is mostly understood as implying that conspiracies are
better left for the more advanced races in the cosmic evolutionary
ladder, I tend to rather take it as meaning that while a very tiny few
do indeed design and implement conspiracies, it is only through the
vast majority of retards that they happen to become practical and
successful. Therefore we have to fear the idiot more than the evil
one; while Psychopathy is a disease of minorities, Idiocy is a disease
of majorities...! The Psychopath 'divinizes' all of his most patently
disfunctional behaviours -proceeding to ritualize them into forever
repeating even the tiniest details of such-, while the Idiot trivializes
his often grave mistakes -thus rendering them forever repeatable
by anybody-, unaware of the consequences of his actions/inactions.

Mr. Wiseass himself -George Carlin- said in one of his monologues,
that the US population IQ average is 92 points "...and the scary thing
about it is that this means HALF of the people are below that...!?"
...D.U.H...! (that is O.M.G.'s last initials in reverse, as in "Oh Mu
God..." belched out by one of the just-slightly-better-than-92 kind).

Thing is, there are bigger scenarios than conspiracies; as in the film
"The Matrix", or in "The Thirteenth Floor", or in "Brazil" (1985), or
in "Lawnmower Man", or in "Existenze", etc, the conspiracies rather
dissipate into larger-than-life Questions About Reality Itself as akin
to a false virtual simulation, or the like. Yes, some information just
adds more "reaffirmation" to the mix; for ex when you do read that
astronomers discovered another moon in Sirius-B. Just like when
the news suggest that the bad are always bad and the good always just as good. This is plain and simple Propaganda; they are
engaged in "Reaffirmation" patterns on your part; in short, they are
selling REALITY ITSELF, in the way it is perceived and conceived
normally. My elemental experience tells me people are not black &
white but gray. How come then everything on the media is either
bad or good? You hear a politician and it's like Cowboys & Indians all
over again!; the worst part comes afterwards, when you realize how
many idiots swear by it... Brings to memory the good-ole George
days; "We're really good, they're really bad; let's go kill 'em...!"
The world is full of delusional Bi-Polars projecting their inner dual
turmoil unto others, "Us & Them" psychic drug for the masses.

Yes, living in this 5-Senses world is a tough job, it's all good stories
on top of the real truth, phony always ahead of genuine, deceitful as
usual running over the honest, dull pretending to be king of the cool.
The most influential catholic philosopher & writer of the 2oth century
-Thomas Merton, the trappist beatnik era monk-, reached a point in
his life where he saw beyond the looking glass, realized the Big-Con,
left his former life and went to live in the Far East as a Buddhist and
activist, only to die in an "accidental" electrocution against a Bangkok
room fan (!?) in 1967. Everybody agrees that given a few years, he
would have just as likely realized the same Con in the Buddhist camp,
& so forth. Didn't argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges say that a man
breaks free from one Labyrinth, yet only to find himself in a larger
one...? The old tale of the Russian Dolls, one inside the other inside
the other.

So there is "Reality Reaffirming Information"; it's called Propaganda.
The clever kind pretends not to be so; "MSM"/Mainstream Media's
job is that, to sell reality itself - 5 Senses reality, that is-. This same
type of Propaganda is found in religious texts or sermons, for ex in
the Chapter 1 of the book of Genesis in the Bible itself (Creation):

(V.4) -"And God saw the light, that it was good"-
(V.10)-"The waters called he Seas: and God saw that it was good"-
(V.12)-"{Tree} In itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good"-
(V.18)-" Light from the darkness: and God saw that it was good"-.
(V.21)-"Winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good"-
(V.25)-"Creepeth upon the earth... and God saw that it was good"-.
(V.31)-"Every thing that he had made, and behold, it was very good"-

Quite the propagandist "god" now isn't he...? Why would someone
take the time to solemnly repeat in a tedious "That It Was Good"
about the creation of Light, Water, Trees & Vegetation, Sun & Moon
and Stars, Animals, Man, etc? Aren't the things inherently good, one
may ask? That they might become endangered, is no reason to label
them "bad", isn't that so...? If you don't get the 1st. impression this
ain't no God talking -or inspiring the dude who wrote this-, chances
are your IQ is spot on the average or below! Then again, if your IQ
is say over 135 and up, and you don't get the vivid impression that
this ghost-writer is actually almost TELLING YOU all these things
are NOT GOOD for some freakin' reason, then you're in the midst
of having sex, or just took some sleeping pills... Yeah, it is called...
"Double-Speak", you say one thing, but you mean the opposite.
Some in the nefarious elite consider it a favorite sport; you do say
"Peace" but you really mean "War", you say "Law" but you really
mean "Dictatorship", etc. Lowlives also know the trick; they yell
"I love you man!?"... but it secretly means... "Burn in hell!?" Some
people are In-The-Know about this kinda stuff; some are totally
and completely utterly living in NAIVELAND. Yeap, they seriously
do swear their politicians are telling them the truth; they do swear
their religious leaders are telling them the truth. The also do swear
their lawyers are telling them the truth; that their doctors are really
gonna cure them, and oh, the Lottery really makes millionaires out
of thin air every week, and so on. Mercy... !?, this people are plain
stupid -dangerously so, for the rest of us, I mean-; these braindead
folks are BEGGING to be conspired against, as the Usual Suspects
would have to be retarded not to play the most evil of conspiracies
upon them.

The base of the Egyptian pyramids is a Square of 4 Sides. There are
4 main exoteric public religions on this planet: Christian/Jewish/
Muslim/Buddhist-Hindu. From the base on up, the 4 sides of the
this happens because the Square base morphed into Triangle in
elevation. If you only "Think Square" you'll never see the morphing,
thus will never fathom that they all converge at the Apex. You will
be trapped within your Mind-Box, unable to see other perspective.
Now the base of every conspiracy is a Square, that morphs into
Triangles going straight up the the 1 Apex; yeah... just like the
Egyptian pyramid, that's how conspiracies work, buddy. If you have
never ever heard of Egyptian pyramids, you would never-ever

Particularly so, if they deliberately fight each other to death; that
makes it even more unlikely on your part -to figure things up-.
I knoooww, it's soooooo haaaarrrrd to go "beyond appearances" !?
Your little head feels like it's gonna explode or something. Oh my.
Now here comes Johnny asking all the questions: WHY would
all 4 main religions converge on top like an Egyptian pyramid...?
I mean, it's pertinent, start with a WHY. And the answer to that
dear Johnny... is that... all 4 of them come exactly from the same
Egyptian pyramid, I mean, actually literally from the Egyptian
Mysteries of antiquity -Book of the Dead, Resurrection of Osiris,
prayers, etc-. They're the same in the hidden Beginning, and
they're the same in the hidden End, thus they only differ and
appear to be "oh so distinct from one another", in the thick of
the middle, in the glory of the half-truths and the confusion
thereafter & therefore....

See, some aspects come from the very ancient past -even way far
past what is officially acknowledged as "history", beyond Sumeria
so far back that it's scary to fathom-, while other aspects actually
come... from... the far future!? -that is us here now-. What...!?

Ok then, let me provide an easy mind-boggling example that may
... er... put in jeopardy your cozily comfortable linear "Version of
Reality" (life here in 3D without the pesky interdiction from those
4D unknowables). Let's start with the last book of the Bible, the
Book of Revelation/Apocalypse, supposedly written by one "St.
John the Divine" while on slave labour exile in a small "Patmos
Island" in the Dodecanese Sea (part of the Aegean Ocean), Greece.
What are the odds you reckon, of this supposedly 90 & some year
old "John" the beloved Apostle of "Jesus", landing upon a place that
so perfectly encodes the 4 most prominent Acronyms of our current
computer-network-internet-electronic money Information Age...?:


If you notice "PATMOS" & "ISLAND" are both 6-letter words,
which by anagram decompose in 6 of those 3-letter Acronyms.
Oh what symmetry makes thou suspicious...

"DOS" is for the Win-Dos MicroSoft system, "LAN" for the networks,
"ISP" for the internet, and "ATM" for the money machine. So clever
guy this "John", dontcha think...? Even before picking up a pen, the
very place he landed in, spoke volumes about today's technology.
Yet then again (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):


Gee, a true genius; once again without even touching pen, his very
name gives away already the most important content of the book,
the revelation about the "Beast" in Chapter 13, particularly Verse
18 (also called the "AntiChrist", the 666). Before even reading the
Chapters & Verses, let's look at further title numbers:

(121 = 11 x 11)

Sure enough, the chapter & verse hide the darnest of all:


234 + 432 = 666

[ 13 = ID ] [ 18 = HEAD ]

Which of course happens to be it, the content of the '666' Rev 13:18
passage, that the Beast/Antichrist will put an ID Mark on the Head.
Tell me something, you still believe the story is as you were told, that
this Apostle John was exiled to this random island close to Asia Minor
and that he had these visions and that's it...? Really? Let me confound
you with some shattering truths: for starters, ALL serious theologians
now admit that the NAMES OF THE WRITERS IN THE BIBLE -and
particularly so the New Testament writers- were not the real dudes,
not the real physical "famous person", but just a generic Brand-Name,
the equivalent to what nowadays are commercial brands, things that
sell and are famous, catch-up lines, slogans, and the like. In the past,
amongst the "religious circles" this was routine, and a common way
of aggrandising and giving more circulation to texts that were known
only to a few. This has been already officially admitted! Nobody does
dispute this anymore, it's... f-a-c-t. So instead of a "writer writing a
book", we in reality have... er... collections of er... "texts" that are
here & there, then & farther back etc, sort of floating around certain
communities, passed by hand, stored and copied by some, a phrase
here a page there, a slogan here an idea there, a rule here a dogma
there, a story here a legend there, a prayer here a mantra there, an
anecdote here a hero tale there, etc etc etc. The term "EDITOR"
comes to mind, now does it? So "who's" the Editor, then, it begs.

Pretty RANDOM, as random as it gets. How come then... there is but
NOTHING RANDOM about the Gematria/Numerology facts listed
above...???? That was for starters, now comes the kicker; in the ex
of "PATMOS ISLAND", sink your thick head in the knowledge that
in one of the "opposing" religions -Muslim, that is-, a secret teaching
says that -(take a deep breath)-, Patmos Island was the place where
the White Man was supposedly "genetically engineered" about 6000
years ago. I mean, this tiny Patmos Island in the middle of nowhere,
packs a lot of punch out of the blue. Talk about a 'coincidence'. So we
have to believe Christianity and Islam are totally opposite religions,
yet in the Christian Book of Revelation in the Bible, it starts and ends
with "I AM THE ALPHA & THE OMEGA" -meaning "The Beginning
& the End" (Rev 1:8, Rev 21:6, Rev 22:13).

As in Christianity "Patmos Island" is related to prophecies of the END
while in Islam "Patmos Island" is related to a secret knowledge about
the BEGINNING, so does "Jesus" in the verses above say that same
thing: "I am the Alpha & the Omega" (I am the Beginning & the End).
Are these religions 'Opposites' or 'Opposames'...? Different fragments
of the very same sources, the Egyptian Mystery Schools...?

Did you know that the Egyptian Hieroglyphs were "tuned in" and
"translated" into what is named the "PHOENICIAN SCRIPT", an in-
between state of modern language, before it made the final jump into
the consolidated tongues of the HEBREW & the GREEK languages
-at the very least these 2 languages were directly derived from the
Phoenician (which was either a translation, or a parallel source to all
the Egyptian Hieroglyphs hoopla, and the inherent theologies and
knowledge). Most jewish & christians don't have a clue about this
crude fact of Hebrew & Greek descending directly from Phoenician
and this from Egyptian; by extension they are just as blind to the
fact that most of the Hebrew & Christian Greek theologies are also
offspring of the same Egyptian original sources. By now it has been
well established, that the sects acting as a link between the fading
Egyptian kingdom & the rising newer more recent Jewish & Greek
-later christian sects-, were all located precisely between Egypt &
Greece & Judea, both geographically/linguistically/theologically a
clear "branching off" case of origin. Everybody likes to believe that
the Hebrew Old Testament is a "1st original word from God", when
it happens to be clearly and provably, a washed down way later
version of much-much older Egyptian (and Sumerian) sources,
absorbed & syncretized.

Nothing is more patently obvious to this respect than the myths
concocted about the ESSENES as a "true" proto "Judeo-Christian"
sect, often identified with being the "John the Baptist" people, and
engaged in definitely 'christian' rites of Baptism. After extensive
research, and the results of the Dead-Sea Scrolls also began pouring
out (which explains why they were deliberately delayed for decades)
we now know that the Essenes were a decidedly EGYPTIAN sect
operating in the nearer Greek & Judean territories, an offspring'
of Egyptian ritual, under the daughter tongue of the new "Hebrew".
And what's worse, that the "Rites of Water" later transformed into
"Baptism", were clear Egyptian practices, often performed in deep
underground caves and natural water wells, rituals of the dead &
the resurrected a-la Book of the Dead in Egypt, tied to the darkness
of such spooky places.

When we truly research the Religion phenomenon, an often weird
pendular Symbiosis & Synergy between the Idiot & the Psychopath
emerges -rather disturbingly- , between the one who trivializes
mistakes, and the one who divinizes mistakes. They are there in the
midst of it all, overwhelmingly, all of the time; the believers at the
bottom appear as incredibly naive and slow in the head, while the
manipulators -be them high level writers or theologians- appear as
really shrewd and overly clever, altogether with the public icons
of sainthood and such. Without paying closer attention to this weird
background-symbiosis of the abnormal, an incomplete picture of the
religious experience is painted, that leads to complicated and heady
psychic & emotional trauma as life goes on, and the people begin to
in slow-motion unravel & discover inconsistencies, deceptions, or
plain old scams, usually later than sooner. Clear, vivid and factual
information go a very long way in preventing the vampiric grip from
extending its shelf-life.

Then there is always this 'extra layer' of absolutely bizarre Gematria
/Numerology, that totally takes the whole issue to another level, and
you are knee-deep in a science fiction flick, for lack of a better term.
When you reach this level, you are able to see the Positive agenda
along the Negative one; this is the stage in the game where you truly
'acquired wisdom' about the whole shebang. Because this is the level
at which the 4D outsiders really master-manipulate 3D Mankind, so
a solid peek at this Hyper-Dimensional Neuro-Linguistics provides
and unprecedented "missing other half" of the story, yet it requires
growing a different type of Consciousness to aprehend it properly.

The researcher in this stage, unveils the underlying KABBALAH that
is the true content of the OLD TEST., and also unveils the GREEK
GEMATRIA that is the true content of the NEW TEST. Now the
researcher knows the abismal difference between the "Literal Outer
Shell" (the Deception for the masses) & the secret hidden Encrypted
Inner Core, the Trans-Dimensional Archeo-Astrological knowledge
about the "End-Times" as a "Crossing StarGate from 3D to 4D",
that is the object of the whole saga. Thus both the highly Negative
& Vampiric deception is exposed, as well as the Positive elements of
it all.

But this is no surprise for the serious researcher however; anybody
who has honestly studied the far past, knows that official accepted
history is a fairy tale. It follows that it is a primordially simple feat
to enact religious fables, out of a secular "history" that is in itself just
the other face of the same Propaganda coin. And if someone asks
about the nonexistent tombs of all the Old Testament patriarchs
-be it Abraham, Moses, Jacob, King David, King Solomon, Ezequiel
and the rest of the the Prophets-, the Temple of Solomon itself, etc-
you put it to rest with: "Not yet, but our archeologists will soon come
with relevant findings". Well, we're still waiting!? The only evidence
is that there is NO evidence whatsoever; not a godamn thing, nada,
zilch, zero, none, nothing at all. The strangest thing, if you consider
these are supposedly "God's chosen people", yet somehow, the even
but thinnest pieces of scripture got so well preserved, even to the
commas and dots on top of the i's -acc to the jewish teaching-. All
the relevant papyri & manuscripts on paper survive intact (we are
told to believe), yet whole massive temples & tombs and such, hey,
vanished without a trace. We are thus left with the unseemingly
& surreal task of having to believe in the more lunatic of them all,
those truly sick fanatics that claim wherever evidence is missing,
is due to "Satan" erasing it; some have gone as far as claiming that
any inconsistency in the Bible texts themselves -(there are huge
numbers of them)- is also the work of "The Devil" to discredit it.

Of course that's another fairy tale in itself, the fact that "The Old
Testament" survived intact for "thousands of years"; in reality,
we can't find anything beyond scattered fragments before say the
2nd century After Christ era...! In the case of the "New Testament",
strangely enough the same date-span seems to emerge, the 2nd to
the 3rd century is where most of the traceable & verifiable "whole"
pieces are found. This places the entire "Bible" dead-center on the
Roman Empire's last days, and we do know there was at least one
CAESAR during that precise era, that was actively involved in the
scripture & theology syncretism, decidedly enacting groups of study
and compilation within the Jewish settlements in Judea ( a province
of the Roman Empire). The Dead-Sea Scrolls offer a more complete
set of texts, yet they are eerily dissimilar to the later "edited" full
version of the "New Testament". No Jesus, rather a decidedly mix
of Egyptian and Hebrew extant sources...!

By the looks of it, it appears as if somebody was really pissed off
about some agenda that someone on top was enacting, picking up
bits & pieces of this & that -and shredding the rest into oblivion-,
and preserved deliberately all these texts in a high cave for future

We don't need no Dead-Sea Scrolls to figure out that Hebrew lore
comes mostly out of Egypt. We already know that Egypt was the
"Last Remnant" of a global more advanced previously scattered
civilization, of which Sumeria was a "Previous Last Remnant" as
well. The Hebrew lore about "The Exodus" and the "Diaspora",
is in reality EGYPTIAN LORE regarding much older events of
population dispersion & scattering all over the globe. No small
wonder then, that long time ago Carl Jung -who was elite himself
& in the know about many secrets-, wrote a book about "Moses"
being really a figure taken out of Akhenaten. Naturally he was
implying much more than just the 'specific' case of "Moses"; he
was in fact really spilling the beans, for all the rest of us to get a
grip. He was doing what spooks in intelligence circles would call
providing the Smoking Gun key piece, Declassifying information,
exposing the underbelly.

Many have claimed that at the very least there existed 2 main
civilizations more advanced than us today; one in the Pacific is
called "LEMURIA" (or just"MU"), often described as a Reptilian
Hybrid population outpost on the planet, while another later one
called "ATLANTIS" is described as an attempt at a Peace Truce
between the cosmic warring factions of some Reptilians & some
Human/Nordic types -striking a deal that involved a 50%/50%
genetic makeup Hybridization Programme-, only the Reptilians
cheated by embedding "sleeper genes" that would later awaken
& activate, rendering the Atlanteans subject to their interdiction,
which the legend says eventually took the whole saga into a major
catastrophic downturn fate. To me these myths & legends and/or
channelings, are no more/less credible than the so-called "official
acceptable religious" sources, as to the origins of our species on
the planet. It is peculiarly interesting to notice how these Lemuria
/Atlantis sources, indicate that Reptilians from ORION were the
ones responsible for the entire ordeal; that these specific groups
were "Recessive" and Negative devolving types, in real need of a
genetically engineered alternative to their decaying DNA, to solve
some Lack of Empathy & Passion (i.e. Love) crucial issues, which
when spanned-extrapolated through a very long time, prevented
their evolution and ultimately rendered the Human/Nordic species
as a "Fast Evolver" type that would take over them. This much
more specific explanation seems to me a lot more credible than the
"And God saw that it was good" mumbo-jumbo of Genesis. That
a quite ancient cosmic recessive Reptilian subgroup species often
labeled as "The Vampires from Rigel" would decide to HYBRIDIZE
WITH THE HUMAN/NORDIC TYPES in this outpost planet, seems
to make a whole lot more sense to me in a series of levels and with
respect to the massive reptilian-presence evidence so prevalent in
Antiquity. As it also explains the previous outspost in Mars, as an
emergency outpost after the destruction of the older principal Solar
System outpost in the now-defunct planet Maldek (whose remains
presently form the Asteroid Belt) -a subject discussed in previous
articles here, involving the 'billiard ball tossout' of Venus to its new
position in the orbits-.

Naturally the story appears to be considerably more complex than
this, involving various other subgroup species, but at the very least
this explains the "Origin Obsession Complex Syndrome" of the old
Pyramid Builders, fixed on ORION and the StarGates.

An aspect rarely touched upon, relates to the "Matrix" 5-Senses
Projection, as allegorized by Plato in his Metaphor of the Cave.
It is Self-Evident that Plato was using the metaphor as a rather
direct & literal reference to the "CAVE OF BRAHMAN" inside
the Brain, where the PINEAL GLAND is located, in proximity to

Plato it seems, was simply expanding on a larger secret mystery
knowledge, usually labeled under the generic "LABYRINTH" title;
the Labyrinth is but an almost literal yet stylized 2D representation
of the BRAIN. This theme reverberates with "Genetic Tampering",
and the Brain seems to be the central piece to that agenda; we must
consider the greek obsession with the Labyrinth as a Twin obsession
with the theme of the "LABRYS" -the Double Axe symbol that seems
to be a logotype for the BICAMERAL BRAIN. In other words, what I
am suggesting is that the Genetically Engineered Brain of the "New
" of the last periods closest to the known history -of which
we descend from directly
-, may have involved the extant genotype
of the Androgynous Reptilian splitting into a Male/Female Hybrid,
which might have been associated with the split of the Brain in 2
Hemispheres -the Right & Left Brain- as fractal of the same op,
mixed in with the native population as Rhesus Monkey genepool,
so to speak -this the only line that official biology seems strangely
and publicly interested in, naming it "the one & only human" line
or branch of evolution-. Traces of this agenda are clearly visible in
the book of Genesis in the Bible, as in Chapter 1 "God" creates Man
as an androgynous, and then in Chapter 2 "God" creates the split
"Man & Woman" version we now experience. In previous articles
I've shown that the verse where it says that "God" took a "RIB"
from "Adam" to form "Eve", is a clear cipher for "NIBIRU", the
cyclically incomping Star/Planet ov the reptilian overlords, thus
no rib but clearly implying genetic source from reptilians. I view
it as dead-obvious, how the spelling of all these terms match:


The "LAB" (as in Laboratory) agenda that is an integral
part of the twin "LABRYS/LABYRINTH" term, in a most
stunning manner matches the oldest "Name of God" in
the Old Testament -ALHIM- (this is the "God" that is
named as Creator in Genesis, while the other "name"
as "YHWH" -or "JHVH"-, is merely the 4 letter genetic
code formula -now in science labeled "ACTG"-), which
some incorrectly render as "Elohim"; this expression
is actually Plural -Alhim/Elohim-, it means "The Gods".
Once again of course, in Islam the "Name of God" bears
exactly the same origin -ALLAH-, also like ALHIM a 5
letter word. In other "religions" of the far past, the
same exact name-origin was rendered as "BAL", this
the 'other side' of the story, from which ultimately the
"BABEL" and "BABYLON" themes were derived. In the
S. Kubrick film "2001 Space Odyseey" Arthur C. Clarke's
script irrefutably shows the key to the whole "evolution"
saga as described succinctly, by naming the computer
gone-sentient... "HAL" (moving 1 space up the alphabet
it becomes "IBM"), another case of spilling the beans ! :

("INRI" the sign supposedly Gov. Pontius Pilate placed on top of
"Jesus" Cross, in 1st. cover-reading meaning "King of the Jews")

(forward) LAB ~~~ LABRYS ~~~ LABYRINTH
(reverse) BAL ~~~ BABEL ~~~ BABYLON

In other words, it might be that the last days of Atlantis were about
these hybridizations gone wrong, and the knowledge of the Brain
Interdiction might have been generically preserved in the Egyptian
and then later Greek Mystery Schools under the theme of the Minos
monster at the center of the Labyrinth which Theseus has to go in
and kill using Ariadne's Thread (ARIADNE ~~~ ARIAN DNA), the
thread being the DNA itself, and a certain STRAND of it (ARIADNE
THREAD ~~~ DNA STRAND). Then at the same time there is this
parallel version of the same Brain Tampering, as the LABRYS double
axe (nowadays a symbol for the Lesbian movement, interesting if we
consider the "Orion Queens" lore of antiquity), an image that also
befits the "Alpha & Omega" letters Round Shape; it seems as if the
"Alpha & Omega" cipher was a Linguistic equivalent for the prevalent
greek LABRYS...! (the letter Alpha written in reverse from left to right).

Furthermore, the successive conflagration during the Lemurian saga
& the later Atlantean saga (that for a while overlap in time it seems),
appear to involve the manipulation of PARALLEL TIMELINES until
they converged and self-imploded, beyond the classic Crystal Freq
Energy aspect usually commented upon, as derived of the control of
The Earth's Crystal Grids that at that time were still activated and
"manifested" as lightly different "material reality" between the 3D
and the 4D, in a higher vibrational frequency, this the famed age of
the old gods of mythology. The issue here being the "MERKABAH
SPIN" of the Parallel Timelines (determining its "direction"). Under
this scenario, some Timelines could run Backwards as to our present
direction, meaning that our own present Timeline Flow could very
well be an incorrect Merkabah flow, a "Reverse Time Loop", which
would account for the overall Negative Polarity, inherent Entropy,
and general disease ridden Dna's. When we look at the 1st & last
initials of that expression, we find that:


This implies that the origin of the term "REPTILE" may be related
to "those who come from the Reverse Time Loop", that the Human/
Nordic type may have a Merkabah Spin 4D flow in reverse direction
to the Reptilian Merkabah Spin.

This is a peculiarly eerie piece of data to ponder upon, as the Book
of Revelation/Apocalypse suggests a "REVERSE" meaning to the
word "Revelation" -usually rendered in sort as "REV"-. Moreover,
the crucial passage of "REV 13:18" yields the letters "M*R" for
the numbers "13*18", a clear pun to "MeR-kabah". In addition
to this follow the obsessive use of the letters "M*R" in the whole
"MaRy" (from MER, as "Sea" in french).

We may recall that there are "3 MARY's" in the New Testament,
Mary (Mother), Mary (Magdalen/mate, Mary (Contemplative), in
itself a clear fractal of the 3 Stars/3 Pyramids archetype. By this
one concludes that the letters "M*R" seriously point to the MeR-
issue in a number of ways. As for ex the case of
or the later "MeRo-vech" legend -in fact the origin of european
royalty, nonetheless...!-. Not to mention the previous 'stopover'
agenda in...
"MaRs". We may remember the Apollo landing on the
"MaRe Traquilitatis" on the Moon for the 1st time. Or we may
observe how the word "MaR-riage" follow a similarly highly
ritualistic linguistic obsession with the "M*R". The Rosicrucian
of present day are titled the "aMoRc", as "aMoR-e" is the latin
root expression for Love. Our deep sleep dream time is called
"ReM", while our computer memory is labeled "RaM". And all
business was for a long time known as "MeR-chant"s (so we still
widely used the "Merchandise" word), the new-born "Jesus" the
story says was offered "Gold/Incense/MyRh" by the 3 KINGS
who are nothing than the same "3 Stars/3 Pyramids"archetype
fractal, in Rev/Apoc the angel instructs the writer to bring & use
a "Measuring Rod" to measure The Temple, notice how the
word "leMuRia" contains the "M*R", etc etc etc. This entire
idea of "parallel TimeLines" and "Parallel Worlds" seems very
connected to the MERKABAH SPIN issue; in fact the word
"MiRror" itself shows that, in theology the concept of "MeRit",
the plentiful abundance is named "MyRiad", olverlords of a city
are called "MayoR", a "MaRtyr" is made an instant saint, we
solemnly say "MeRry Xmas" denoting happiness, and we could
go on forever. Yet... we must not forget how Britain's founding
provinces were 'As 1' called "MERCIA", from which -in secret-
the name for our "AMERICA" comes from (the official story so
convoluted it is laughable; that they "incorrectly" named the
explorer Americo Vespucci as Discoverer of the Americas-...!?...-
thus "America" from his name -I know..., preposterous-). The
overwhelming implication is that there is a consistent pattern
of naming really important things related to "Origin" out of the
"M*R" code; "MARS", "MARY", "MERCIA", "AMERICA", etc.,
a fact well known; I am only adding the crucial bit, that this has
to do with the "Reverse MERkabah Spin", and the origin of
Parallel Timelines and Parallel Worlds. Therefore the crucial
REV 13:18 Verse (M=13, R=18); where the the Beast is said to
be "The Beast that Was, Is Not, but Will Come out of the Abyss"
-i.e. the Reverse Time Loop, the Mirror Matrix).

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