Wednesday, June 3, 2009

5 Poems (circa 1996 / from unpublished book)


She said the wind looks blue
Like the picture you once burned
I'm hoping to grow silly
So angels wouldn't have to worry
About me anymore
Say, what happened to your beautiful music
And the movies you were supposed to make?
Seems such a long time ago, without train stops
Now the lone river poets have gone nuts
They all got wrecked boats left to hide
Dream have mercy on these broken bums
Something much worse than gray hair
Being rich successful strangers
Swear it never happened
42nd. St. where love stood waiting
At 5 o'clock by the telephone booth
So forget the poison of a simple cure
Won't make sense once the money's wasted
With little or no time left
For thin memories
Of might have been

If I could read the rose of meanings
No less than the unreachable sky
Or the way your eyes pass me by
Would I be sitting here writing poems
About heartbroken cowboys
In the cyber-age we never chose to live?
From the paradise speaking tree of wisdom
To a dangerous nightride in New York's subway
We're all just an illusion, pretending
To be attracted to one another, not sensing
The piercing death of our very sex
Like a romance financially bankrupt
If not for sleuth we'd be chasing leprechauns
Or buying cemetery lots in outer space
But by riding horses no one sees
I cling to prairies yet untouched
And draw unrecognizable characters
On the letters I hope to find someone
Worth sending, you know
How lost wanderers grow weary
Of returning to the same spot
How bad dancers stick to their schtick routine
And how I must seek my own nowhere
Devoid of credentials
After disappearing from you
That's how true love
Keeps from going insane

She possessed the secrets of travel
The girl with the shaved-that
Nipples to break your heart
And eyes to ruin your fortress
When you meet her delicatessen
You're gonna tell her
"I don't speak spanish"
She'll laugh and say: "Mind if I
Give you the name of an old lover?"
She will cutely undress as I stare
Out the window where the motel sign blinks
Lines of a skyscraper covering
The exact point where the sun sets
She used to be a hostess, you know
Out of America she flew
But you are only listening really
To the sounds of a highway nearby
Against the soundtrack of your lost memory
This is Bright Lights, Big City
She's got a siren tattoo on her lowback
Me I'm tattooed all over my soul
This is it, hey buddy
The great trip deep in the west
Smell of soft breasts across the bedsheets
Redshine blinking neon lights
Painting shadows on the cracked wall
Out there truckers rushing through, delivering
The American Dream, package by package
We, like love killers on the lose
Perform our futile wishes the best we can
Untying every single anguish
From the alien surface of our skin

If you knew what I know
You would know I know you
Without knowing
If you saw what I see
You would see I see you
Without seeing
If you cried what I cry
You would cry as I cry for you
Without crying
If you chose what I choose
You would choose like I've chosen you
Without choosing

Dawn across the hallway
Where the names have been lost
Some sort of wind
Don't leave no memories
We came so far for beauty
For the picture of your solitude
Where the dove of love
Lost seven wings
To a room within I slipped through
They all say, a waking
Man ahead of time
Like a numbing mystery
Too foolish to let go
Sister the river, the words
From the fish of silence
Spoke out a boat I remember
Throwing a lifeline into the
Arms of my own drowning
Let the waves to the talking
Now let the ghost
Do the thinking
For this world is nothing
But a house of cards maze
Numbering numbers
Spelling letters & mumbo-jumbo
Erasing dream upon dream
Off each of your fallen wings

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