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The way people aren't, Henry Poole Was Here, Dylan, the Moon Matrix & other musings

Politics and Religion are essentially variations of a same theme;
whether reality on Earth is composed of humans that are mostly
normal with a few wackos who are dealt with in jail & lunatic asylums,
or indeed the opposite, mostly of dysfunctional humans pretending to
live like all is normal with a few who have awakened & deprogrammed
themselves from this state.

The example of the 3 monotheistic religions of Judaism/Christianity/
Islam is most tale-telling in this regard; they all ascribe to the latter,
yet in the form of a sort of "original sin" rationale for the prevailing &
all-abiding dysfunction in the human condition. They all propose a God
given cure for it, in the form of "miracle faith"; you Believe what this
God gave to men in the form of a given book & prophets to be the full
"whole truth and nothing but the truth" (to use the legal prescription)
explaining the origin and extent of the dysfunction and its solution,
you Practice to a tee that dogmatic fundamentalist Belief, and voila!
the dysfunction is gone, back to normal. Paradise relived. Or is it...?
Will engineered genetic mutations & psychic programming as a full
blown DEVOLUTION cascade be solved by sheer belief & ritual...?

Similar rationales are present at the core of most other religions, yet
often in more convoluted ways, incorporating other disciplines as
well, most notably Hinduism & Buddhism -and all their branches-
through the use of Meditation & what have you, besides the usual
praying and ritual. Sure, the Sanskrit, and Sufi, and Kabbalah, the
Christian Mystic, the hindu Chakric traditions, & native Shamanism,
provide plenty of deeper-strata to the essential paradigm described,
but all in all they constitute "ideal-paths" for the same.

Ironically most believers of these religions -what I call the "Sixpack
Joe's of Belief"- at their medium level, actually do reverse the main
paradigm, and while still powerfully believing their cults, they most
often at the same time believe the opposite paradigm, that humans
are normal & good by & large, with a few wackos here & there. This
is most perplexing, how they can integrate contradicting paradigms
in their belief. Of course when you talk to the people "on high" in any
religion, they will blatantly tell you that this type of believer as in the
majority of cases, have not yet attained understanding, and are at
what is termed an "initiatory phase".

When you look at Politics, you confirm an identical conundrum; by
definition the Left tends to believe most humans are normal and a
few wackos exploit everybody else, while the Right tends to believe
there is something "wrong" or "unevolved" with the masses that
requires the high-classes and the educated to run an oppresive
system in order to keep the unevolved & uneducated Lumpen under
control and in-check, otherwise it all goes to hell really fast. Of course
what the Right fails to perceive, is that often the ones unevolved and
uneducated, will be precisely the ones at the top...! A 3rd Libertarian
approach has always been present, claiming that both things are true,
and all systems are in truth dysfunctional, & need to be kept in-check,
through the use of higher awareness & freedom from ideologies. This
has been for at least a decade epitomized in the "Impeach Them All"
mantra; if you inspect more closely, under the Libertarian diagnosis,
humans themselves need to be always kept in-check, and preventive
measures based in freedom from intrusion must be guaranteed such
that the human tendency towards BOTH Entropy & Totalitarianism
can be kept at bay, no different than how you prevent flooding or
any other natural calamity from wreaking havoc.

That there is an "impending doom" scenario constantly present in
human reality -caused by humans, that is-, needs not even be said;
it is the true Leit-Motif of existence in all civilizations. The Greeks of
old provided a Rule of the Philosopher Kings to deal with this, which
naturally didn't do zilch to avoid them being invaded and terminated
by the brute Romans; ever since, we've been in one way or another,
a variation of the Roman Empire -idem in Right or Left terms-.

Perhaps the only interesting song Bob Dylan has written in the last
quarter of a century -"Not Dark Yet"-, precisely confronts head-on
the truth of the paradigm: "...there's not even enough room to be
anywhere...", " sense of humanity has gone down the drain,
behind every beautiful thing there's some kind of pain...", "...I've
been down on the bottom of a world full of lies...", "I was born here
and I'll die here against my will, I know it looks like I'm moving but
I'm standing still...", "...I can't even remember what it was I came
here to get away from...", "...It's not dark yet, but it's getting there".
(1997-"Time Out of Mind" CD, produced/arranged by Daniel Lanois)

Which directly leads us to how like in another Dylan bootleg song of
the '70's ("Cept You") the line "...everybody's got somethig to sell..."
illustrates so economically, most systems merely PROPAGANDIZE
their pet-version of the "solution" to the paradigm, or in its blatant
yet disguised manner "SELL REALITY" as they see it fit.

This is what as in the title of this post I call "The Way People Aren't"
but are portrayed in every conceivable media, from religious books
to Hollywood movies, and everything pro & con in between. It stands
as a testament to human deception, how people are shown to be as
they clearly are not; most noticeable in the off-the-charts scale of the
Bullsh*t detector, is how every guys knows for a fact females in films
resemble 'nothing' to what they are & behave in the real world. Of

course Sandra Bullock is the exception (to speak Hollywoodia), a
real sweetheart, everybody knows that; yet, she just married a
charming smart biker with enticing muscles that... "just happened"
to have a big schlong (not for nothing nicknamed Vanilla-Gorilla by
one of his many f*ck partners) all the while expecting the guy to
be monogamous. Go figure. What good is it to be a real sweetheart,
if you still expose your kid to that...? Common sense: what people

got a lot, they will use a lot. The lack in common sense, is part of
the Devolution problem. Sandra, guys go to brothels, but not bring
the chicks home to marry, ok? She was for some time before all
this watching Reality shows on tv, & getting a crush on some guys
on the screen; an accident waiting to happen. From that to Vanilla-
Gorilla, was just one quick step. As this all gets too salacious, let us
find a more suitable example in the film industry itself: a movie.

I would not waste my time offering a mainstream Hollywood cliche
example, for it would feed the monster; however the very song "Not
Dark Yet" is essential to the soundtrack of the interesting & artsy
independent film "Henry Poole Was Here" (2008, at the Sundance
Film Festival, distributed everywhere) directed by Mark Pellington,
starring a disheveled and slow-speaking Luke Wilson at his no doubt
best ever . The following trailer makes the film appear considerably
more light-hearted & casual/entertaining than it really is, since it is
of a decidedly dark tone, and religious (or simply, "Belief") overtones:
For starters, the film also features Lisa Gerrard's "On An Ocean":

The director's wife died in 2004, thus one must assume this played
a crucial part in its conception, because it screens Wilson as an about
to die of a disease man, who goes back to the neighborhood of his
upbringing, trying to 're-solve' his difficult infancy, a crappy working
class area where he buys a house as close to the old house as he
could, where he awaits the inevitable fortified with vodka and frozen
pizza (as Wikipedia best put it). This would seemingly make the real
possibility of Propaganda remote, yet cleverly disguised propaganda
is what you get. An assortment of religious/ideological agendas, so to
speak, where the truly deep introspection is rendered soft & mushy,
deprived of real substance, if at all. The lack of context in cinematic
terms, while explained by the limited budget, in reality is a sure sign
that the project was aborted before it even started; the film is more
of a Theater play, barely any context besides the house itself. Budget
is a thin reason for it; we'll see below that the city of LA could NOT
be shown as it is (in those areas), as it would have made the agenda
propagandized subliminally, impossible.

Don't get me wrong, I believe the director made a superb job, as this
film is brilliantly directed; the problem lies with the script, and with
the meaning of it. When you compare it for ex to a masterpiece like
"Paris-Texas" by Wim Wenders (script by Sam Shepard), and you
consider how much territory is covered both in Form & Content, the
'Henry Poole' film comes as narrow, slanted, and proselytistic both in
Form & Content, appallingly so by comparison. It's a great film ruined
by the propaganda of certain agendas; there are 2 males (besides an
appearance seconds-brief by Richard Benjamin as the evil or erratic
doctor), 5 females, 3 of these females carry pun-names: the neighbor
"Esperanza" (Hope, in spanish), a young cashier at the supermarket
named "Patience", the neighbor to be girlfriend "Dawn". See, females
are aggrandized as "Hope/Patience/Dawn". Greek Fates.

Guys...? Well, they either are dying like Wilson is, are already dead
like the former house owner and Esperanza's boyfriend, or are the
evil doctor, or the wise priest (played by George Lopez, comedian/
actor). Message? As a male, you can only be dying or dead, a saintly
godly priest, or an evil technocrat. Wilson as the main character, is
revived from a certain death by either a medical mis-diagnosis as he
thinks (but the movie portrays this as stubbornness to believe in
miracles), or by the act of touching the Christ image on a wall stucco
stain behind his house wall -take your pick-. Worse, only the latinos
seem to "be in touch" with God and miracles, or with the awesome
power of "belief"; it is "through them", that the rest of the world
comes to "share in" the same "higher spiritual" qualities. Of course
not surprisingly, the script writer is one Albert Torres, a latino...

Thus a hip agenda to portray females/religion/latinos as the truly
"saving remnants" of this world, is presented almost in your face and
in thinly-disguised artsy cover. Mexicans in Hollywood films shown as
'spiritual/super-wise/loving' has been a constant for quite some time;
in the film we don't see Poole fearing LA latino gangs, or such; the
role of the latino in LA -in this film-, is as the harbinger of God, as is
portrayed in so many films, contrary to oh-so stark realities need not
be mentioned here. Eerie as it is, it cuts across the same as the fake
resonance to the "Hope" hypnotic mantra in Obama's campaign, and
the use of the "black man" as the harbinger of all that as well; we are
compelled BY AGENDA, to "believe" in "miracles", and proposed by
the ones who sell a certain agenda of our reality itself, in messianic
tones, but devoid of real introspection and a facing of the issues.

In the film we see no horrid LA pollution but "hopeful" skies where
the light shining through clouds represent "God"; we see no danger,
no violence, no illegal immigration invasion, no vast drugs epidemic,
no behavioural rough-edges. It is all so peaceful, sensible, loving,
caring, oh so miracle hopeful, oh so pure... All real semi-terminal
problems of society, be them at their wide collective scale or at the
intimate personal sentimental/existential level, are "ironed flat" by
the instant miracle sowing beliefs. You believe, no more death. You
"feel good", no more psycho behaviour. You say change, you change.
Oh please...

Then of course, you have to wonder; who the hell has ever had such a
beautiful & sensibly loving SINGLE neighbor (played by fine Rhadda
Mitchell)...? No husband, no psycho former fiance or boyfriend, she
is not a hooker, not a slut, not a making-no-sense bar hopping chick;
she is unbelievably sweet, all understanding, kind as they come, and
ready to be Poole's next girlfriend. A great face, a great body, a great
mind, a great heart, a great soul, a great attitude, and... such great
availability. Not in a MILLION YEARS no male would ever get a
female neighbor like that, period...! It is the usual "make women look
like goddesses" agenda at play, no different than Coca-Cola shows
people playing & smiling and being ecstatic.

Past all this hubris, one has to ask then the veritable question: why
so often people portrayed in films & books 'like they aren't" at all?
What's the real purpose of all this constant propaganda? I answered
that before if you weren't reading; the main idea is to SELL REALITY
ITSELF, as it is. The Dylan "It's not dark yet but it's getting there"
introspection and 6th sense perception, gets twisted into "Hopeful,
very hopeful"; yeah, your beautiful single adorable neighbor Dawn,
will by miracle dawn you into... the... same... reality...!? Just as you
were exiting the Farm -the Matrix-, you are brought back in full gale.
All your insights Dylan, are useless; by sheer miracle-hope the Matrix
reclaims your soul & mind. Assuming... you... believe... (be-LIE-ve).

Therefore at the end of the film -all rosy kisses & all-, the main Poole
character erases the Was from "Henry Poole Was Here", & rewrites
Is. Oh, isn't that corny wishwash? Great film, but ruined by agendas.
By extension, same applies to most that passes off as Entertainment,
including most of music; it is all nowadays ruined by over-abiding &
inseminated agendas to propagandize This/That, often transmitting
viral modes of "Belief" behind the form, downgrading the content to
its minimal expression, or common denominator, music & films for
what the social engineers have labeled "Belongers".

Yet in ancient Greece, Plato had already warned against blind belief
and anything that goes inside your mind really; his message was not
to trust your mind and beliefs, at all. He learned that partly from his
teacher Socrates, who taught "Know Thyself" as Not-Knowing, akin
to realizing one knows NOTHING. Plato learned from secret wisdom
coming from the former Atlantis, that "reality" here on Earth is not
what it "looks like", or how we "think"/"perceive" it to be. He wrote
his famous Allegory of the Cave to imply secretly that the Cave of
Brahman inside the brain cavity where the Pineal & Pituitary glands
reside, is where the PROJECTION or the INTERDICTION of the
Human Psyche takes place, reducing our range -otherwise known
as 'The Fall" in spiritual traditions-; the fabled Garden of Eden, this
very much earlier Atlantis civilization, that fell.

Simply to blindly "believe in miracles" and engage in whimsical love
as per Hollywood cliche in the movies, or as deliberately pushed like
a drug by all religions , sure serves the purpose of projecting a much
better reality, however STILL IN THE SAME MATRIX.

All that Hope/Miracle is a pain-killer, not a remedy. Aggiornamento,
redecorating the "Not Dark Yet" surroundings. Poole gets a new
girlfriend, he does not die physically. Is that all...? That is all you
live for? To live the Matrix and that's that...? Superstar researcher
David Icke proposes what many have been claiming, that the actual
place where the post-Atlantis interdiction of the human species on
Earth has been managed and effected from, is the Moon, and he calls
this the Moon Matrix. No wonder we call cuckoos a "lunatic" (Luna is
the Moon).

That the Moon is a prime candidate for such scenario, goes without
saying; after all, its origin and presence as it sits in orbit, is still quite
a mystery, a complete anomaly; it shows the same face always to
the Earth ("The Dark Side of the Moon"-Pink Floyd), & shows the
same "apparent" size as the Sun when viewed from Earth's surface,
an unmistakable sign for all to see that its placement in orbit was
engineered specifically to that effect -seems to be rather recently-.
This is why the Sun Eclipse -(when it is evident)- has always been
an integral part of some religions; at Jesus death there is an Eclipse;
the Mayas and other latinamerican Pyramid rituals utilized -before
known by the elite priesthood- Eclipses, to mesmerize the masses
(as for ex illustrated in Mel Gibson's film "Apokalypto"). An Eclipse
is a ritual event that means "Anunnaki", reminiscing the placement
of the satellite, and as station of control over Earth. It is a fact that
when scientists have crashed probes into the moon, it rings hollow.
The Moon is the great Stabilizer of the Earth's orbit & 4 seasons;
it also regulates many natural cycles, including the ocean tides and
the female Ovulation/Mestruation. Similar artifical satellites have
always been suspected elsewhere in the Solar System, such as Mars
moons Phobos & Deimos, also anomalous. The ROSE as symbol of
the female vulva labia, & has always been a powerful esoteric elite
archetype; in Standard English Gematria (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):
[ MOON = 57 = ROSE = ENGLAND ]

This is why England's 1st ruler was a Queen (Elizabeth I), a series
of them, even to this day predominantly a Queen. Patriarchy was
established overtly in public everywhere, but the female rule was
established covertly in secret, implying the deepest secret of the
Moon station control. The biggest order of esoteric power is the
Rose Cross, or Rose Croix, meaning secretly that the Cross (in
its many variations) must be coupled with the Rose -Sun & Moon-.
This is what the masonic "Compass & Square" really mean; it all
hides the Anunnaki presence: Cross/Sun is Male Energy, and Rose/
Moon is female energy. Male is overt, female is covert. Humankind
was engineered to split into 2 Genders -Male & Female-, by the
Anunnaki (even in the Bible it is written that Adam as 1st human
was createde before the Split of Genders).

This field of thought claims the Moon is an artificial satellite brought
here by the Anunnaki, hollow on the inside, transmitting Interference
Signals towards Earth, recoding the original galactic "Source" organic
multi-dimensional incoming data, rendering the original program-of-
life "undecoded" by humans, and hijacking the process by interfacing
a rogue program-of-life from the Moon; this program reconfigures the
Pineal /Pituitary multi-dimensional ports, turns the brain into a slave
body-computer dependent on a new altered "HIVE-MIND" program,
that severely narrows the perceptual bandwidth of frequencies, such
that we end up "locked in a 5-senses matrix", with such very limited
sense of who "we are", prone to a myriad of "believe" programs of
trojan nature, and made to "conform" to a "robot-like" Zoo/Farm
lifestyle, where genetic experimentation is habitual. In order to keep
this agenda perpetually going on without a glitch, "happiness" in a
controlled dose is inseminated into the Matrix, as to constantly be
"dreaming" for ex that ideal non-existent neighbor in the Poole film
described. And this "happiness factor", is the role of all media, who
in all effect have the explicit purpose of "lubricating the existential
wounds" of all the inhabitants of the Farm/Matrix.

Thus in this rogue program, you dream and believe in miracles pre-
defined in terms of the narrow 5-senses Matrix, so like cattle that
produces best meat when happily free-roaming in a field, you dream
everything that "locks you in" the Matrix, and superstitiously fear &
label as "weird", everything that sets you free from the Matrix, or is
conducive to a State of Consciousness that will stop the Interference-
Pattern of the Moon Matrix, making it ineffective. You fear the type
of music that gets you closer to the liberating frequencies beyond the
range of control and hive-mind box imprisonment; you fear anybody
that speaks a different tune and calls a diferent drummer; you fear
true originality & creativity; you fear True Love because it sets you
free; instead you by programming fall back to a False-Love that is
instinctively defined by "needs" and "advantages" and "protection"
and "shopping lists" and all things pertaining Ego & Gain; you fear
most of all "Being Yourself" and seek obsessively to Conform bullied
by Peer-Pressure and other hive-mind corraling antics; this is why
the Belonger psychology is promoted & sold everywhere as "it".


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