Thursday, May 27, 2010

"OIL SPILL" encodes "BARACK OBAMA"s name & state (incl. Titanic symbolism)

Using plain standard English Gematria, I previously have exposed
how the names Barack Obama & Sarah Palin are 'twinned' by coded
cipher (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26) from Obama's famous campaign slogan
"Change We Can Believe In":

In the case of the ongoing BP "Oil Spill" in the Gulf, we see an equally
perfect-match, astonishingly so:

[ "OIL" = 36 = BARACK ] & [ "SPILL" = 68 = BARACK OBAMA ]

Obama's only public life position has been as Senator from Illinois,
an "election" of most dubious nature, as he by signature technicalities
had forced out of the race everybody excluding no-chance very weak
Alan Keyes (outrageously he forced out in this way his own mentor,
the respected black Chicago legend Alice Palmer, this story sanitized
in Wikipedia). When we look at the name of the state, we also see
the "Oil Spill" encoded:


Besides, any intelligent person would notice that "ill-i-NOIS" contains
the emblematic "SION" at the end in reverse, as well as the beginning
& end of the word "ill-uminat-i". Concomitantly, Obama is ostensibly
playing the prefabricated role of "Lincoln", in the sense that he was
chosen by the Northeastern Establishment elite of the US (mostly
the axis of the NWO, the City of London, the Wall St/Fed Reserve
cabal) to placate the "Rising South" -symbolizing all those states
that in an increasing tide are once again resisting the excess powers
of the tyrannical-growing Fed, who demands everything and gives
almost nothing in return (Katrina & the current Oil Spill, emblems)-.
By replaying "Lincoln", they seek to make once again the "black
cause" and also "illegal immigration" (mexicans) a manufactured
ruse to supposedly "debunk" the legitimate grievances of those
resisting states, who are de-facto enacting a "2nd Independence"
from the global monarchies operating in disguise behind the central
banks and governments. In this case the blacks and mexicans are
utilized as "political fodder" to weaken the non-central states, but
all this is disguised under the attractive "Lincoln" cover, to garner
support. The "black cause" and the "mexican cause" are then the
convenient to the moment of crisis pawns in a chess-game of high
global power. As what happens in the US, ends up being copied
almost everywhere, the "Lincoln" ruse is inseminated subliminally
to legitimize excess of power, painting it with a "social concern"
coat, Obama "the man of the oppressed" and such phony rubbish:


Obama was inaugurated as president on January 20. The day Adolf
Hitler was born is April 20; the BP Oil Spill occurred on April 20...

This is not a 'forced' mental association; if we care to remember, it
was Obama himself who did something highly unusual as 1st time
runner for president (& albeit a mostly unknown figure), when he
delivered a highly mediatized speech IN BERLIN, still a candidate:

The pictures speak for themselves, the fascist/communist overtones
are quite evident -a clear illuminati staged event, high in symbolism-.
The conclusion just by this Berlin event, is that Obama from the get-
go has been an occult symbolic figure, laden with coded ciphers and
such. When we do the numbers Gematria for "Berlin Germany", we
realize the total is 143, which is the essential Gematria number in
the Book of Revelation, supposedly written in Patmos Island - that
this name is a full blown occult cipher is evident in the "PI" initials,
as well as what I have shown in older posts, that this name contains
in full the acronyms that define our information/computer/internet
era-. By anagram (just rearranging the position of the letters):


{"DOS" is Driver Operating System (Microsoft's 'Win-Dos') }
{"LAN" is Linear Aggregated Network}
{ "ISP" is Internet Service Provider}
{"ATM" is Automated Transfer Machine}


(Patmos=84) (Germany=83) (Obama Palin=84)
(Island=59) (Berlin=60)

You will observe the latter also contains the initials of George Bush.
As Arthur C. Clarke popularized in the "2001 Space Odyssey" film,
the simplest of all ciphers is to move back or forward 1 space in the
alphabet (thus in the film the computer's name "HAL" was code for
"IBM", moving the letters 1 space forward). However you will also
observe that the 2 last initials in "Barack Hussein Obama" are just
as encoded, moving 1 space back in the alphabet...! (P~~O, I~~H).

Now contemplating the 1st & last initials of "Patmos Berlin" we get
... "BP"...! {British Petroleum}, and the 1st & last initials of "Island
Germany" yield "IG"(i.e. "AIG") -another Obama crucial atrocity,
the Wall St/Bank bailouts, which started with the AIG Corp demise.
On top of this, the quite obvious correspondences -call 'em fractals-
between "B-erl-IN" & "B-arackhusse-IN", as well as "ger-MA-ny"
& "oba-MA", reinforce the encoding. Nothing is an accident in this
3D Matrix, folks.

Concerning the Oil Spill, we have to come to realize that the date
of April 20, is playing upon the former ritual of the british ship the
TITANIC which sank on April 15; do not see the relationship...?
How about... huge ocean disaster... british... how blind art thou...?
Moreover, Leonardo Da Vinci was born on April 15 (see further).
In fact the entire April 15 to April 30 is nothing but the preceding
preparation for the pagan BELTAIN (or Beltane), culminating on
May 1st. Satanism uses both the church & the Beltain type of dates,
the latter type being ideal for "concealing" a ritual from the masses,
who are unaware of dates like these. Observe how both names are
a pun of each:

[ BELTAIN = BA-lt-EIN ~~~ BA-rackhuss-EIN ]

Of course the name "TITANIC" is a pun of "ILLUMINATI", the last
5 letters of which are written in reverse at the center of the former:
[ t-ITANI-c ~~~ illum-INATI ]. 4 letters of which can be found
in: [ "ILLIN-ois" ~~~ "ILL-um-IN-ati" ]. See, -to make fun of it-
you have to see, when you see; almost the entire human race, when
reading language, can't see at all what's right in front of them to see.
They merely read, what they have... learned... to read, nothing else;
they merely see some aspects of language (learned in their memory)
and are utterly blind to other ostensibly visible aspects, these the
aspects the occultists and the illuminati utilize -often for mind control
and hypnosis, or to convey large sets of occultic "theology"-. Either
way these act as powerful subliminals, yet invisible to the "Conscious
Self" mind, the surface layer of the brain computer.
{In 1983 while in college, I one night preparing lemonade looked for
a glass and a spoon in the kitchen & had a most powerful epiphany
regarding the "Thinking" process; I realized I did not "see this" or
that particular glass and spoon, but strictly a "generic idea" of a
"learned glass & spoon" in my memory. I discovered that in our
lives we are trained to NOT SEE DIRECTLY almost anything at
all, and by-default reduce perception to a basal "I Think" mode,
that merely seeks to match automatically learned-objects/ideas
with what's in front of us. Then later by habit of repetition, these
learned-objects/ideas end up replacing perception and sight;
ultimately, we are in this way zombified or robotized via the "I
Think" process, without even realizing it. The goal of Art is to
without stop never forget how to perceive for the 1st time every
single object or being, in their unique peculiarity, without going
down into this robotic stare. This is in part the same goal of this
Gematria blog, to through the contemplation of language Patterns
be able every single time to see... what's right in front of our eyes,
yet we by reason of such robot-conditioning, are unable to see/
read at all. Some people are so zombified in this sense, that they
react in fits of anger at any Gematria concordance expose, like
protecting their brain-programming from the intrusion of a thief;
others quickly fall asleep, overwhelmed by seeing for the 1st time.
I am of the opinion that the prohibition of "Consciousness" drugs
and the legalization of Dumbing-down drugs like alcohol, follow
this exact epiphany I had; some drugs enable you to see like for
the 1st time, thus raising your perception to the real, while under-
playing the implanted "learned objects/ideas". This is of course
in great detriment to the 3D Matrix stronghold, therefore they're
banned, and inseminated in a purely "illegal recreational" & quite
addictive sense. The suggestion is that you are doing someting
"pathological", thus when people use them, this suggestion over-
rides the normal clean positive expansion of "real" perception,
betraying the lucid aspect of it all. I am also convinced that the
reason the elites sell Ideology & Religion or any system of "fixed
objects", is precisely to train the brain to ONLY "perceive" in this
robotic manner, the training consisting in NOT seeing every time
but only replaying the "learned object/idea"; the training can be
greatly enhanced by hero-worship (the fake hero another fixed
learned object), so in this way you are "exempted" by fanaticism
to actually see or perceive who that person is at all, even when it
is absolutley obvious the hero is no hero, but quite the villain...
Point being, it does not matter this or that fake-hero, what is of
value to these elites, is the training of the brain of the masses in
itself, not whether this leader or that wins or loses, at all. In other
words, external public agendas, merely a means to another very
different end, i.e. brain-training experiments into this robotic mode;
Left or Right or Center or what have you, all irrelevent to this end}.
The 4 enormous chimneys of the Titanic symbolize the former "Four
Worlds"; these were reinforced by the Twin Towers, the famous blue
scene of the sinking in the film, tilts the Titanic vertically, becoming
like the WTC towers, people falling from it in both cases. Leonardo
Di Caprio symbolizes the dying system (patriarchy), replaced once
again by the ancient mother-goddess (matriarchy), portrayed by
Kate Winslet (to Win); that is the reason the Queen of England has
been reigning uninterrupted since... 1952...!? (the suggestion being:
all else comes & goes, yet the mother-goddess, the Orion Queen,
will WIN -Windsor- and is here to stay). In older posts I detailed
the concordances between the names "Kate Winslet" & "Monica
Lewinsky", and also how these are supposed to act as fractals for
"(Oprah) Winfrey", in the case of the mirror-reversal from WHITE
TO BLACK. We see this also fractalized in the town's name where
Sarah Palin was Mayor: "Wasilla" (kate winslet/monica lewinsky -
a noticeable 5 letter concordance). The novel by Dan Brown "The
Da Vinci Code" portrays the very old and oh-so totally bogus setup
of Mary Magdalene as carrier of Jesus Christ's offspring -landing in
the Renees Le Chateau area of France, conveniently as foundation
for the "divine blood" of the european royalty, this the secret origin
of the occidental monarchies, this false secret propaganda-. Thus
the name of actor "Leonardo Di" Caprio in the film Titanic, is a pun
of Leonardo Da Vinci, and Kate Winslet symbolizes the Magdalene
-surviving the illuminati black magic sacrifice of humanity around
2012/2016-. What this means is a "new religion & new syncretism",
akin to the one performed by Emperor Constantine in the last days
of the Roman Empire -which ultimately led to official Christianity,
but in secret also to the newer forms of Jewish religion, and muslim
religion-. In the Titanic film Di Caprio plays "Jack" (pun of sacrificed
beloved president Jack Kennedy -representing the old white male
dying out-), while Winslet plays "Rose" (a pun of the secret Order
of the Rose -the Rose Cross or Rose Croix- another name for SION:
[ Rose=57=Sion], the Rose icon of the female Vulva, the Vesica
Pisces, the mother-goddess. If you notice, Obama's wife Michelle
Robinson quite evidently so carries this secret message; Michelle
pun of Magdalene (Magdalene obviously the "Black Madonna" of
the Medieval Ages worshipped even by Pope John Paul II, his way
of saying he was with the SION cabal), and ROBIN-SON actually
carries the "BORN-SION" so visibly it's almost laughable...! This
is why she wore that fatefull "Black Widow Spider" dress on Nov 4
Election Day party (message: the guy dies, the mother-goddess is
here to Win). Of course she knows all this, they just pretend that
thay are "normal" folk and so and so...:

As Bryan Kemila in my post "Obey the Hyper-Dimensional...part 1"
explains, what is behind all this, is a mass sacrifice to be gradually
implemented at global scale (the first World Wars a preparation
for it), at the moment of the "Cross/Crossing", thus the theology
of sacrifice in the Cross as conditioning for it, in the sense of in this
way a "Manufactured-Consent" is first extracted out of humans, in
order for the ritual to be fully implemented. The Cross/Crossing is
the moment of ASCENSION, whereby a portion of humanity grows
into the higher dimensions, while a larger portion remains anchored
to this illusory 3D semi-virtual "reality"; at this '2012/2016' great
Awakening, HyperDimensional beings have prepared themselves for
a feast in the form of a mass sacrifice, consuming kundalini energies
and even souls of humans caught in a negative debacle. This debacle
is a series of "suggested" doomed scenarios, for all practical purposes
serving as "PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE" on the Human Species.

This is what you see every year through several gradual high level
events of negative nature, world wars, crime, 911, collapse of health
in the sense we all live longer but never healthy, massive recessions
and unemployment, breakup of the family, women turned into gold-
diggers utilizing "love" as a business weapon ('gold' means a trophy
-be it fame, money, a hunk, whatever-), instability everywhere,
the rug pulled from under everybody, increase in working hours
and demented cult-style of jobs, devastating stress, competition
jungle-mindset for everything, shallow & lying corrupt politicians,
corporations ruining it all, presidents that are ostensibly sacrificed
to enhance the psychological warfare (kennedy, nixon's fall, clinton's
impeachment). This is a perpetual psychological warfare on humans,
ultimately effected from the hyper-dimensional realm, utilizing the
illuminati and all its front & reverse-mirroring factions (as the case
of the reverse racism, ex Farrakhan, mexican "La Raza" etc).

Freeman {from 'Freeman TV'} has splendidly captured this agenda,
which amazingly is not perceived as such by most people, as utterly
obvious as it indeed is. I recommend you watch his interviews for

a very candid description of all this, which is the most relevant one
can possibly be aware of, in these close to the '2012/2016' days.

For ex we are here exposing the "BP Oil Spill" as one more in this
series of warfare tactics aimed at the human psyche, operating at
the full sight and 'looking-the-other-way' of an Obama pretending
not to know what is going on. Yet when we just look at the name of
BP/British Petroleum itself, we see the 'proximity' of Obama and
BP in Synchronicity terms: just moving back the P to O yields his
initials B.O. (Barack Obama); you may say, but you did not move
back also the "B"... well, it does not matter, because when you also
move it back (B to A), we obtain the 1st & last letters of his last
name: "O"-bam-"A"). Also the last letter of britis"H" is the initial
of his middle name "H"ussein. The last letter petroleu"M" yields
the initial for the name of his wife -"M"ichelle-. If we add either
the full "Company" or "CorporatioN" to "British Petroleum" we
then get the last letter of his middle name hussei-"N", whereas
the short version "Co." for "Company" yields his initial "O"bama
without the need to move up/down a place in the alphabet at all.
I know, it is all 'coincidence', right? Why is it, that everybody is
so perfectly capable of talking in acronyms and such (for ex in
politics UN, GOP, DNC, etc), yet at the same time everybody is
so completely blind to quite visible acronyms like these I show?
It seems to me, people have been robotized into being capable of
great feats of MENTAL GYMNASTICS, yet remain utterly blind
and uncapable of the most basic language & acronym recognition.
This is evidence of a severe brfain malfunction, that can only be
explained along the lines of brain-programming ("blindspots" all
oveer the mental terrain map) and/or the robotization explained
in the Mid-Note.

It is also a 'coincidence' that the world champion of soccer in the
last year was Barcelona FC, otherwise known as "Barca" (usually
considered the world' most powerful winning team lately). You
see, this is a ritual; Barca's -like Obama's logo- wears a dark blue
& red (emphasis in "dark"), and most of its players are "dark", as
opposed to the "white" rival team of Real Madrid, who wears a
-not surprisingly for the ritual- all white attire. Thus you always
see the Real Madrid "losing" against Barca, and the media always
battering the Real Madrid like it's their favorite past-time. This
is a ritual, of many of similar high-profile world media, to suggest
the same; Barcelona sits right across the Pyrenees from Renees
Le Chateu area, where supposedly Mary Magdalene landed
. It is
examples like these, that allow one to peer-through the matrix as
it uses language & symbols, sports & politics, religion & disasters,
trends & advertising, to wage covert psychological warfare on the
targets the Matrix deems as suitable for a ritual of sacrifice at a
certain moment & place in 3D Time/Space. The exzternal world of
Media but a convenient carrier for the codes & symbols embedded
in the rituals of sacrifice:


"Anyone" -be it me/you, Kemila, Farrakhan, etc etc etc- can see the
in-your-face concordances, yet very few can read the real concealed
meanings behind them (which of course the types of Farrakhan et al
always read wrong, as fully mind controlled as they are). As Kemila
points out, the entire world is l-o-a-d-e-d with constant reinforcing
"suggestion-memes", in such way that the construct of "reality" is
in itself is nothing but a MATRIX, in which the predominant mode
of domination is a disguised subliminal psychological warfare. Overt
war is not an end in itself, but a means to effect a pervasive state
of psychological warfare, from the hyper-dimensional vampires,
unto the 3D humans regarded as "kundalini food" (sacrifice, prey).

Ultimately as philosopher comedian George Carlin realized, in order
for you to survive the constant psychic attack, one has to learn the
art of detaching from this matrix, what he spelled out brilliantly as:
"TRICK IS NOT TO GIVE A SH*T". Yet detachment is one tactic,

as a human cannot cease to intermingle with reality here and now;
the other tactic is to... CONFRONT the Matrix as it is...!, and this is
only accomplished by "decoding" it. This is achieved via Increased
Awareness, thus all that reduces awareness (so makes you a sucker)
is how the Matrix wins over your consciousness, is how the psychic
attack becomes a win-win for the vampires. This blog serves as a
tool for this Increased Awareness, extending enlightenment to those

areas you are completely oblivious of.
The leader of the "Nation of Islam" cult is Louis Farrakhan, born
Louis Eugene Walcott, heavily involved in Numerology as in the
islamic tradition -but in English-, as his Wikipedia picture states:
"May 11, 1933 (age 77)". Farrakhan seems to make a whole about
any numerological concordance such as the Wiki (11/33/77), often
delving fully into outright delusional numerology rants, which can
be categorized as mediocre numerology at best -(I cringe in horror
every time I get to read some of his numerological writings, we're
talking the worst of the worst, kindergarten level)-. He was the
one who called Obama "The Messiah", pressured to explain why
Obama had to diss him publicly, he used the metaphor of a space
rocket -he or the rev. Jeremiah Wright just being the rockets who
are delinked and fall back to Earth, while "he" the "saviour" Obama
is the one who "ascends"; of course this is occult concealment of
ATLANTIS, Obama as being in his cult the former "Atlantis Rising"
leader -AKHENATEN in Egyptian symbology- (Farrakhan so fully
obsessed with a supposed "black" Egypt, it's almost demented; his
cult a mixture of Muslim & ultra-egyptian black Masonic occultism,
black "Muslim-Mason" in full numerology and occultic symbology).
I call it simply... an "Adolf Hitler wanna-be cult", period; in fact, one
can easily see that Farrakhan has already noticed this, as his name
shares some tale-telling letters with the former:

(Alois Hitler the father of Adolf, notice the "Alois"~"Louis" fractal)

Undoubtedly Farrakhan has already caught this and much more, as
his cult is actually a full-blown "Black Supremacy" movement, in the
beginning stages only disguised as justice for the oppressed blacks
during slavery & segregation -acc to them continued to this day?-,
but unmistakably reeking of fanatical RACISM; Farrakhan (and
others in other similar agendas) seems only interested in acquiring
POWER though dubious spirituality, and setting a Black Domination
of Whites and Jews, no different that Hitler -in reverse in the case
of Whites, coinciding in the case of Jews-. I'd suggest you consider
this when looking at Barack Obama's Berlin/Germany speech, with
this subliminal symbology in mind. Unless you are brain-dead, you
will know for a fact that Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright are
racists in reverse, working for a Total Black Domination (thus a so
obvious pun "nation" -"Nation of Islam" means Domination of Black
Islam in America-). In this context, the iconic "SION" agenda must
be thought of in reverse, as a "Black Sion/Zionism", to hell with all
else; this is why it was a "Messiah" from ILLINOIS (illi-SION). We
all know Oprah Winfrey belongs to the same rev Jeremiah Wright
Trinity Church as Obama, & it was Oprah the other figure who also
referred to Obama as Messiah when live on camera she called him
"THE ONE". Now here is why she called him that, pertaining to the
Farrakhan form of oh-so mediocre numerology; in this crucial case,
we must use the most famous jewish Kabbalah encryption method,
known as the "Atbash Table", only applied to the English alphabet.
It consists of dividing the alphabet in 2, copying one half on top of
the other, observe how "ONE" becomes "BAR"(ack):


This is as goofy as it gets; yet this is precisely how a bunch of goons
masquerading as "tolerant" and "spiritual", simply seek to replace the
good-ole-boy network with a good-ole-black network, & to replace
the white-illuminati-masons, with the black-illuminati-masons, and
to replace christianism with a new version of islamism. As if this
form of blatant Mind Control Inversion ("reverse mirroring") and Bi-
Polarity pathology was by any means to be 'better' than the former,
or an 'advancement' from the present status-quo. When in fact they
are but one more Matrix destructive illusion in the menu....
After NOTE: