Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"OBEY" the HyperDimensional Interdiction; your thoughts are not yours -Part 1-

The main paradigm of the This-Is-A-Matrix theme, purports that
the thought process of humans is trojanized by a vast Hive-Mind
collective, operated on remote upon the Psyche of individuals in this
3D realm "reality". This Psychic-Virus that has taken over the mind
-rendering it a puppet slave of a central "computer" like Hive-, has
been known since very ancient times; as such, it is apparent in Plato
and Socrates, or the aversion to Ego (as a rogue mind) in the Tibetan
tradition, etc etc etc.

A key distinction has to be apprehended before going any further
in the issue; MIND is not BRAIN. The physically localized Brain in the
Body, is what for ex David Icke has called the "Body Computer", as
equivalent to what your home computer would be in respect to the
non-localized global Internet; this "Body Computer" then interacts &
receives data from the "Universal Mind" (otherwise known in wisdom
circles as the Psyche, the 2nd. of 4 Elemental Realms of Existence
as "Fire/Air/Water/Earth", corresponding to "Water", a fluid realm
of Information-Formation-Communication devoid of Astral Emotion
& Passion, which only manifests in the "Air" realm -the soul-). Thus
the Universal Mind is the "Central Code" of everything that exists in
a specific dimension, emitting Data-Info programs to inseminate the
"Formation" of manifestation within a certain Frequency Vibrational
Field; the Body Computer of everything that "lives", receives these
codes & "forms" a body & psyche according to them no different than
a computer is programmed by software to "form" in your screen what
you see, and operate withing those software programs, constantly
updated and/or re-downloaded from the Internet.

Problem is, the central Source can be diverted or interfered with, and
rogue sources as "Hive-Mind" Collectives can substitute, hijacking for
all purposes the nature of reality within a dimensional realm; mainly
the EGO has been identified as one of the most basic and universal
rogue trojan programs, hijacking the Self (the "I"), which then begins
to BELIEVE in all it "thinks" is his "Self", when it actually comes from
an external rogue source. This is accomplished smoothly, by way of a
Brain-Control program that presents to the slave-victim every single
mental operation as from and for the sake of I/Me/Mine; such that
the slave is deluded into always "thinking" his thoughts-will-ideas-
cravings-beliefs-impressions are "his", when they are not..! They are
IMPLANTED COMMANDS no different than a programmed robot;
while the Ego is the most basal and widespread trojan mind program
substituting for the real Self on remote, it is not the only one, as a
cache of other intrusion-trojans of more sophisticated & pathological
nature operate from various sources at large within humanity.

As the Bacon team going by the token name "Shakespeare" sought
to via language shake-the-spear of the Pineal Gland to crystallize in
an English template of harmonics at the center of the brain (within
the Cave of Brahman, Plato's allegory of the cave a direct reference
to it), since the 1600's English has become the predominant harmonic
fractal of humanity in Neural Linguistics. Ever since the Phoenicians
originated the 2 main branches of language -the Semitic and Greek-,
since antiquity we've had several sub-branches of Neural Linguistics,
typically Sufi/Arabic, Kabbalah/Hebrew, Gematria/Greek, and so on.
English is but the latest attempt at a full-range Neural Template. Yet
we have to ponder if the ancient PROHIBITION of WRITING may
simply be a much more recent attempt at covering up the previous
Atlantis & Sumeria advanced extinct civilizations going much further
back in time than admitted; in other words, the Phoenicians may had
been merely "re-establishing" written language, while erasing from
the memory of humanity, the original sources rooted in a much longer
history concealed from the new civilizations that arose again from
the destruction of Atlantis & Lemuria. We then have to ask where the
"new" languages came from really, and this particularly applicable to
the so recent English language. Was this an Atlantean language...?

In the 3rd year of this blog, all my posts without exception have used
only the 'absolutely provable' methods of Gematria, such as Number
matches (alphanumerics, numerology), Anagrams, or Encryption
methods like 'Notarikon' -1st & last initials-, Temurah -encryption
tablets-, and the like (to call it somehow by an identifiable name, for
I do not use Kabbalah per se); the advantage of these methods, is
that no one can accuse one of "making it all up", it's all objectively
there as 100% real and accurate -I just pinpoint the concordances-,
at best the reader can claim it is all strictly & sheer "coincidence".
Thus for ex -to use a highly public case-, if (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26) I do
state the following, then IT IS undeniably so, no subjective slant at
all, that Obama's famous campaign slogan shows something else:

[ "CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN" = 167 = (84+83) ]
{ Barack Palin = 84 } { Sarah Obama = 83 }

How we interpret the fact of this very in-your-face neural linguistic
pairing (known as Twinning), is up to anyone; that it is there and it
is undeniably so, is however irrefutable. Now the Brain Computer
we know executes millions/billions of operations in the Background
of the Conscious perception, that we are not aware of, and that for
ex "come out" in the open in emergencies, or in Autistic people, or in
individuals with advanced capabilities. Point being, that in the case
above (the Twinning of the figures of Obama & Palin, who both went
to study in Hawaii), your Subconscious is aware of it, though you
don't "think" or "perceive" it consciously. Why? Because your Body
Computer constantly and without interruption, performs Gematria
computations like these which constitute the CORE of your "mental
screen" behind the external 3D illusion of the material manifestation.
The subconscious mind correlates, detects patterns & concordances,
exacts matches, weave complex readings, albeit interacting with the
"UNIVERSAL PSYCHE" (or the rogue "Hive Mind"), far beyond the
limits of the localized brain itself, which acts as decoder/processor.

Therefore to "Think" in the 3D linear-sequential "logical" mode you
have been indoctrinated & trained since early childhood to "operate"
in mental terms (12-year school brainwash, followed by 4 to 8-year
university brainwash), is very different to actually "Know", which is
a higher form of instant-reckoning, related to WISDOM and Higher
Awareness in terms of Spiritual manifestation. The Matrix can only
convince you that its commands are "real" & "good", via the I-Think
interdiction, which obfuscates, conceals, spins, and propagandizes its
"conclusions" & "perceptions". This is how Polarity works, convincing
you they "exist", and that they are "crucially important"; you MUST
"take sides", commands the Matrix !; never mind that the Opposites
are often Oppossames, and mere different sides of the same exact
coin. As in the case of the emblematic ex of above, it might simply
be that the Obama/Palin twinning, was formulated to have Obama
takeover the Left and Plain takeover the Right, in order to subdue
any opposition to the Matrix agenda of a centralized omnipotent New
World Order. Thus they both will "speak" the appropriate slogans &
prevalent ideas of the masses left/right, caressing the ears & minds,
while they in fact are New World Order shills. As a jewish man by the
name of Vladimir Lenin (an illuminati agent) best put it: "The best
way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves".

However I only proved the alphanumerical Twinning, the rest is only
'my' interpretation of the hyperdimensional linguistic concordance;
you may have another. Nevertheless, it is still valid to say that when
we "Think", we might just be regurgitating IMPLANTED LOGICAL
MEMES, originating from a Matrix Hive-Mind source, that severely
impair our Spiritual Reckoning, impeding Epiphany & Clairvoyance,
and rendering us like Talking-head parrots (always predetermined
easily robotized zombies). It was Socrates the teacher of Plato who
saw this extremely clear, asking us to "Know Thyself" (the true Self
that is, the multi-dimensional higher selves) and admit that we do
NOT know a thing...!, the very father of philosophy was asking this
from all of us. It was his way of saying that the "brain process" has
been hijacked & trojanized; his pupil Plato expanded this unto both
the illusory & degraded (obscured) Thought and Perception itself,
we only "think" and "see" shadows inside a dark cave (meaning the
Pineal/Pituitary superluminal ports have been shut-off).

Socrates was banned by Academia, & had to "teach" in the streets,
dialoguing with common strangers. This is the origin of all "popular"
arts & types of enlightenments; in the link we hear Brian Hodgson
of Supertramp introduced by Greg Lake (EL&P) performing with
the Ringo Starr band his mega hit of the late 70's "The logical song",
totally mainstream from a time when even radio music could at
times be loaded with higher spiritual awakening-from-the-matrix
Wisdom. These lyrics are poignantly critical of our perception of
'reality', phenomenally direct & precise in their accurate rendering
of our true state-of-deception, at a point in the song Hodgson names
the state of our mental-situation itself, asking then his Higher-Self:

"There are times when all the world's ASLEEP
The questions run to me for such a simple man
Won't you please please tell me what we've learned
-I know it sounds absurd- please tell me who I am
Who I am, who I am, who I am...?"

This the true spiritual reckoning Socrates was asking from all of us,
to ascertain we ARE NOT the "guy/girl" we "think" we "are"; we're
NOT this "John Smith/Jane Jones" with this gender and this role
and this profession and this & this & this; this is who we "Think" we
are. This the one the trojan Hive-Mind program has convinced us we
are. This is the Ego-Self, the tribal-race thinking self, the group-mind
self, the self who "thinks" in terms of Ideology, Religion, Nationalism,
Class, Money/Power, Degrees/Titles, "Achievements/Awards", in
terms of strictly my "family", my "town", in the whole I/Me/Mine
illusion of Self-Identity -separated from the Oneness-.

These days it's oh-so trendy to criticize the white man and the US as
the new Evil Empire, never mind those who do so often merely seek
to impose their OWN VERSION of the World-according-to-the-Self
upon all the rest, be it black or muslim or mexican or what have you.
There is no enlightenment whatsoever in any of this, it is all but the
substitution of one mind program by another -(so often even much
much worse)-, of course propagandising it as the "next best thing".
We are led to "Think" that fighting the "evil white man"s dominion,
then all will be "great". Oh really...? Isn't it that simple & stupid...?
Enter female clitoris mutilation, honor killings, bizarre anti-natural
female covering of the entire body, and an endless series of utter
retrograde movements against the few Liberties we humans have
attained so far, that in reality are a reverse stance into the Dark
Ages and the feudal mindset -all laced with overwhelming doses
of Mediocrity-, and we are supposed to believe any of this is way
"better" than the excesses of the white West. Sure, elephants are
are pink and they fly too...

You just take out the white man, invade ot takeout the US, and oh
Voila...! paradise is upon us. The preposterousness of such meme,
is a testament to the awful state of humankind. Of course the evil is
not in the "white man" or in the "US", the evil is in the Matrix itself;
it is within/without humankind, not just a race or a country or just
a system or just an ideology or just one religion or such. Presence
of any over-simplification, means presence of hypnotism; this is the

age of the End of the Great Simplificators, and if you are still under
the spell of these, you are still under mind-control, no matter which
"side" you're in.

It is no mystery to anyone with 2 inches of forehead, that the jewish,
the arab, the black, the mexican, etc, are most often far more racist
and misogynistic than the white man; all BiPolarities merely enhance
the original rogue Hive-Mind program. It is only by reaching into the
Higher-Selves, and extracting oneself from the Matrix Hive-Mind,
that any ascent is possible, clearly not by reinforcing the same Matrix
Ego programs in just another form or color. In the end we must come
to recognize that all these Matrix Ego/Alter Hive-Mind rogue trojans,
are the ones responsible for all suffering & devolution in this planet;
we then must learn to d-i-s-c-e-r-n what are these programs really
about, in full detail, in precise "Command" form, because this is how
you deactivate them & deprogram yourself from your False Identity
and the myriad of Inseminated Beliefs based on illusion:

[ "BELIEVE" ~~~ "BE"+"LIE"+"EVE" ]

This post is written for everybody, both the already enlightened one
as well as the one yet to realize the deception of what we call reality
in this 3D projected realm; I use extremely simple language, utilize
very simple examples, avoid complexities, in order to cater to all.
There are other types of Neuro-Linguistic approaches, not based on
strict objectivity & provable methods, but only based on Intuition &
free-association; I have never proposed them in any of the posts of
this blog so far, but they can be even more illuminating, and must be
considered a complement to all other Gematria approaches offered.

I start with the word "Be-LIE-ve" above, to illustrate how we most
of the times do not see or perceive what we are reading and saying,
at all, that we are in effect cognitively blind. Aren't we supposed to
actually "BE", rather than just "Believing" (and worse, a lie)...? Why
such emphasis everywhere on "believing" this & that...? We then get
to the ultimate exaggeration of it -talk about stretching the bubble
gum-, that "only" by Belief (faith) , we are saved. We then look at the
word "Faith", & it instantly reminds one of "Feign", to feign/simulate
pretend something you are NOT. As Jackson Browne would sing, on
the street walks... The Pretender.

Couldn't it be that who we "Think" we are -this guy/girl with name
and numbers-, is just... PRETENDING TO "BE" this...? That this
here 3D realm is merely one big Pretend-To-be place of existence?
From there -simulating to be someone else, this person here/now-,
to feigning Beliefs that supposedly prove "you are" chosen/superior
is but one more brick in the very same long wall, now isn't it? What
Socrates truly meant with his "Know Thyself" advice, was that it is
to "believe" in this identity here/now, by going much deeper in the
rabbit-hole of the "I" (Me/Mine). See, the word "Shill" is not for
nothing, almost identical to the word "Shell"... If you are a "Shell" &
unaware of your true Higher-Selves, it just might be.. that you are
only a carrier-robot slave of Agendas, that you yourself are a Shill !
That you are totally unaware of it makes it all the more efficient; the
ones you despise so much as corrupt politicians & such -cause they
are sellouts & only shills for dominionist agendas-, might be merely
different from you in the sense that they're aware of being it, while

you remain blissfully ignorant of your own condition. See, politicians
and the like (and the white man and the US) are not the "only" clear
agendas here on Earth; there are many other agendas at play, and
most of them are fully covert, non-political in the sense of public
power politics & business, and unbeknownst to most who work for
them. Perhaps, this is what Socrates was telling the Greeks, and
why they had to give him the hemlock, now isn't that so...?

Socrates had irrefutably implied that there is hi-danger both from
rogue Elites, and as well as from rogue Majorities...!; the man was
adamantly refusing to play the shill games; as he had become the
wisest man in Greece, but one who saw the entire psychopathy
inherent to this existrence "as it is". So he had to publicly retract
& backstep & CONFORM, or take the hemlock; they even offered
him easy technicalities along those lines, to completely avoid this
dreaful fate, which he also adamantly & very strongly refused (in
what can be best summarized as a historic and for all ages to see
"F*CK YOU ZOMBIES...!?). In this, Socrates knew e-x-a-c-t-l-y
what he was doing; his refusal to backdown meant the assessment
was accurate 100%, and any backstepping would mean doubt and
imprecision. He intended to clearly send a message to all future
generations, that those who have deprogrammed themselves and
are now somewhat more enlightened (in the sense they now have
realized the little they really know as opposed to what they "think"
they did know), can see that both Elite & Majorities are a haven for
Psychopaths, operating this little planet like a lunatic asylum. This
what good ole Socrates really meant by taking the hemlock; he was
so sarcastically stating that now The-Inmates-Have-Taken-Over-

So you might say, what has any of this to do with ME? Let me then
like Socrates ask you all the truly unsettling & pertinent questions:
who are you "really"? Where exactly do you come from? What is the
reason for you being here? What did you come here to do? Are you
part of cosmic agendas? Are you control-freak, fill-in, cannon fodder,
executioner, betrayer, peer-pressurer, cookie cutter human, are you
a belonger, a hater passing off as loving, are you helping or are you
just making things worse, what are you here "really" for...? Are you
just a Sensation-Freak, incarnating just to experience the latest in
the menu of impressions/sensations...? Where are you going? Why?

Merely a genetic experiment in motion?

What is your true cosmic identity? Service To Self or To Others or
what...? What's the point in your human manifestation? These are
the very questions that so irritated the Greeks who gave Socrates
the hemlock to drink. How do you DARE question who and what we
are, and our decisions and proclivities, and our noble intentions...?
How you dare laugh at the fine system we got going on here, you
arrogant prick, you deluded old man, you totalitarian philosopher,
you conceited good for nothing? Everything that was happening,
had an origin and raison d'etre in this, yet triangulated via legelese
mumbo jumbo, to try to hide from history the real reasons for his
trial and the poison sentence. Technicalities to cover the real issues,
they even to this day try to blame Socrates for taking the poison !;
it's all his own fault, the same ones continue to proclaim. The great
old man was infatuated, had become unsufferably arrogant, vying
to become a false martyr, locking himself into this position -that's
what they keep saying over & over again-. But then again, isn't this
exactly what they also accuse of all those who pinpoint the Matrix
use of psychopaths to control a sleeping mass of individuals who
have forgotten who they are, creating a de-facto "Sandwich" of
all enlightened individuals, from the top and from the bottom...?

Now the definition of Psychopathy no psychiatry institute will tell
you, is that a psychopath is one WHO CANNOT PROCESS ERRORS
AS SUCH, logging in his memory all screw-ups & mistakes, as great
things, so great that they divinize them and proceed to repeat them
ritually forever & ever! Do no waste your time telling a psychopath
he is wrong, demonstrating him his blatant erros and malfunctions,
Get it? This of course is only explainable if the psychopath is indeed
a PROGRAMMED ORGANIC MACHINE, a robot; his programming
prevents him from havin a file of "errors/screw-ups/malfunctions",
and the machine operates entirely INCAPACITATED FROM FUTHER
to Change, unable to evolve, unable of Epiphany & Reckoning, or any
sort of Fix or Improvement. The psychopath cannot learn from his
mistakes dy definition, and proceeds to reinforce & repeat them, ad

This is the exact cosmic origin of the OBEY-Command. Psychopathy
is not are byproduct of Earth's devolution; it is a cosmic strategy of
Vampirism, whereby the Psychopath is an organic robot designed
to "Establish Vampiric Energy Extraction Loops". That they are
part of a cosmic covert agenda is evidenced by the fact that if they
were just competing for space, their ostensible disability (not being
able to learn from errors & mistakes) would render them extinct in
a really short time. They do not become extinct, because they are
artificially brought in en-masse to any world, to enact their program.
This is what was behind Socrates saga; the reckoning that we are
dealing with a form of humans, that are organic robot psychopaths,
"pretending to be" Mr & Mrs Jones, like anybody else.

What Socrates was doing, was establishing the Means for Detection
& Deprogramming; the 2 essential feats that will show the presence
of an organic robot psychopath, is that they cannot question their
"Identity", and they cannot question their Thoughts, and cannot
question their Commands. If you enact a "Know Thyself" routine
as a de-facto checkup for potential psychopaths, and proceed to
question the entire "I Think" process of 3D linear logic Sylogisms,
to the point of realizing your thoughts are not yours but come from
an external rogue Hive-Mind Collective source, and enact the sure
formula of admitting that you practically know nothing, that this is
the only thing you are sure of, all this has the effect of dismantling
the cover under which the organic robot psychopaths operate under
disguise of "humans" in this Matrix. It was of maximum importance
then, that Socrates should not backdown one bit, drink the hemlock
and show the future generations what this is all about, living here
on this 3D Earth ilussion. In short: Socrates DID NOT "OBEY" the
Matrix, or any of its neuro-linguistic commands. From then on, his
pupil Plato learned to speak only in metaphors, to avoid same fate.
Plato's pupil -Aristotle-, reversed them both, calling all this reality
great and original, saw no inherent radically defective trojan-viral
rogue programming in humans, and only sought to "perfect" this
Matrix (by easy rule of the majority); consequently all systems
ever since have been based on Aristotle -including most religions-
merely appearing to give some credence to Plato. All our business,
all our politics, all our Academia, all our Media, is "Aristotle 2.0".
And that is why we are now, where and how we are now; Masonic
lodges claim to be "Of Pythagoras & Plato", but in reality they do
enact Aristotle unto the external world, because the external world
is a projected Matrix, and they desperately need everyone to go
and "believe" in it with all their hearts & minds -like a mantra-.
Through this Belief in unison with Passion, is how the Matrix
gets its "Projective Energy" -the Psionic energy, i.e Sion/Zion-,
to manifest as a full "reality". This is the real ballgame around
here, which Socrates had not wanted to play "at all".
(the following links are loaded with extremely challenging points
of view, in relation to the accepted conformity of belief in the here
& now reality, and the self identity as manifested in the Matrix)

Perhaps the most vocal & radical critic of this 3D "reality" is a guy
named Bryan Kemilla, who besides confronting directly the atomic
construction of the physical 3D reality, utilizes extensive use of puns
embedded in the entire neuro-linguistics communication. Kemilla
sees the "Atom" as meaning "ADAM" (Particle, made of the polarity
of Proton & Neutron), and "Electron" meaning "EVE/EWA" (Wave,
the external electrically vibrated shell that simulates "appearance"
of any phsycial object). The word "Matter" is the latin "MATER"
or "Mother of God" (Mary ~ Mar/Mer, the sea of electricity that
creates the illusion of quantum physicality), and Proton/Neutron/
Electron is to him what came to be taught as the "Trinity" (Pater/
Mater/Son). Pater is Particle, while Mater is Matter; male Particle
in duality with female Wave, establish the polarity of the energetic
illusion in the Matrix.

Kemilla also sees a recurrence of SEXUAL pun inundating the entire
neuro-linguistic template of our Psyche; after all, it was 33rd degree
most famous mason ever -Albert Pike-, who wrote that the Ying &
Yang of sexual coupling energy is the true meaning of the Compass
& Square. By the same token, we must then assume that the "G"
between the Compass & Square, instead of Gnosis as they publicly
state, must mean... the G-Spot!?. In the sense of energy extraction
out of humans, starting with the sexual Kundalini; put in a different
way, if the masons "charge" Language with the energy of the sexual
copulation, then the entire neuro-linguistic template of the human
Psyche, becomes prone to be constantly vampirized -including of
course all energies involved in the Belief process...!?-.
This is why
the architecture of it all must be under a Geo/Geometry/Gematria
synchronic template (all deliberately tied to the G-Spot); call it the
full "Sexualization of all Spirituality"... A veritable vampire's haven.

Of course there is plenty more of evidence to all this than simply his
excessive paranoia; afer all, the highest name of God in the Bible is
none other then "EL ELYON" (The Highest), "EL" always meaning
the Divine ("Elohim" means the Sons of God). You see a strong use
of the double P everywhere in hierarchy, the Proton-Particle (that
with the Neutron forms the Mass, thus you go to Mass in Church...),
the Pineal/Pituitary as archetype of Paul/Peter and President/Pope
(or Priest), "Political Parties", "Prince/Parliament", etc etc etc. To
Kemilla all this and more is evidence of a processs of Brainwash in
the Matrix, that imposes subliminally on us to constantly make us
hypnotically to believe in it as "real".

What is most striking about Kemilla's expose, is precisely what at
first appears most outlandish; his use of Deconstructed-Puns as
embedded subliminals in every use of language. Take the essential
"OBEY"-Command of the Matrix as the ultimate example; this is
not a Kemilla observation, but one that perfectly matches his way
of looking at language; we have today a black singer from Houston
named Beyonce, who has sold almost more than anyone in history
of entertainment, and which has lately been accused of Satanism
and being an illuminati Monarch slave propagandizing that evil
system of mind-control unto the masses (along with others such as
Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Miley
Cyrus, etc):

[ BEYO-n-ce = "OBEY"-n-ce ]

Through this extremely simple and plainly obvious meme (yet so
invisible to the blind eyes of the slaves, who by reading don't see),
we arrive at the pairing of her as the "Black Priestess" -black in
the sense of black magic, reinforced only by the black skin race-,
with the... "OB"-AMA same meme:

[ huss-EI-n OB-ama ~~~ EIOB ~ "OBEY" ]

You clearly see how { "BEYON" matches EINOB="BEION"}. If
you decide to call puns as these a mere 'coincidence', that's entirely
up to you. I suggest however, that you wipe the dirst out of your
sleepy hypnotic eyes, and start seeing for the first time. Observe
the symmetrical 1st & last letters of Oprah Winfrey's name (the
most famous, most powerful, and richest person in global tv):

[ OP-rah winfr-EY ~~~ "OPEY" ~~~ pun of "OBEY" ]

In the case of Oprah Winfrey, we see the pun "PREY", "HARP"
(Haarp), "WIN + REY" (Win+King), "OPERA" (of the ancient

very famous "Opera Sator Tenet" riddle, google it), etc.

When we use a V instead of a B, we see part of it in "gOVErnment".
The shorter BEY/BEI of "OBEY", is also part of the -you guessed
it!?- "BELIEVE" subliminal. "Obey" is such a distinctive word, that
it must be disguised by altering a letter or 2, for ex as "BOY", or
puns like that (for ex in bars Bring Your Own Beer ~ BYOB). This
most widespread "OBEY" command is intertwined with the also
universally given "BUY" command, they are a de-facto twin pun,
BUY/OBEY. You train a Dog (reverse God) by saying "Good Dog"
and "Good Boy"; these are intended to subliminally train yourself
in similar Obey-My-Command, backwards (the Dog as God, trains
you by Reverse Mirroring); there are 4.5 million dog bites every
year in the US, 70% of which are bites of dogs to children, most of
which are of children 4-years old and younger...!!!!, of these most
bites are to the neck & head...!!!! The reason Dogs are massively
promoted and these mind-boggling statistics suppressed in the
media, is due to the Reverse-God/Dog training subliminal exposed
I love most animals, but that this is totally abnormal, goes
without saying... Cats on the other hand are consistently vilified
to reinfgorce the Dog/God reverse "Obey" training pun subliminal,
as if cats maul people ...!? They dopn't bark abd wake up nobody,
they don't attack, what's so "evil" about them? Yet still, they are
also used to convey another command: "ACT" (cat). This is why
in Monarch mind control, the sex "Kitten" alter is so often used to
express a multiple personality in action.

Obama and Oprah actually belonged to the same Chicago Trinity
Church -emphasis on Kemilla's explanation of the Trinity-. It was
Oprah who on live tv called Obama "THE ONE", reaffirming Louis
Farrakhan's assertion of Obama as being "The Messiah" (Nation of
Islam leader, numerologist, occultist). It is when using Numerology
as in Kabbalah's "Atbash Cipher", that we get to see what they do
really mean; the Atbash Cipher splits the alphabet in 2, copying
one half over the other -(in freestyle english we get 2 directions in
which the 2nd half can get written under the former half)-. Thus
the alphabet goes from A to M, then we continue under the A with
the N to the right until the Z under the M; the 1st letters "BAR" of
BARACK, then become "ONE" in the other half of the Atbash. In
their preposterous Matrix minds, this is "proof" that Obama is...
"The One"; when all that is happening, is that someone chose this
Barack name, deliberately to in the future utilize this subliminal.
Careful with what you blindly believe, is the moral here.

Now the most famous B-movie film "They Live", present us with
the awareness of neuro-linguistic subliminal commands, when the
main character discovers that certain sunglasses he found in a box
at a property used by New World Order opponents, let you see the
matrix as it really is; when he puts the glasses on, he sees a myriad
embedded command all, over the place, ostensibly "OBEY", etc.
(you can watch the full film in parts, here I offer Part 3 with the
glasses & subliminals in question; he also is able to see many
people appearing as humans, actually as aliens through the
glasses). 1988 film written & directed by John Carpenter:


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A friend to everybody is a friend to nobody..............................................

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My next series "KUBRICK Tutorial"
might help, because it sifts through the non-contrast (same fabric) between dream/movies/"3D life"...