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The case for LENT

The month of February regaled us with a series of mainstream media
"sub-syncs" (subliminal synchronicities). 2 SuperBowl ads provided
room for fodder; in one Alec Baldwin plays a Lizard-Alien boastfully
claiming to turn human brains to mush via Tv, while in another Jay
Leno drives a No. 10 Cobra car on Hwy. 10, rear plate reading "Fall"
and side-sign reading "9 Central" (advertising the change of schedule
of his nightly show to 10 PM).

Mid February the news inform us of a pet Chimp attack to a friend
(Sandra Herold) of the owner (Charla Nash), describing Nash's frantic
911 call, in Stamford Connecticut. The day before, Dallas financier
billionaire Allen Stanford was informed of a notice of subpoena, but
was nowhere to be found; only by the end of the month he was served
it while sitting on traffic in a car in Virginia -after a lengthy search
for him-, the news read.

Then we are told of a "sudden breakthrough" in the unsolved 2001
highly mediatized Chandra Levy case, pinpointing to suspect Ingmar
Guandique, a Salvadorian in jail connected via DNA.

Enter the Oscars, the most prominent news of which is actress Kate
Winslet winning for her role in the film "The Reader"; she played one
Hannah Schmidt who has a torrid sex-affair with one young Michael
BERG (played by David Kross), in the Holocaust nazi era.


Unless you are cinematography-challenged, it is pretty obvious how
the unusual Salvadorian felon's name suggests INGMAR BERGMAN
who in turn matches the Michael Berg character in "The Reader".

Just what... exactly is... going on here...?


As well as:


Thing is, Chandra Levy disappeared on May 2001, this case dragging
the country's attention like no other for several months, only to be
followed... by... 911... on that same year... !

Consider how the "911" call in the "news" blends to form "New 911".

"Read"(er) Kate Winslet character's 1st. & last Initials:

[ "HANNA SCHMIDT" ] ~~~ "A.S.H.T."

The catholic season of LENT starts on ASH WEDNESDAY, through
the rite of the "CROSS OF ASHES" (... David Kross...), this year it is
on Wednesday Feb. 25th, until Easter in March {a=1, b=2, ... , z=26}:

[ LENT EASTER = 119 ]

Now check the name of the lady mauled by the Chimp:


{ Sandra = 57 = Sion } { Herold = 62 = Mason = Ingmar }

Now let's check the last name of the lady owner of the Chimp:


[ LENT = 51 = READER ]

[ LENT EASTER ~~~ (A) L.E.R.T. ]

--- You catch my drift...? ---

{ Hanna Schmidt = 114 = "A Chandra Levy" }

In a previous post I showed how Kate Winslet has been a carrier
sign-name for high level ops, her movie "TITANIC" opened the
same day the Clinton Impeachment started, and she resembled
Monica Lewinsky, sharing much of her name indeed:


The fated ship's name stands for { TITANIC ~ "I.NATI" } as
in "Illuminati" -in reverse-, the historic ship actually owned by
famous illuminati banker J.P. MORGAN who started the Federal
Reserve in the US. Many have contended it was sank deliberately
as a human sacrifice, to "power" their takeover of America. JP
Morgan actually was scheduled to sail in the Titanic -thus many
rich folk also sailed- but he "could not at the last minute". The ship
was to arrive in New York, of course; which takes us to the much
-and ridiculously so- publicized New York Post 'racist' cartoon of
a... Chimp... being shot twice by 2 policemen, also in February. The
New York Post is owned by illuminati Rupert Murdoch (who also
owns FOX -tv & cinema-, MySpace, SKY satellite Tv, Direct TV,
Harper & Collins Publishers, etc etc etc), an australian media tycoon
well known to be a London puppet. The 1997 film "Titanic" was both
produced by Paramount and Fox; the Gematria relation via Kate
Winslet in the "Titanic" to Kate Winslet in "The Reader" is simple:


We also observe a tangent relation between the Jay Leno Super
Bowl ad featuring Car No. 10 & Hwy. 10, and Kate Winslet's name:

{ Kate Winslet = 139 } { Ten = 39 }

The eerie case of Chandra Levy's disappearance in May 2001 did
receive excessive attention, due to her later disclosed affair with
congressman GARY CONDIT -who served in the Intelligence
Committee-, who lost his reelection because of it:

[ LENT = 51 = GARY ]

The date of Feb 25 for ASH WEDNESDAY also carries a 911 Twin
Towers gematria numerology:


In previous posts I exposed synchronicities between the 1997 film
"Deep Impact" (starring Morgan Freeman as black president Tom
Beck, an all too obvious reference to future Obama) trying to steer
humanity through the impact of Comet Wolf-Biederman; later I
exposed gematria on the Flight 1549 crash-landing on the Hudson
River (the plane a Bombardier Dash 8, Continental Airlines):

"A Bombardier Dash 8" = 128 = "A Continental"

"A Pres. Tom Beck" = 128 = "A Wolf-Biederman"

"ASH WEDNESDAY" = 128 = "A Connecticut"

"A Wednesday 2/25" = 128

In my August 2008 post "Or Twin Cities Armageddon", I exposed
some intriguing gematria clues leading to the Minneapolis-St. Paul
TWIN CITIES as possible target of an attack.

If we care to really look at the anomalous story of the New York
POST "misinterpreted" Chimp cartoon, we will 1st. notice that the
policeman is holding a smoking gun, which when viewed sideways
resembles a burning TOWER, and he has just fired TWO shots:

"POLICE" ~~~ "POLIS" ~~~ "PISTOL" ~~~ "POST"

"TWO" ~~~ Two TOWers ~ "TWIN"

The last shown [ "Ash Wednesday" = 128 ] gematria clue, does not
pinpoint the year, whereas the last shown [ "A Wednesday 2/25" =
128 ] by calendar does suggest this year 2009 .

I could go on exposing a myriad synchronicities, but these I believe
will suffice to alert one to the possible "Lent to Easter period" as a
season ripe for an attack on the Usa territory, perhaps not just in
one location, but many simultaneous ones. This concern has been
already shared by some, including one person who did warn of 911
just weeks before. The following links are typical example of such,
in the present weeks:

Simultaneously with the beginning of Lent tomorrow Feb. 25, there
is also the passing of green COMET LULIN, its closest-to-the-Earth
orbit ever at about the distance to Mars:

[ LULIN = 68 = EASTER ]
{ Green = 49 = Chandra }

It is interesting how the name "Comet Lulin" suggests "illuminati":


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