Thursday, March 12, 2009

On Simultaneous Incarnations & Hive-Minds

We frequently hear about "Past Lives" in a person's amnesiac history;
deep hypnosis purports to retrieve memories from our former lives.
On the other hand, we are also hear that "Time is an Illusion",
that we perceive Time as a Linear-Line of successive/sequential
construct, sort of like unwinding a thread-ball, morphing its spherical
form into a 1-line thread.

Thus we must ask: why not speak of Simultaneous Incarnations that
we perceive in 3D as 'one-after-the-other'...?

In other words, the "rules of nature" that govern all Manifestation in
this 3D cosmos, we must not think must apply to higher Dimensions/
Densities. What are the most essentially assumed of these rules...?

Let's start with the notion that a "person" or a "being" is strictly just
"one at a time" phenomenon. If Linear-Time is an Illusion, it follows
that higher Dimensional dwellers can experience "Synchronic Time"
as a natural way of manifesting an existence.

This implies several ways of bending-nature the way we conceive it
in strict 3D. The ability to be in 2-places at the same time has been
for ages known as "Bi-location". Why only 2 places, may one ask...?

Can a being incarnate in more than 1 single human body at the same
"time"...? Why not...? Both folk and urban legend is ripe with tales of
the age-old "Shape-Shifters", who seem to possess an uncanny ability
to either realign their Dna or to change their resonating frequency -or
both-, manifesting a change in form. This seems just to be a minor
attribute of the much wider theme of incarnating in more than just
1 physical body at a time.

Mystic folklore has always spoken of "Transmigrating Souls", lost in
an endless series of successive bodies, whom they take because they
cannot truly "die"; this was epitomized in the mainstream Vampire
tales. During the Middle Ages and even only a century or two back,
Vampirism of this kind was considered very real, as evidence in many
graves suggest -trying to avert certain dead people suspect of being a
Vampire, to roam the night again-.

Certain sources claim that specific "Avatar" type of individuals, stem
not from a single-soul, but from a "Group-Soul", which is divided into
a few, all of which carry a Life-Mission of Ascension on this 3D realm,
often to be guides and teachers.

Of course this may not only be valid for Positive-Orientation souls,
but most likely even for Negative-Orientation ones ! Which in turn
leads us to the topic of "Hive-Minds"; insightful awareness always
leads to the clear perception of some human individuals seemingly
belonging to these Hive-Mind groups, their minds operating like a
Computer Terminal within a Network, often exhibiting certain god-
speed "competitive advantage" over others, like literally Increased
Data Download Speed, ability to connect with 4D-Information, be it
"concealed sensitive data" or "ahead of time data", etc.

For example, if there is such a Hive-Mind in operation in the location
you are in, this Hive-Mind would possess fast & accurate READINGS
telepathic morpho-genetic fields, and such. In other words, a person
belonging to such Hive-Mind would be able to detect thought-patterns
or pheromone matches, obsessive-compulsive addictions/proclivities,
. Take the case of a guy trying to seduce a girl; if the Hive-Mind
instantly downloads to him all the pertinent sensitive data of the girl
in front of him -directly downloading it into his subconscious-, this
guy would have unparalleled comparative advantage to make a quite
striking "impression" on the female in question...! By analogy, the
same "Sleight-Of-Hand" effect could be operated unto any other
field of human activity, such as Business/Politics/Entertainment.

Therefore we can easily explain "Luck" in this way...! Any Don Juan or
aspiring Gigolo knows for a fact that practically all women are easy
prey for men who seem to "read" their TRIGGERS. The question is:
how do they read them...? Is this just a personal intuitive & magical
quality, or is it simply that their minds are connected to a 4D Hive-
Mind, that can easily read bio-organic inputs/outputs, no different
than an X-ray or an ultrasound or an MRI can read aspects that
are not visible to the eye...?

Furthermore, if the Hive-Mind downloads crucial advantageous data
both to the Conscious & Subconscious mind of the "person" operating
under its spell, this means that specific Bodily Functions such as the
Secretion of Pheromones etc, can be triggered to his advantage. The
Hive-Mind simply reads the proper pheromone match in the prey,
and via Subconscious makes the body of the predator release that
exact pheromone.

A myriad so similarly "Taylored Responses" can be mimicked to that
effect, from the bio-chemical to the neurological to even gestures, or
words/phrases to say, or colors to wear, ideas to portray, etc.

For one thing, Psychopaths -even the soft "Adapted Psychos"- have
been strongly associated to this type of Hive-Mind advantages.

So whether it is the Soul or the Mind or the Body that can be inhabited
by many beings, or be an expression of many beings, or backwards
-that 1 being can inhabit many Souls/Minds/Bodies simultaneously-,
the central core issue of 3D Nature as a deceiving manifestation of
"reality" remains pertinent.

"persons" manifesting these unnatural templates of existence, is for
all to ponder. These are the people that will always appear at "the
exact time" and in the "right place at the right time", and so forth.

Their businesses seem to unnaturally prosper -often in spite of their
overwhelmingly obvious stupidity or narrow vision-, they seem to
find partners and sentimental/sexual mates with an unnatural ease
-also often in spite of their ostensibly geeky & dull personalities-, etc.

If by now in this day & era you don't get the strong feeling of disgust
at how so many incorrect people seem to fill so many jobs & positions
& roles to which they are quite obviously not suited for, you are either
certifiably retarded & severely lacking in awareness, or perhaps just
one of them...!?


The incremental levels of these amongst the population, leads to
the obvious unavoidable conclusion, that 3D "Reality" has been
already shifting into the 4D Realm for some decades.

Thus while some humans are shifting into 4D, also quite a lot of 4D
beings have been taking the advantage of being capable of shifting
into the human 3D reality, albeit Undetected.

While the normal run-of-the-mill 3D Human operates as a separate
"I" Self, the 4D intruders (often times called "Walk-Ins") operate
in Hive-Mind fashion, possessing the advantage of being a GROUP
SOUL like manifestation. Thus they all know who they are and use
this Group-Power in secret, to toy with and enact their power unto
the unconnected & unaware 3D normal Human.

This "Hunting-Network" is mostly EVIL in essence, negative in
orientation, or at the very least quite low in ethics.

Just like 3D Humans use their superior intellect & cognition unto
the lower animal kingdom, these 4D beings who shifted into the
3D Human realm use their higher Hive-Mind connection unto the
inferior 3D Humans, for similar enslavement or toying/hunting
or energy extraction purposes.

Until 6-Pack Joe realizes that -for example- his "leaders" might
not just not become & do what they promised, but worse -that they
might not be what they appear to be at all-, and worst -that they
might not be just one person but a single being inhabiting many
"leaders" altogether at the same time-, he will continue to be food
and fodder for the higher realms.

Only when he fully realizes the 3D/4D MERGING OF DIMENSIONS
IN PROGRESS, will he be better able to shift into the 4D without so
easily becoming prey.

The real reason present day Humanity is so unhappy with the way
"reality behaves", is due to the Subconscious awareness of this gross
intrusions on a day-to-day basis, while the Conscious mind still goes
on as if nothing has changed and all is just fine & dandy.

Every year that goes by, more people will become Consciously aware
that 4D beings are here amongst us, that Body-Swaps and all kinds
of "funky business" is going on at a large scale, and little by little the
4D WALK-IN's will become exposed for what they are.

The "Game" is rapidly unraveling within human society in general;
it is dead-obvious that certain Elite segments of the population have
engaged in Trade-In's with 4D/et beings, and certain intrusions of
the described kind have been taking place for quite some time now.
However as these become more prevalent, they also become more
easily detectable, overwhelmingly so. And this is exactly what is
happening by and large.

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