Friday, February 13, 2009

Is this the planned end-of-the-road for the USA ?

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Keywords: deliberate crash to serve push for worldwide currency
& world government: "Use Amerika to bringdown America". The
US needs to necessarily crash first, for this end-goal to materialize.
It is abundantly clear by now that the "new" administration will not
produce any significant change into the current world crisis -which is
only in part financial, it is social/cultural/political/religious
-, and as
such the world will keep steadily moving into a bottom Point-Of-No-
Return, which can be summarized as a continuation of the up-drive
towards the dreaded World War III scenario, as a species-breakup
of consciousness on the part of the elites (seemingly becoming more
demented every day), unsustainable monetary & economic models,
the advent of a group of global 'Big Brother' states, increasingly more
limited Food & Energy resources, very high Unemployment, etc.

The Next-Domino in the spiral is the coming Commercial Real Estate
crash, which will be far worse than the previous Residential one; this
will involve a chain-reaction effect much larger than the previous.

"Official" phony & totally bogus Unemployment figures are hiding
what is rapidly becoming the quintessential 25% Unemployment
of the Great Depression. The REAL UNEMPLOYMENT is likely
around 18.5 % presently; that's when you input those who ceased
looking for a job (not counted), those who lost a part-time job (not
counted), or who held 2 or 3 jobs and lost 1 or 2 while still keeping
at least 1 job. Truth is, even the most optimistic real figure will have
a hard time making it under 14% Unemployment, currently.

The current "Hope" strategy -seeking appeasement of the angry
masses-, will eventually just not wash anymore. The 1st. casualty
will be Law & Order, crime will spike up and the US will simply
become... just another crime dominated society like Mexico. The
2nd. casualty will be Taxes, as people will just not be able to pay
them anymore, etc etc etc -fill in the blank...................-.

The show will soon be over, and the hopeless masses still blindly
clinging to whatever sounds attractive will come to the unavoidable
realization that the elite has scammed them. By then of course the
"higher events" will kick-in motion, surpassing the miniature day
to day folk reality, in the form of WWIII, civil war and such.

This "Version of Reality" is a Has-Been, there is little doubt about it.
The only uncertain fact is "how" harsh the coming end-of-the-road
will be. It becomes increasingly clear each day, that the elite behind
Obama is mainly vying to stop the breakup of the US nation, and the
larger fracture of the world alliances.

Americans, is this the future of this country...?

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