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There is something that since I was very young caused me a great deal of what can be termed "spiritual anxiety"; I observed from early on an increasing trend of discarding the best & the most intelligent and creative people, to be substituted for phonies and mediocre people. As young as I was, I understood already that there is something inherently wrong with this world, so I was never keen on believing the ideologues and politicians that claimed all the fault was on the other wing, or the fundamentalist religions that claimed all the fault was with the other denominations, and that by following their side everything would be just fine & dandy.

Thus I expected a reality that by definition discards the brightest, and as I coined back then: "There is a lot more to fear from (the) stupid people than from (the) evil people" -I was about 13 when I coined this personal quote-. What I meant (and was not stated in it) is that the problem lies not in this as a de-facto condition, but the real danger was in its increasing trend; I foresaw that this increase would disguise more & more in "academic credentials" (the faux official educational system) to replace all the brightest people on this planet with bland phonies, until a point would be reached whereby this planet would no longer be able to function properly as such, because it would be full to the hilt of academically certified morons. It was quite a bold and risky prediction considering my then limited contact with the world at large; but boy oh boy... was I right or was I right...!? 

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Of course most of the times it feels terrible to be right about something one predicted, in my case I've predicted a lot of negative outcomes, and nearly every time I was right on the money -even to my own surprise at times-; but this has little to do with being the bird of dark omens so to speak, as it has everything to do with the world in itself becoming more and more negative  -and idiotic-. One just sees the natural outcome of such progression into oblivion, no different that a meteorologist can predict the probable path of a hurricane. For a while I was forming a music band actually called "Into Oblivion", if that helps understand what I'm talking about here.

Let's take for ex the cliche that the secret elite runs a system of  "Philosopher Kings" inspired in the hermetic Greeks; let's then properly state that the only system they are running is rather made of "Oxymoron Kings". Music wise, the marginalization of nearly ALL the most creative musicians, is clear in the knowledge that today the music industry is basically milking the cow of very old creators, nearly 35% of the industry profits from musicians 60 years or older...!? So what we have here, is an Anti-Renaissance phenomenon. 

When I look back at school or university, it is the mediocre that achieved the most (a few exceptions here and there), equally in music or the arts; all the best talented people fell by the wayside not because of some  intrinsic out-of-sync mindset in their nature, but due to a systemic and deliberate agenda of marginalization in their respect. But of course: as all conspiracy researchers will tell you, the underlying premise of any conspiracy is the dumbing down of the population, and the placement of mediocre and/or corrupt people in all places of decision and influence at all levels of the social machinery-. 

More than a decade before me in my early teens, JFK had realized the same, and proceeded to attempt a reinvigorating of the cultural and scientific establishment, as the last hope in a world sliding towards absolute stupidity and malfunctioning as the status quo; he began this task, starting with his own speeches, directly aimed at elevating the level of rampant idiocy and deceit prevalent in political discourse. So he hired the best speech writers, and worked with them to establish a "new tone", to charge political discourse with a new language based on intelligence and wisdom (this is why JFK's speeches seem like Beethoven in relation to Britney Spears so to speak, IQ wise -as compared to any speeches ever since-). 

*(JFK's "nefarious secrecy" speech/ with subtitles)*
*(JFK's "moon speech" at Rice Univ in Houston TX, with subtitles)*

Notice in last moon speech how JFK wanted to "organize and challenge the best minds"; usually the prevalent mode of interpreting JFK's assassination is to wash it all in wing-nut polarity, it was the right wingers and that's that. Yet a great many highly intelligent researchers have pointed out to a host of other reasons just as well, even much more importantly so; the then still unofficial Opus Dei has for ex been cited, as they were engaged in a secret crusade style agenda of conquering Asia (Vietnam War apparently key to this goal), the int'l bankers averting JFK's Executive Order of printing new "sovereign money" outside of the banker's loop, his decision to split apart the intelligence agency, his rebuking the zionists, etc. But we must also bear in mind JFK was not "only" an anti-fascist, but even more so an anti-communist; he seemed to have knowledge of a much larger conspiracy spanning ALL ideologies all the same; in other words he had achieved real wisdom, and was intent on sharing it with the masses. When they struck him, they did not strike the Left as most would like to believe, but they did strike all the intelligent people, and that was ultimately the real goal  -i.e. to maintain the planet in a level of stupidity and dysfunction that could easily increase to epidemic proportions-. 

It matters very little if the stupidity is coming from the Right or from the Left or from the Center, or from anywhere for that matter; all it matters to some secret elite, is that stupidity prevails everywhere  -from schools to colleges, from churches to corporations, from municipalities to government, from news media to entertainment, from bars to record labels-. That has been the real ongoing agenda. 

*(Joel Osteen on eating Pork)*

*(and with lots of money from lots of idiots)*

3rd commentary on the video says it all; this is the largest media-church in the world, with this "leader" as pastor. It is actually better than comedy itself. But is it any different as when you watch any late night TV news...? How preposterously BIZARRE the world of politics and business has become, that it can only be compared to robots talking utter nonsense. The same place Osteen utilizes, was in the past a mega concert hall where some of the brightest music of the 70's was played live (the Summit in Houston TX). I use Osteen as example, to make a contrast with JFK evidently (not to pick on him in particular, at all), Houston a common historical reference; Osteen is rewarded with lots and lots of money, JFK received a bullet. This epitomizes my prediction, that idiots-that-constantly-smile would rule and prosper, while most truly wise and intelligent people would be marginalized, if not starved, or outright killed.

However this IDIOCRACY that presently rules the world, leads to a severe collapse in psychic health; it is self-evident that the current role models of EMPTY SUITS WITH PERFECT WHITE TEETH  is even more self-imploding than excessive inbreeding; before you switch into attacking mode against whites whenever hearing the word "inbreeding", consider that this is a very serious problem in the muslim world (much more so than it ever was in some southern US communities, as the propaganda rants). Actually you can easily map genetic inbreeding's effects, just by mapping the world's IQ ratios, so yes Idiocracy has also a very real genetic long lasting devolutionary effect. And as to the totally unnatural obsession/compulsion for perfect white teeth, this can be easily explained as a Freudian Slip of sorts, the person plagued by guilt seeking to "wash" him/herself in the white color of some "shining purity" at the mouth, as if that would erase the inner spiritual decadence and impurity, the gross devolution of it all, and the gross stupidity & deceit/conceit when speaking.

*(Joseph Chiappalone's new website)*

Now if there's one figure that has spoken of the societal descent into sheer madness, it is this 90's guru known by a few names, this the real one; none like him abbreviated the issue into one single phrase "END-TIMES MADNESS". Of course he has also been denounced as a Psyop, a delusional, and what have you; but promoting or slandering this character is not the reason I bring him into the picture. See, even as a disinfo agent, he could still well be telling some truth, now couldn't he...? You can't disinform without passing some real information, that's the rule of the game in the alternative knowledge field. 

What matters to this commentary-article, is his classification of 3 types of humans: 

(1). "Theomorphic" or original creation beings incarnated as people
(2). "Robotic Consciousness" incarnated as people 
(3). "Demonic Consciousness" incarnating as people 

Chiappalone has recycled the GNOSTIC spirituality of an Original Creation that was hijacked and recycled into an alternative Counterfeit Creation, and given it some present day tone. This source goes back a very long time, into the night of history; the hermetic Greeks called this false "god" of the Counterfeit Creation a "DEMIOURGOS" or lower god-like being of inferior and some demonic slant. In the Medieval Ages the Cathars (sometimes called the Albigensians, since they had no formal organization and name) were genocided in the most abominable of manners by the Church, in order to erase any traces to the Greek wisdom in this respect -which was ample and unavoidable wisdom, inherent to their intellectual sophistication-.

That the so-called "Cathars" were in that period the most learned and intelligent people in Europe goes without saying, that is well known and not disputed; indeed by genociding them, the Renaissance was delayed a few centuries...! The Renaissance was brought forth by the revival of Greek Hermeticism (via the translation and printing of many old greek texts), and the Cathars drew on the Greeks a lot to their understanding of this 3D reality as a semi-counterfeit realm. The Church focused on the abstract charge of "Manichean Dualism" to justify their genocide, but this is to this day just a blatant ruse to avoid the discussion and elaboration of the theme of the "Demiourgos" and the hijacking of quantum realms (since 1997 known as "The Matrix" topic). 

So what it all appears to mean, is that some secret elites constantly wage a covert battle on this planet for the preservation of ignorance, stupidity, and counterfeit spirituality; the core issue of it all being the awareness that this 3D Realm "as is", may not be the original reality, THUS NOT ALL HUMANS NEITHER...!

*(2nd Goetheanum - Anthroposophical Movement-; an ascensional model of 
the human consciousness, so that Brain can link with Psyche, and Psyche 
can link with Soul, and Soul can link with Spirit -as example of the notion-,
via "Transformative Morphing", otherwise known as evolution)*

Which of course then in turn means that whatever disinfo Chiappalone was spreading, included this most crucial bit of information, that humans are divided in the 3 types described; and that this division is way more relevant, than to divide humans between races, or between earthlings and et's, or whatever other distinction. Now the Greek hermetics had worked a classification of the 4 Realms as archetypal to their "4 Elements" (in their etheric essence, not just their 3D physical decantation) in relation to the 4 human incarnation aspects, and as such for ex it has been transmitted in the Anthroposophy movement of Rudolph Steiner:

"EARTH"  ~~~   "BODY"  (brain computer)
"WATER" ~~~   "PSYCHE"  (universal mind)
"AIR"   ~~~   "SOUL"  (infinite love)
"FIRE"   ~~~   "SPIRIT"  (divine creation)

In this understanding of the 4-tier human incarnation process, not everybody gets the 4 elements; and while some already incorporate the Soul, some merely reach to the Psyche level at best. "Love" at that level merely a set of atavic or instinctual reproduction compulsions, or a 'shopping list' syndrome, or an ego-trip addiction, the quest for a trophy-mate, for achieving social recognition (family as vanity hall of genealogy), as biochemical pheromone type addiction, and all the usual mind-games of that semi-robotic state.

Thus a consciousness that is in such way of the "Earthbound" type, may often become a ROBOTIC CONSCIOUSNESS in respect to the other higher types; because each realm adopts a form of "HIVE MIND" of sorts, in the mode of a "Collective Unconscious" if you will, that rules the individual being. The difference being, that as you go from "Earth" (darkness)  to "Fire" (light), in each new higher etheric platform this Hive-Mind encroachment diminishes, and therefore the Ascension is actually a process of achieving Infinite Freedom of Will. By contrast as you go down the 4 Elements, the opposite is true, that the incarnation becomes more limited, more reduced, more caged, more ruled by the Hive-Mind syndrome. And in this clear sense, it becomes indeed "Robotic Consciousness", whereby attributes of the Spirit or of the Soul, are just pre-programmed push-button type of automatically ingrained responses.

The truth about these distinctions between incarnations in humans, has been kept secret both by the Churches (religion) and the Lodges (masonry), altogether all the same; at the upper level of each though, this knowledge is available. Now one can sympathize with the desire to avoid a nefarious utilization of these truths to enact extreme Racist agendas  -or the like-, but ultimately this is but a lame excuse for the decision to deliberately hide this from the population  (propagandizing the view that all people are "exactly" the same, same origin, same capabilities, same consciousness, etc). Of course it is considerably easier to convince everybody that "only" a few are "superior" while everyone else is the same, than admitting that there are MANY levels of consciousness at play in the human pool, in a great variety of gradations. In this sense for ex, Chiappalone's 3-types of humans classification, is a lot more complex and less prone to preposterous manipulation. But in the end, the idea is that no one is supposed to be thinking much less elaborating on any of this, because this guarantees a delusional state of mind, and a very childish persona, ideally manipulable.  And thus is the end-result of the mass-consciousness of the planet, still operating at this level, their trigger buttons being pushed practically on a daily basis. In this state, nothing can, and will ever work.

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