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Code "RED" attacks (AZ, Columbine, 911): Betelgeuse !



(Boulder)   DENVER   ERIC (Harris) DYLAN (Klebold)
{"Colorado" is "Red" in spanish}


For simplification purposes, I am reducing the Code RED here only to 3 linguistic instances. In the case of the Columbine shooting, I vividly remember how TV media at first reported the shootings as in the Boulder area a tad North of Littleton; in the 3 cases the final letters "ON" are related in the narrative, as we see in the names:  -Washington, Littleton, Tucson-. There are more instances of the code RED, like the then Att General Janet Reno from Florida (janet floriDa RE-NO), with the backwards "ARED" in ref to "JARED":


I mention this one because it also contains the other "ON" repeat code at the end. Besides, the current Att General is Eric H. HoldER (an in-your-face pun of Columbine shooter kid Eric Harris). But other instances I leave out for the sake of clarity.

*(a classic poster of the hip-hop band Insane Clown Posse)*
In one of Loughner's web pages, he lists this Hip-Hop band Insane Clown Posse as one of favorites, same the Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold listed as one of favorites. This data piece does not blend well with the instant labeling of these shooters as right-wing, as Hip-Hop is most definitely not right-wing music; but the code RED is there quite visibly, and this band is from  DETROIT, that also carries the code in letters. But a much more mysterious and "deep trance" code is found in the band's initials:

"I C P "   becomes   "H B O"
(moving 1-space down the alphabet)

*(another classic poster of Insane Clown Posse, known as "ICP")*

Yet the cable network officially known as "Home Box Office" who bought in 2008 the documentary on the election of Barack Obama (a propaganda piece) -subsequently played in theaters in 2009- otherwise known in short as "HBO", contains a stunning impossible to explain presidential code:

"HB"  for: "Hillary & Bill"
"B" for: "Bush"
HBO" for: "Hussein Barack Obama"

What is even more striking, is the fact that the letter "O" was designed as an ORB, which happened to be also Obama's famous campaign logo, which some people called the double-orb of Obama/Oprah. Question is: how could a small cable company (then) in the early 70's, make such a stunning prophetic prediction regarding the future presidents and in the right order of succession...? In the case of Obama, his "twinning" with the crucial help of mega-tv media figure OpraH, also spells her last letter "H", while the B includes the letter "P" as well. Or rather, where all these people pre-selected in advance a long time ago already...? (In the case of Bush, the B sideways forms the "W" as well).

*(the famous so-called "Pepsi" orb  logo, "Coke" as the republicans)*

So we now understand all these things need to be studied with a lot more attention to detail in respect to names & symbols, to find the Repeat-Patterns. For ex the Columbine and the Tucson shootings were both committed by very YOUNG people with a lot of mental health problems. When pooling together all 3 states abbreviations for the code RED events, the following forms:

[  AZ  CO  NY  =  "ZYON" + AC  ]

One has to exercise great care here, since jumping into fast conclusions is the idiot's folly; this "ZYON AC" code may seem to be suggesting a "ZYON ANTI-CHRIST" quite obvious reading. However what one may or may not wish to believe as far as guilt, is gratuitous and not validated by any evidence; in other words what I am suggesting, is that you must step back from judgements, because that is precisely the object of the hidden hand playing out these codes into the subconscious. And my previous article regarding the Inter-Dimensional Interdiction (part 1) makes a clearcut case for forces much much higher than the level of normal conspiracy.

*(typical depiction of the "Red Beast" of Rev 17:3-6)*

Thus what we have here is an attempt at intermingling the "End Times" theme with the "Messiah" theme, in order to provoke subconscious double-bind style yuxtaposition and shock (the staple of all mind control). Because when thinking about "RED" in heavy symbolism, one cannot avoid the reference to the jewish sign of the "RED HEIFER", as related to prophetic sign of the Messiah and Old Testament ritual of blood sacrifice:  

Jared Loughner posted as one of favorite books the nazi "Mein Kampf", whose pun of "Heifer" cannot be ignored; now Dylan Klebold was from a family of Lutherans officially but also Jewish in private ritual. The same double religious affiliation motif was publicly thrown into the internet's current ongoing speculation by Loughner's friend who declared Loughner's mother a jewish member of the small Synagogue that rep Gabrielle Giffords is a also a member of; this friend added that Loughner included the Mein Kamp book in his website to royally piss off his jewish mother. Later of course "clarifications" were made to expunge Loughner's mother from "any jewish" ancestry and membership to that or any other synagogue.

Problem is, that since the famous expulsion of the jewish from Spain in the year 1492 a lot of jewish went on to publicly officially subscribe to Christianism to avoid exile (known as the "Marranos"), a common practice for many in cases of widespread Anti-Semitism -most notably during Hitler's days-. A lot of jewish people is well known that they changed names and kept their ancestry and loyalty as a secret; thus ancestry searches for Loughner's parents is a research that will take a lot of time in this respect, as his friend could have been spilling the beans on his mother as a "secret jewish"; in Latin America for ex many hispanic last names are well known to having been in reality jewish, to avoid being detected (even as recently as last year, newly appointed supreme court judge Sonia Sotomayor was accused by some of being one of these secret jewish -or not so secret, actually-) .  All evolved and spiritually intelligent people know it's not where you come from (DNA wise)... but what you make of it...! And this applies both to the "for" and "against", in the case of a race; so enough of all that nonsense, and back to the real matter at hand  -the much larger issues-.

[ It does matter little in my opinion what is true or not because the main tie was created between the Jewish and the Christian messianic end-times themes, publicly so nevertheless; all the rest of it and the racial sympathies or antipathies 'de-rigueur' (as usual in these cases), are but crumbs under the table at best, or distractions at worst. And the automatic knee-jerk reaction of calling "anti-semite" anybody who just mentions the word jewish (or in this case suspecting Loughner's mother of being a secret jewish), well that is too preposterous to even bother addressing. ]

Therefore those who seek to "instantly clear" the jewish theme from this Arizona shooting -simply based on sanitized internet ancestry research-, are totally missing the point; besides, any elemental criminal investigation decidedly starts with the hearsay of close friends of the suspects. Simply to assume this friend was outrageously lying for no reason, is just as stupid as believing this testimony with no filters, altogether. Often truths go laced with lies, as any investigative police officer knows well; on the other hand, when Sarah Palin carefully chose her claim of a false jewish "BLOOD LIBEL"  against her, she was pointing the finger at the jewish in the sense that they were falling in identical false slandering, only backwards; my point is that all this WAS MEANT to transpire exactly as it did, in purpose ! IN OTHER WORDS SARAH PALIN MERELY REINFORCED THE CODE RED. What I mean here is that the theme of "Christians & Jewish" in this Arizona shooting, simply cannot be avoided or easily discarded as irrelevant, and that is the very reason I bring it to attention  -instead of getting rid of it like a hot potato-. As to the "opposition" of Palin to Obama, I long laid that to rest in this blog already (in Std English Gematria /  a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):

[  "CHANGE WE CAN"  =  84  =  OBAMA PALIN  ]
[  "BELIEVE IN"  =  83  =  BARACK SARAH  ]

Because if you care to remember, Sarah Palin herself indeed was "Lady In Red" so to speak, from the bright red lipstick to the famous red dress and the famous red shoes she ostensibly wore. Yet even more troubling than all this series of innuendos in both directions, is the fact that the recent BP OIL SPILL in the Gulf of Mexico was often not black as usual but brown/reddish, and as such was for ex analyzed by my articles, as symbolized by a RED SEA, this the main color of Pope Benedict 16 coat of arms:

So in a few previous articles I dared to ask how come years before the election of a black Barack Obama and the "red" Oil Spill, Joseph Ratzinger got it so accurately in his coat of arms...? Yet I was (for those who have read other previous articles) pointing to the CODE RED as well as in relation to 911, et al.  Once again the emphasis not in "placing instant guilt" by association of symbols, but in simply observing irrefutable linguistic synchronicities as evidence of Inter-Dimensional Interdiction. Whatever the human counterparts know and are so doing, is not the relevant part but merely the concomitant part -at worst-.

*(you see here another uniquely huge case of the famous red shoes)*


For ex in an old article I pointed out the eerie linguistic pun between the name for the new headquarters of the OPUS DEI in Manhattan NY -called the Murray Hill (Bldg) Place- and the Murrah Bldg in the 1995 Oklahoma City massacre; the new headquarters in Lexington & 34th were inaugurated on May 2001, a few months before the 911 event some blocks away. But the synchronicities ran much deeper as the streets surrounding the World Trace Center confirm the same synchronicities: you have a MURRAY ST. (in the figure below) 3 blocks north of  the WTC site, and the eastern side of the WTC site shows the intersection of the streets DEY & CHURCH...! (figure above). You also see "TRINITY Pl" at the bottom of Church St.; this in synchronicity with TRINITY Pass in Dealey Plaza where JFK was murdered; while "DEY" is evidently pun of "DE-al-EY". But on the other hand "Murrah" and "Dallas" quite obviously suggest "ALLAH". 


And to give it all an End-Times Messianic tone, the Huffington post a week after the Tucson shooting posts this "TWO  SUN" ~  "TUC  SON" pun, informing all that the  SUPER GIANT RED STAR Betelgeuse in Orion is likely to go SuperNova pretty soon now; but you already knew that the super giant red Betelgeuse in Orion as symbol of "Bethlehem" (House of Bethel) and the super giant blue star Rigel in Orion as symbol of "Religion" ("Rigelion") is what it's absolutely all about in secret symbology, as long as you had been reading this blog  -that is-:

The bottom-line is that you begin to quickly realize that the Inter-Dimensional Interdiction in this planet utilizes all religions to embed subconscious puns in the psyche, often pitting one against the other(s), and this plays out really deeply in the Collective Unconscious, in order to enact carefully crafted Mass Sacrifices that are prefigured in advance via these smaller symbolic sacrifices, like 911 and the several shootings or massacres. In this sense, the not so hidden themes are played out by loonies who enact highly contrived "theater plays" of allegorical meaning, riddled with synchronicity and linguistic puns, to the hilt. These in turn prefigure in the psyche the bottom-line theme of the End-Times Messiah and all its overtones & undertones, amen all its cosmological correspondences.

911 and the Columbine shooting happened on a Tuesday (Martes in spanish, the day of Marte the RED planet of course); the Tucson shooting happened on a Saturday symbolizing the jewish Sabbath. Columbine happened on April 20th the birthday of Adolf Hitler, and Loughner in the Tucson shooting posts Mein Kampf as one of his favorite books. Hardly a "coincidence"; it's all crafted by higher beings, using human pawns. I could go on forever with these synchronicities, but I get the impression this brief article lets you already get the idea perfectly well.

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