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The Last Supper & the Oil Spill (Pole Shift cometh?) -part 2-

Let us now resume the thesis in summary; our current civilization as we
know it is not what we think it is, but actually only the OUTER SHELL of
more advanced types of civilizations from the far past -interplanetary in
nature-, as well as from limited outposts of interplanetary INNER EARTH
underground enclaves still operating here (hundreds of thousands of years
old or more). We might conceive the situation as for ex when we go to the
Zoo; there are areas for the Public & areas for the Animals, or for ex when
someone resides in a wild country region in Africa or the like, where there
lie the "compound perimeters" and so forth, and then the true Wilderness
per-se exists fully open as habitat for the fauna. Humans as we presently
do inhabit the Earth on the surface, are in the analogy... the Fauna, and
our cities and towns are the open "wilderness" so to speak, in comparison
with the more advanced civilizations that somehow interact with us.

In the sense current humanity is "way far back" on the evolutionary ladder,
this manifests as a totally INTERDICTED MIND PROCESS, regressive type
of science & technology, and a general pervading SUBCULTURE, definitely
not on-par with higher civilizations. It's in this cultural/psychological sense
that we find the fundamental difference with more evolved and/or advanced
beings; the factual reality of mass Mind Control is the state-of-things on this
planet, no different than how we for ex would design in a Zoo some simulated
terrain conditions for the animals whereby they would perceive it and accept
it as their actual true habitat. The difference is that in our case as humanity,
the "stage set" is mainly at a brain level instead of a physical perimeter. The
"Brain-Cage" works via a 5-Senses Construct indoctrination & reinforcement
schemes, most blatantly via fabricated Religions, Ideologies, what passes for
News & Entertainment, Business & Labor patterns, Relationship Templates,
the implicit content of the Professions and their academic lingo, and so forth.
All these manufacturean illusory "Consensual Reality" a-la Matrix style, in
such a way that the vast majority of humans on Earth are merely "Belongers
By Default" of these "manufactured-mental-habitats", absolutely terrified to
mentally venture just a tad away from all this staged-reality & their grossly
limited sense of their "selves".

The reason this is so, lies in the ATTACHMENT TO A FALSE IDENTITY as
the "I/Me/Mine" Self" based on a Trojan psychic software program we call
the EGO, which most of us are aware of however understand as being simply
a negative "Add-On" to an already sound & clean Self-Identity,when the real
situation is much more dramatic, as most often there is no real self at all, but
only this Ego software "running the person" so to speak, having completely
taken over the psychic blueprint of the individual or entire societies. There is
therefore a naive & dangerous misunderstanding of the Ego as an 'adjective',
as a sort of a grade of being "somewhat egotic" in the sense of "being selfish",
that asolutely ignores the very real assimilation of the persona to the Ego to
the point that the Ego becomes the "I"/Identity in full. At this stage which is
pretty much the norm, the Ego can be seen as the preceding stage of what we
could label using the 70's film "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", the Ego as the
indispensable preparation-software for that final phase of total takeover of the
entire psychic template by etheric intruders.

The Ego in truth then is a noun not an adjective, it is an "it" as an "identity" of
a fully functional human appearing to be in management of the Self yet really
not; the Ego substitutes for the real yet "unfound" hidden identity that is left
thus asleep (uncomputed/unrecognized as such), operating through Collective
Unconscious pools, for all practical purposes just a series of HIVE-MIND type
of remote interactive psychic software platforms designed to completely run
the INTERFACE BODY COMPUTER, in such way that it deceives the person
to "think" this Trojan Ego program "is" him/her. This is accomplished by the
simplest of tricks, as Ego without exception "rewards" the self with constant
gratification (no different than a drug fix). Yet this substitution actually de-
links the human from the Universal Multi-Dimensional Mind, while rendering
him/her caged within a very narrow band of frequencies -Low Vibe- and very
limited operating capabilities. Within this trojan Ego platform, Intelligence &
Wisdom are then replaced by "cleverness", and Knowing replaced by prejudice.
One can attest to the fact that the entire educational system is based on this
false Ego psychic platform -its goal to reinforce it-, since most academia runs
basically on sheer cleverness & prejudice as a modus-operandi for "learning".

This why we use only between 2% to 10% (at best) of our DNA & our Brain
capacity; it's not that the rest is "Junk" DNA or Brain matter, but that it is
the remnant ORIGINAL CODING that has been DEACTIVATED and is no
longer used to Decode other higher aspects of Reality, "stranding" us here
at the 3D illusory projection, the basement-level of the Matrix so to speak,
by 'software-unplug' (unable-to-decode).

Therefore whatever science information was passed on from the former eras
of more advanced civilizations or from the inter-planetary civilizations, it has
been consistently diluted and morphed into almost unrecognizable mumbo-
jumbo, typically inserted in devolved "Anthropomorphic" versions of the true
spirituality of the Multi-Dimensional self (i.e. organized Religions), and used
to build spurious tales & theologies that betray completely the original form
and content of the information. These in turn are utilized to "manage the zoo"
in the limited range described, and this is how things are run on this planet
pretty much -in short-; we find that in the Book of Rev for ex, this present
civilization is labeled a "Wilderness", run by a "Wild Beast". This is exactly
what I'm summarizing here, because that is the real state of humanity when
we peer beyond the veil of appearances, beyond the elaborate marketing &
feel-good constant spoon-feeding of the masses; these symbols and concepts
were inserted in religious books or the like, to teach the secret elite about the
true paradigm -and never forget the true state of things-. While the masses
are told "literalist" versions of the religious texts allegories, at the top of the
pyramid the illuminati know the real meaning to a point but they keep all this
a tight secret for the very tiny few, while pretending on the public arena to
believe it is all real and great as taught in public.

The entire official educational system is a "Left Brain Only" mind conditioning
boot-camp, whereby the individuals are compelled to regurgitate by memory
(like a parrot...!?) all this highly slanted Left-Brain-Only 3D information, that
acts as a Supressor of the real Synthesis between Left/Right Brain, as a combo
of sequential & creative information & expression. We find individuals who like
for ex the famous comedian-philosopher George Carlin left the school system
very early on, and actually developed way better and more intelligent as well
as became far more perceptive than everyone else; Carlin developed incredibly
high speech capabilities, superb articulate thinking, the ability to perform very
intellectually-heavy comic routines in front of large audiences, and wrote ALL
of his material all by himself...! The truth is... that Carlin dropped out of school
at 9th grade... thus was NOT DUMBED DOWN by the "educational" system...!

I have in the previous post -Part 1-, proposed that the entire "Bible" is nothing
more than basically one same disguised theme, repeated over & over again in a
myriad of different Symbol-Covers, in order to ENCRYPT different aspects of
the same secret theme. That we then have a "Genesis" with a "Noah's Ark", &
an "Exodus" with a Moses/Aaron {"Noah Ark" contains the letters "Aaaron"}
and Pharaoh of course {"Pharaoh" almost same letters as in "Noah Ark"}, then
a New Testament as a "Birth" of a "Son" (SUN) of God -also called the LIGHT
of the world and "Logos" {Logos contains the letters of "Sol", our current Sun}-
this last an expression losely translated as "The Word" when in Greek it meant
really a DEMIURG (secondary surrogate co-creator, not really 'God)', and also
"Logos" eerily reminds one of a Computer Program initial "LOG ON" enter op.
This "New Son/Sun" of God as Demiurg program then proceeds to go through
several STAGES or STATIONS, most notably the so-called "Last Supper", the
"Death at the Cross", and a "Re-Birth" (Resurrection); in-your-face implicit in
the whole symbolism, that the 12 "Apostles" are the 12 SIGNS of the Zodiac,
the 13th Sign (Ophiuchus) the New "Son/Sun" himself, at the crucifixion they
even let on that it is all about the SUN as a total black-out ECLIPSE occurs in
the allegory, etc etc etc.

Here we see famous astro-phycisist Michio Kaku warning of cyclic cataclysms
in the Sun that would render our civilization on a "Back-To-Basics" wilderness
state for years; this is a figure in science as serious as they come.

Watching this History Channel 3-part documentary on the 2012 Alignment
'for dummies', shows much better than I could here, Ophiuchus -the 13th
hidden Sign of the Zodiac- as the exact Zodiacal position of the 'Triple Cross"
formed at that date. I suggest that the name of the new Templars that are
currently running the Vatican -the OPUS DEI-, may indeed be a pun of the
OPHIUCHUS constellation. Its english Gematria yields (a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):

[ OPUS = 71 = ORION ]

(O'rion, O'phiuchus, O'pus, O'rb, O'-val, etc)

In Part 1 I showed how "Bethlehem" or the "House of Bethel" in the Gospels,
is but a clear pun of the giant red star BETELGEUSE at Orion's shoulder, as
the word "Regal" (Royal) is a pun of the blue star RIGEL in Orion's knee, both
colors Red/Blue added to the color White of the Sun, define the fractal of the
River Nile in Egypt, running from the Upper Kingdom to the Lower Kingdom
(Red Nile, Blue Nile, White Nile -in stages/tributaries-), since our 3D Earth
is a fractal holographic matrix projection -specially the geography itself...!-.

The Upper Kingdom including the origin of the Nile at Lake Victoria in Kenya,
represents fractally the "Heavens" (stellar/galactic civilizations), as the Lower
Kingdom represents fractally the Solar System here, thus the 3 Pyramids of
Giza when located in the Lower Kingdom almost at the Nile Delta, mean the
POLE-SHIFT MARKERS caused by the Solar Cycles -actually instuments to
point the exact new location of the Earth/Sun after a cataclysmic Pole Shift-.
When Obama in the fiasco of his birth-certificate is made to be "from Kenya",
what is implied subliminally is him being a 'superior being from the Upper
Kingdom of Egypt reincarnated, representing Pharaoh Akhenaten, so that
people like Louis Farrakhan can go all the way into believing that like in full
hypnotic command (Obama in classic hypnotic trance represents both the
Good & Evil of this false pantheon, as Barack in some tongue means akin to
be blessed while in some other tongue it means the devil as fallen angel).

The Gospels allegory of the "3 MAGI-KINGS FROM THE EAST" that follow a
"STAR OF BETHLEHEM"" represent the actual "travel" through the parallel
of the 3-Pyramids onward to the West en-route to pinpoint the new position
of the North Pole -in my opinion-. Robert Bauval a long time ago already gave
us the essential clue, that the 3-Pyramids are a fractal on the ground of the 3
Stars in Orion's Belt (the "3 Mary's"); so everything is really obvious once you
understand the symbolism, yet the Gospels DID NOT include a key cipher for
the instruction to travel North on the Pyramids Meridian and across the North
Pole, to finally "CROSS" the travel of the Parallel westward -landing at a point
of crossing Northeast of Hawaii-; this was remedied by much later creating the
allegoric childish tale of one "Santa Klaus"/"St Nicholas" who comes from the
North Pole & arrives to the houses by night right before the "Birth of Jesus"
(the birth of the NEW SUN after the current Sol expires... "XP"). The figure
of the Sign of Constantine/XP below, shows how the "K" of "Klaus" is formed
without officially naming it -as well as the "K" in Nikolas-.

When finally at the 3rd century Emperor Constantine launches the official face
of Christianity as we know from then on (as a syncretism of extant cults and
spiritual teachings since Sumeria and then Egypt), he proceeded to include a
crucial cipher to solve the puzzle; right before a decisive crucial battle he did
pretend to having seen "A Sign in the Sky" in the shape of a Cross as an "X"
(St Andrews Cross type), but unto a vertical POLE with a P on top. This is
the most famous "CHI-RHO" Sign (transliterating to our alphabet as "XP",
but in greek they were the first 2 letters of the name of Christ); this so called
"Sign of Constantine" is the bottom-line cipher of the entire encryption, as it
represents everything-in-1, all summed up in one sign, akin to the way the
2012 Alignment sums up all 3 Crossings in 1. This the reason the same exact
sign is thinly disguised as the logo of the United Nations; this logo depicts
the NORTH POLE as per the continents drawn (for larger depiction search
Google images).

[ 73 = United = Nation = Egypt = Corner = Stone ]

[ 73 = Britain = United = Kingdom = Crown ]

[ 73 = Count = Number = "God-Beast" ] (see Rev 13:18)
calls himself in the "Book of Rev" at the end of the "Bible", thus in

[ "PAX O." ~~~ "Pax Orbi" ~~~ "The Orb finally rests" ]

[ "WAXP" ~~~ pun of "WASP" ~~~ pun of "Washington XP" ]

Here the oh-so famous Obama logo depicting this NEW RISING SUN AFTER
THE SEAS TURN RED, and the 3-Star (3 bands) "Travel" upon the Parallel
of the 3-Pyramids of Egypt, as the Secret Path of the 3-Magi Kings from the
East in the Bethlehem allegory.

Obama was ostensibly chosen for his name and physical appearance, as he
so much resembles Pharaoh Akhenaten -from whom the 3 big monotheist
religions of Judaism/Islam/Christianity come from-:


It is then totally self-evident the elite is getting ready for the EXODUS at the
moment of the Crossing of Nibiru, which occurs at the symbolic moment of
the 2012 Alignment (does not mean necessarily at that date, it is a window
of time that opens after that alignment, a new "Era of the Crossing"). Sure
enough, when we check the word "Exodus" yet using the famous double XX
of the european nobilities, for ex utilized blatantly by EXXON (never noticed
"Exxon" is a pun of "Exxodus"...?, its gas station markets stores named "On
The Run" with a red curved path below) we observe the following:

You see that the RED "O" (the Orb, Obama's Orb) signals the beginning of
"OB-ama", as on top last 2 letters "ON" are in reverse "hussei-NO-bama",
while "IL" matches Obama's state IL-linois. But the o-IL is representative
of Texas and specifically of Houston's mega refineries complex, which is also
representative of W. Bush. This is why the NAMES are important (thus why
the Book of Rev instructs to pay attention to the NAMES and NUMBERS,
as this is the method of encryption by which the illuminati pass on information
to their peers under the key "ALL IS HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT"). These
maximum visibility political figures in the largest most powerful nation on
Earth serve merely as a CARRIER OF CODES in secret yet in plain sight,
sort of like a hyper-dimensional 4D way of transmitting key matrix sensitive
information via the template of Synchronistic Resonance as a higher capability
implicit in Language -(yet unbeknownst to the public, to Sixpack Joe who see
language as 'only' understood in its 3D linear mode, what he's been 'taught')-:

[ "EXXODUS" = 112 = HOUSTON ]

The exact parallel of the Great Pyramid of Egypt runs just a little south of
the lower horizontal tarmac of the Houston TX George Bush Intercontinental
Airport (precisely in the satellite map where the Avis Rent-A-car building
lies); this is to pinpoint the W.Bush presidency of 2000 (the Son/Sun) as to
the father's name that the airport carries. The symbolism of this dynasty's
name in relation to the USA is:

"From George W. (Washington-1776) to George W. (Bush-2000)"

"1776" is a magickal number, as it is Triangular -results from the sum of
3 triangular numbers, for ex {222+666+888=1776} etc-. "666" is by no
means "evil" in any sense whatsoever, this the biggest ignorant prejudice
regarding numbers; it is actually the Number of Water (water crystals)
and no number is evil. Also, when multiplying {17x76=294} this yields the
reverse of "492" -the real reason year 1492 was chosen as "official" date
for the discovery of America- (492 or 294 prominently part of the 3x3
Magic Square of Saturn):
All this means the American continent was made to be "oh discovered" (the
illuminati always knew it existed, Templars were here much before!) in 1492
to be 'charged' with the benefic powers of the "492" in the 3x3 Magic Square
of Saturn (in Orient called the Lo-Shu Square), then the Independence of the
biggest & most powerful nation in America 'charged' with the benefic powers
of Triangular No. 1776, to mean this USA freedom experiment to last only up
to 2012 (the period from 2000 to 2012 for the "3 Kings" Bush/Obama/Palin)
such that "From George W. (Washington) to George W. (Bush)" was ritually
meant to imply the country begins to cease to exist in that former manner,
and it is "absorbed" by the New World Order, as sold out by the "3 Kings" of
the 2000-2012 period, who do so under the template of the Egyptian revival
in masonic terms (the Union of the Upper & Lower Kingdom/Worlds), these 3
figures as harbingers or the "Death" of the USA into a new "Birth" as part of
the new global centralized power ad-portas.

This ritual "Death" of the USA is at another level role-played in an escalating
series of disasters -from 911 to Katrina to the massive Illegal Immigration to
the Fall of the Economy to the Oil Spill to World War 3, etc-, representing
the PHOENIX Bird that dies in flames and is reborn from its ashes (what is
reborn not the USA itself, but the New World Order that is, that's the ritual,
and that's the deception).

[ PHOENIX = 91 ]

This is why the current "Arizona" debacle regarding the "human spill" from
south-of-the-border (illegal immigration as cover for drug cartels extreme
violence and chaos), IS CENTERED IN PHOENIX-Arizona. To mean that it
is a continuation of the 911 Phoenix Bird ritual

Both Obama and Palin (while representing ritually Akhenaten & Nefertiti)
studied in "H"AWAII, while Bush studied in "H"ouston (in a school with the
same illuminati torch logo as their university); Bush signifies the "Travel"
upon the Great Pyramid parallel unto its final resting place NE of Hawaii,
while Obama & Palin carry even more 'twinning' codes related to Exodus
-last 5 letters of "E-XODUS" in reverse yield (remember Obama's slogan
"Change We Can Believe In"):

[ SUDOX = 83 = "BARACK SARAH" = 83 = "BELIEVE IN" ]

{ "Obama Palin = 84 = "Change We Can" }

The 3-Stars of Orion's Belt are called "Alnilam/Alnitak/Mintaka", & oh yes
we can find a direct Gematria correspondence with the triad of "3 Kings" as
we find them represented by "Palin/Obama/Bush" respectively:


[ ALNITAK ~~~ husseIN baracK OBAMA ]


Bush then corresponds to "MIN-taka", and indeed he was raised in MID-land
Texas (and later Houston), yet this is even more irrefutably reaffirmed by:

{ MINTAKA = 69 = TEXAS }

In the case of Sarah Palin, she is famous for being Mayor of Wasilla-Alaska,
and "Wasilla" shares 5 letters with "Alnilam". In the case of Barack Obama,
his last name "OBAMA" is a pun of... "LAMB" -the Passover Lamb, ritually
eaten at the Passover Feast which is the Christian "Last Supper" date-.

The most-watched on television in the world recent Soccer WorldCup was
set in... South Africa; if we use the Antipodas Google Map locator we find
that the exact Crossing point of the Great Pyramid parallel & meridian as
they meet again NE of Hawaii, when projected across the globe unto its
Antipodas point, it hits the east coast of ... South Africa... Was somebody
trying to tell us something...? That the possible/probable new position of
the North Pole will be NE of Hawaii, and of the South Pole on South Africa's
east coast...? (locate the cursor on upper-map close to NE Hawaii, and see
it fall on the east coast of South Africa on the under-map):

Furthermore, when we look at the soccer world org called FIFA, we find its
logo consists of 2 Earths (as 2 soccer balls formed by the pentagonal Grid
of Energies, PUN OF ATLANTIS RISING) conjoined, and if you locate on the
left ball the 3-Pyramids (Cairo-Egypt) then its horizontal parallel is moved to
the right unto the 2nd ball... PRECISELY SHOWS THAT THEY INTERSECT
POSITION LIES! Just a coincidence...?
To me just one more case of hyper-dimensional information conveyed using
pun & symbolism in anything of maximum visibility on Earth -be it the USA,
the Soccer WorldCup, the Vatican, or what have you-. This WorldCup was
won by SPAIN (ostensiby rigged) to fractalize the last 2 of the "3 Kings", as
the team of Spain everybody knows was based on Barcelona team, known
as "Barca":

[ "BARCA" = "BARAC" ] and [ "SPAIN" ~~~ "S.PALIN" ]

In Christianism the Pole Shift secret encyrption is carried in the "Bible" by
the 2 figures of PETER (Pituitary Gland) as the NORTH Pole, and PAUL
(Pineal Gland) as the SOUTH Pole (Paul/Pole); Paul's former name in the
"Gospels" is SAUL, pun of SOUTH. The Pineal & Pituitary inside the Brain
fractalize the Earth's Orb, becoming the 2 Magnetic Poles that receive the
dual Kundalinis that run up the spine -therefore perfectly well symbolizing
the Earth's North & South Poles-. The Santa Klaus allegory carries this as
well, as the Pineal Gland is shaped like a PINE Cone, and this is the real
secret meaning of the X-mas pine tress that are lighted up with hanging
coloured pine cones, to mean that the Pineal & Pituitary "lighten up" into
extra-dimensional (beyond the speed of light) supra-light, open to higher
dimensions. Or as others would claim, that religion's secret agenda is in
reverse to SHUT-OFF the Pineal & Pituitary, and "Santa" is Satan that
reigns in the Darkness and is secretly celebrated in lighted Pine trees.

This has lots to do with the notion of "SHAKING THE SPEAR", as the Pineal
can also be seen as SPEAR shaped; "Shakespeare" then means this, & there
is a NORTH POLE very clear and obvious reference as signifying the "Path
of the Pyramid's Meridian unto & across the North Pole, because the island
of Spitsbergen east of Greenland is evidently shaped like a Spear. In this
context then, "Shake the Spear" implies the shaking of the Earth itself as
in a Pole Shift...!, and the resulting wandering of the North Pole.

Notice how Spitsbergen since immemorial times was the route to the North
Pole, and how it is located amid the BARENTS Sea (pronounced Bear-ents)
which fits in with Pope Benedict 16's Coat of Arms depicting a Bear -also a
pun of Barack-:


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You are right on the money-in my opinion-Have you made an exodus yet?

KDP said...

id say your right on the money-in my opinion- U make an exodus yet?