Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Marketable Pandemic

It's all just a coincidence. Don't worry Be happy. Everything is fine,
the world is as it's told, the news do tell the truth, and politicians are
exactly what they claim to be.

On the same reckoning, Mexico City's swine flu is simply that, what
they told you it was -that is-, and you must eagerly await your very
personal flu-vaccine delivery; specially the one labeled "Pandemic
Flu Vaccine". Same one the Paris-France based company SANOFI
announced in... -er-... MEXICO CITY on MARCH 19, will
begin to produce. Nicolas Sarkozy -(yeah, the president of France,
dude)- on a state visit to that very country on that month -(which
happens to be last month, dude)-, together with Felipe Calderon
-(yeah, the president of Mexico, the same one who "won" a sham
of an election, dude)-, announced construction for the new plant
that will produce such instantly oh-so-marketable item on a 100
Million Euros preliminary budget. In Mexico, case you didn't catch

Our honorable media would not report on this, being an evidently
random coincidence. You don't want to bore your so respectable
TV audience, including coincidental data of irrelevant peskiness,
now would you...?

The role of the honorable media, to precisely Filter-Out such data,
which one would assume would lead to increased levels of random
stress. Much better to batter the overworked & bankrupt with the
best apocalyptic dire warnings of terminal end-times plagues, proof
of a truly godly master plan that... happens to be... instantly avoided
with just... a... simple convenient... vaccine.

Of course God himself in his infinite providence, provided that this
swine-flu outbreak would occur at the precise same location as the
new vaccine manufacturing plant. See? All of it just falls neatly into
perfect place. It's-All-Good-Baby, don't ask intrusive questions, be
always very afraid, and do trust your global Pandemic Flu Vaccine
provider -the very right hand of God himself-.

Now we can all go back to our favorite sports game. Life is great,
knowing that God is the CEO of the new vaccine manufacturing
plant head company. Phew...!?, feel so relieved now.

1 comment:

Francisco said...

LOL..... yeah, coincidences are sometimes very convenient..... just like AF one over NY....

I like when coincidences happen this way. It's funny.