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I'd like to thank the readers of this blog, which is now consistently averaging 10 thousand reads a month, for their curiosity, highest IQ intelligence, sharpest awareness, and deep spiritual wisdom. Even though I wish not to publish the reader's comments in order to minimize an already way-too-dense content, I assure you they are read by this author, and seemingly always are decidedly supportive of the blog.  One reader commented that reading this blog gives him hope for mankind, and I respond that from my point of view, the much higher number of readers than I expected considering the nature of the exploration intended here  -"extremely" fringe and cutting edge- (as the header of the blog summarizes) proves that there's hope for mankind indeed. I apologize for posting so few articles, since I never expected it to become this "popular" a blog, so to speak; mostly I write without any premeditation, and the material comes to me in a mixture of serendipity and rational discourse  -I've been a Gematria researcher since 1979, so I've come across plenty more material than is apparent reading this rather small blog-, always as an exploration into better and more evolved forms of multi-dimensional Consciousness & Awareness that may lead to a path away from the current Devolved state of Consciousness that is by and large the rule in this planet, and into a re-evolution of ascension. I've truly tried to present the ethereal content in the simplest manner I can come up with, but sometimes that just cannot be achieved, as some things are what they are and that's that (ask any physicist, and he'll agree) -besides my own evident shortcomings as communicator-. As some have asked for biographical or anecdotal info, here I provide some, as a footnote.
Autobiographical Note:  I think it would be helpful to readers to to know that I've been a performing musician since 1978, with long periods of intermission in between, due to for ex working as an architect, and all the other jobs I've had, not the least due to recurring periods of terrible physical health  -ever since my teen years I was never the healthy one, which was perhaps my greatest blessing disguised as a nightmare-.  Through music composition & performance (plus writing ethereal poetry), I gathered the elementals of "Frequency Attunement" that I deem essential in the quest to become consciously aware of FSP/"Fractal Synchronicity Patterns", as manifest in Gematria, etc.  Music itself is a form of FSP, thus when practiced with this specific intent  -as opposed to just an ego trip and/or a business venture-, a magic connection is achieved between Mind & Heart, as a bridge that appears to be the key to open up the pandora box of higher Consciousness. Few are aware that for ex Gematria is a labor of love, and without purified emotion (infinite love as the guide) it could lead to insanity at worst, or ego imbalances at best; Gematria bridges the gaps between love and thought, providing a "higher dimensional view" of the events that happen in our lives and the entire realm in general, as a whole.  Since 1982 on I explored many alternate tunings in the guitar  -specially 12 string guitar-, inventing myself several unusual never heard alternate tunings, trying to achieve a more "open to keyboards" type of musical texture than the typically "locked & caged" guitar alphabet, even while still within the popular Minimalistic formats. I discovered that singing lyrics of high level of poetry & content produces a change of consciousness when utilizing alternate tunings, and this reaffirmed considerably my observation that Neuro-Linguistics can be "opened up" and "liberated", blending emotion/feeling, vibrational work, and mental/psychic discipline (instead of Neuro-Linguistics provoking usually the opposite, erecting a a psychic prison of sorts). I think that if you never had the experience of true love and true music in a consistent manner throughout your life here (which is most often equivalent to the experience of loss and marginalization, respectively), you may not properly attune to the content of this blog  -if at all-, since Ascension through  Higher states of Consciousness is an ACT, in some way akin to the act of performing music and/or loving others (beyond the pathetic "shopping list" form of loving-through-the-brain only, and not through the heart chakra). It is the act of BEING instead of "doing", and of KNOWING instead of just "thinking". I also found quite helpful the use of Digital Delay not merely as an after-effect to color music, but as an integral part of the guitars as instruments, as Delay is nothing else than... sonic fractals (I used for a really long time the old 80's era KORG SDD-2000, sometimes also used by the Edge of U2 fame, although he ended up using mainly the higher model KORG SDD-3000).  What Delay provides, is an "instant-interactive-awareness" of the active symbiosis between Silence & Sound in music, the repetitive fractals in their rhythm train your mind to become one with the Fractal Field by intensifying the perception of the symbiosis between the Tapping and the silent Space between. Music can indeed be a magnificent way of working on elevating the Frequency Fields, provided you are able to infuse it with a higher form of Emotion, and not just remain "mental" in its practice, as sadly is what happens to so many talented musicians. Once you achieve a higher vibration, Gematria for ex becomes a 2nd nature thing, totally devoid of any obtuse character or insane slant, that might obfuscate it.  Throughout my life I never recorded my music, which became sort of a personal token of mine, in spite of having significantly met some legends in the field  -most are dead now, even more legendary-. I've been emblematically... the man that never recorded his music. Thus the tiny 3 minor pieces included in the YouTube videos, were but accidental tests in the process of trying to learn how to record (they were recorded in a $400 dollar digital recorder, all done in a $400 Casio keyboard, except the guitar solos when present), a $100 mixer, a $100 microphone, plus a few cheap sound effects). This I assume will better explain their low quality; yet the song "This Sweet Old World" however merits a few words, because it means a lot more that what one initially perceives it to mean. It is not strictly about the death of a loved one and in the mere sentimental sense of things, but actually it's about a much more mysterious and deep, subtle theme of ERASURE, the notion that either by freak experience or some procedure, you may lose parts of your memory, therefore while retaining most memory of the "facts" you lose the memory of what you "FELT" (i.e. true love, and all the relevant epiphanies), a subject eerily and brilliantly explored also in the film "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" as well as in the seminal film "Paris-Texas". And this "partial amnesia" (of always remembering the superficial but strangely forgetting the deeper), is an observation I've gathered as quite prevalent in our society, in people  -which in my opinion is like the BIGGEST ANOMALY that no one even notices or talks about ever, that I can think of-.  This why I included some takes of the former film and some rare outtakes of the latter film in the video of the song, combined with some local scenery here in the Lake Conroe area in north Houston-Texas (the latter film's scenes actually were filmed in Galveston Beach in South Houston-Texas). Without these references and the complex & spooky themes of these great films, I don't think you even began to actually hear the song as I intended. The Lucinda Williams chorus that I preserved intact:  "See What You Lost When You Left This World, This Sweet Old World", meant in this arrangement of the song to evoke the conspicuous ABSENCES OF MEMORY,  the holes in the cheese so to speak in our psychic reckoning, both in the very near/short term and immediacy, as well as the long/distant cosmic parallel timelines. The 1st time I heard this tune, this is the very effect the chorus had on me, it seemed to awake my "absent memory"; but the rest of the lyrics didn't maintain that vibe, so I had to rewrite them in full to try to keep the same phenomenon present throughout the song. It's a small modest song, but attempting something really big, cosmic, multidimensional, but without any pretense or contrived new-age pose whatsoever, just through the simplest of words and feeling.  Thank you also Lucinda, for the song.

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