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Are we living inside a Repeat Time-Loop as a replay act of
events that transpired in Egypt...?
Let us then look at the Quantum Matrix SOFTWARE in Linguistics, if
that is the case in our extrapolation.
(all numbers in Std. English Gematria: a=1, b=2, ..., z=26).

Emperor Constantine was in charge of enacting the "Final Edit" of
what later became the Bible, and officially initiating Christianity as
the religion of the Roman Empire, transitioning from the Fall of the
Empire, into what became the series of Monarchies better known
as the "Holy Roman Empire" of Europe -from Caesars to European
kings, that is-. Constantine claimed he saw the "Chi-Rho" (PX) sign
in the skies before a decisive battle -elefants also fly...-. The famous
PX is an occultic CODE, meant to signify the closing of a major era
and the opening of a new one.

WINDOWS XP is an in-your-face "Chi Rho" sign (PX), representing
the transition from our present world, into a "New Order". The same
major public announcement of which is also found emblematically in
the Bush dynasty, as well as the Windsor dynasty. The "George W."
code is the end of what was begun by George W(ashington), in the
way that "XP" also symbolizes an era to "E-XP-IRE":


The message is that from here on -after George W. & Elizabeth II-,
a New Order is enacted, signaling the beginning of the global "New
World Order" beyond the Nation-States.

What comes after both, must be regarded as "alien"; this is the ritual
being implemented, through Obama and through Sarah Palin. This is
the "TRANSITION PROCESS". A similar event happened Egypt in
2 separate occasions:
(1). In the figures of AKHENATEN & Nefertiti (and his mother Tiye)
(2). At the death of CLEOPATRA.

The death of Cleopatra ended "Egypt", as it was integrated to the
Roman Empire; this "assimilation" event I believe is what is ritually
being enacted presently via the candidates/presidents, the nation
states being assimilated into the global New World Order.

Akhenaten as Pharaoh Amenhotep IV introduced MONOTHEISM
for the 1st time into Egypt, from which all later monotheist religions

sprung forth; I believe the elite's "replaying" Akhenaten/Nefertiti as
an analogy, the many polytheistic cults symbolizing the current
many Nations, and the one "God" monotheism symbolizing the New
World Order with ONE central government.

Thus the figure of Obama was chosen because he is black "of Africa"
(whether this is fact or not is irrelevant, as symbol he 'is-that', and
the fake Kenyan birth certificate serves only to 'pinpoint' the 'where'
in Africa).

-Kenya representing the Origin of the Nile River in Egypt
in Lake Victoria, Kenya-; "VICTORIA" means a WIN-
(as in WIN-dows", as in "WIN-dsor").

[ "CHI RHO" = 61 = ".DOWS" ]

However, if you observe, "Victoria" is not "Victor", but feminine...!
So we really have to look at the FEMALES in politics, is the message.
Thus we have... Hillary Clinton -failed to be president by an inch,
so to speak-. Akhenaten's wife NEFERTITI then, must contain the
crucial codes; she changed her name to "NEFERNEFERUATEN",
and is thought to have become Pharaoh after Akhenaten's death.

It matters little if this is the case or not, what matters is that this
is the major association with women (whether myth or fact) as in
most prominent positions of power, i.e. the Archetype.

I believe this shift to Females, reinforces the "Transition to New"
systems, a symbol of such shift; Margaret Thatcher started it, as
a prefiguring. If we move 1+Space up in the alphabet, her initials
become "Nefernefer-Uaten"'s initials:

{ "M" & "T" become "N" & "U" }

And in turn these "N.U." initials the UN template -United Nations-.
When we look at the United States today, we see that the previous
event of 911 fits in the same Code:

[ "NEFERUATON" = 119 ]

[ "A September Eleven" = 167 = "A Twin Towers" ]
[ "President George" = 167 ]
[ "USA Pres. Barack Obama" = 167 ]
[ "Change We Can Believe In" = 167 ]


[ "UATEN" = 61 = "CHI RHO" ]

Then of course we have the grossly manufactured figure of one Gov
Sarah Palin spoon-fed to the masses, whose many codes are a clear
case of the fact she was only chosen because of her looks & names.
Her good looks are irrefutably intended to convey the image of both
It's interesting how "TITI" is almost a code for 911 Twin Towers.

Akhenaten & Nefertiti moved the capital of Egypt from Thebes to
Amarna, and this is actually the message being sent regarding the
"Capitals of Nations"; the message of an impending "relocation" of
the Capital(s). So for ex in conspiracy circles it is said that the new
capitals would be in Atlanta & in Denver -(once again whether the
rumour is real or a hoax is irrelevant, the message was sent)-:

[ NEFER = 48 = AMARNA = "A SARAH" ]
Ostensibly so, "AmArnA" is a pun of "AtlAntA" (triple A)

Akhenaten is also "Nefer-Kheperure", and this is where the clue is:

[ "Kheperure" = 107 = "Gov. Sarah P." ]

[ "A Robinson" = 107 = "Soetoro" ]

[ " A Sphynx" = 107 ]

(As to wife Michelle Robinson & Obama's "supposed real last name").
I add to last year's post on Palin's codes, the following:

[ "SPHYNX" ~ "SPHN" ] (S-ara-H P-ali-N, 1st & last initials)
[ "SPHN" = 57 = ENGLAND = SION = ROSE ]
[ "SARAH" = 47 = BEAST ]
[ "S.L.P.H.E.N." = 74 = LUCIFER = JESUS = LONDON ]
(S-ara-H L-ouis-E P-ali-n, 1st & last initials)
[ "SLP" = 47 = BEAST ] (1st. initials)
[ "HEN" = 27= CODE = RED ] (last initials)

This "CODE RED" was announced to the subconscious mind with
maximum intensity & exposure during 911 (last initials in reverse):


That this is no random coincidental code, is attested in the fact that
Palin wore prominently RED dresses; the color RED as a code/sign
finds even further reaffirmation in ref to the "HARLOT" dressed in
Scarlet (Apoc/Rev 17:4 and onward):


This psico-sexual overtone in the use of Sarah Palin's public persona
is not casual, she acts as "Carrier" of Nefertiti & Cleopatra's codes:


Her main name belongs to the 5x5 Grid WatchTower, the pentagon
a symbol of: [ VENUS = 81 = TOWER ]:

---(5 letters each): VENUS / EARTH / MARTE
---(5 letters each): WHITE / HOUSE
---(5 letters each): SARAH PALIN
---(5 letters each): OBAMA / BIDEN
---(5 letters each): W BUSH / LAURA
---(5 letters each): WALES / QUEEN
---(5 letters each): WATCH / TOWER / BIBLE / TRACT
---(5 letters each): MOSES / TORAH / TALMUD / RABBI
---(5 letters each): MOUNT / SINAI / HOREB
---(5 letters each): JESUS / SATAN / DEVIL
---(5 letters each): WORLD / TRADE
---(5 letters each): ISLAM / KORAN
---(5 letters each): MASON / HIRAM
---(5 letters each): ADOLF / REICH
---(5 letters each): BEAST / CROWN / WOMAN

---(5 letters each): ORION / RIGEL
---(5 letters each): CANIS / MAJOR
---(5 letters each): ALHIM / MILAH
---(5 letters each): ALPHA / OMEGA
---(5 letters each): ENOCH / MAGIC

There are many examples of "key" words & names both within the
power game or the astro-theology game, forming part of this Grid;
these are called "WATCHTOWER"s, because they were used by
Sir John Dee during Queen Elizabeth I, as a communication with
extra-dimensional beings, who instructed him how to compose the
magickal grids, even using an alternate secret-cipher language he
called "ENOCHIAN ALPHABET". This is actually how the English
Language was created using a Harmonic Gematria Template, i.e.
to make it "Fractal/Resonant", in other words, Holographic.

Therefore words & names that appear to have no relation between
them -or even appear in the public seen to be "enemies"-, in fact
belong to the same WatchTowers, which can be 3x3/4x4/5x5, etc.

This part of the vast hidden "Neuro-Linguistic" sciences, which are
used by some ET's to robotize humanity, and are in many cases such
a case of blatant mind-control hypnotism, that it is simply pathetic.

The concept of "Pendulum/Polarity" or MIRRORS is the most crucial
element, that is why one has to exert great caution when confronted
by a system of belief/ideology that over-emphasizes polarity & such.

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