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Who was really HITLER...?

We have to start with the case of "Jack the Ripper",
who was it appears, just a code-name for a high-level
british secret society entertaining themselves with
satanic ritual murder. Amongst those -rumour goes-,
was none other than "Prince Albert Victor" Duke of
Clarence and Avon, heir of Prince Albert and Queen
Victoria. Those were the days when that royalty was
still called by its true name "Saxe-Koburg-Gotha"
from Germany, before they changed to "Windsor" in
1917, to appease the masses during WWI. Prince A.V.
was born 1864, and conveniently "died" in 1891 (fact
disputed by many), after a big homosexual scandal in
a brothel involving some high profile politicians; maybe
1 gay scandal and 1 suspicion of being the Ripper, was
one too many 1's for the Crown, who legend says just
sent him out of the country forever in secret. This
satanic clique is thought of as having an obsession
with English Gematria codes, so numeric "signatures"
are thought to be (key: a=1, b=2, ..., z=26):
[ALBERT=58="Jack the"] [RIPPER=82=PAV/ETR]
{pav/etr: full 1st/last initials of PrincE AlberT VictoR}
Then there is the famous "Prince Albert Piercing" in
the Penis gland , unclear referred to him or his father.
Then there is The Ripper letters, with clue lines as:
"Funny Little Games", "They Say I'm a Doctor Now",
"Trade Name", etc:
[ LITTLE GAMES = 123 ]
Full 1st/last initials "Prince Albert Duke of Clarence":
[ "a PADOC/ETEFE = 81 = "Trade Name" ]
1st Duke of Clarence died in the Tower of London:
[ Tower = 81 ]

So if they secretly exiled him for being a bloody psycho,
where did he go...? This is where the rumours lead to
none other than...Hitler. Starting with a striking physical
resemblance, they look IDENTICAL, comparing pics of
"young Hitler". It is of course a strong historical anomaly
that a low-level man like Adolf, with dropout 'education',
definitely low IQ, who was rejected twice at the academy
trying to become a painter, and who came with Hysteria
during his WWI in the front, would become the powerful
and astute manipulator of masses and kings. His parents
Alois & Clara Hitler had 5 children, of which just Adolf &
Paula survived; she lived to old age and changed her name
at Adolf's request during his glory years, so no one knew
he had a sister. She worked as his house tender woman,
died without children in 1960. Was he just ashamed of her
low class, or was she a SIGN his family did not match his
supposed Fuhrer persona, so he hid her...? Their parents
died in 1903 and 1907, Adolf did not register for military
service in 1909, it took 4 years for authorities to catch up
with him. It is unkown where he was, and scanty facts
speak of him showing odd behaviour, depression, crying
looking at the wall. Adolf visited Liverpool in his youth,
had a british cousin/nephew (William Patrick) there. To
make matters worse, there are also strong rumours the
"original" Adolf was actually Baron Rothschild's bastard
grandson, as his grandma was a house/slave of his, and
it is well known he abused her during her entire life.
When during WWI the SS Office of Genealogical Research
decided to propagandize about the nazi leaders glorious
"aryan genetic roots", in shock they discovered this, and
promptly retrieved the project (it meant Adolf was jew).
This 'dark secret' has been cited to explan his hatred for
jews, as psychological projection. However since Hitler's
body "was never found", there is no way to look for DNA
evidence of him traced to the Prince Albert lineage. See?
This would explain -conspiriologists say-, why he could
just not die like everyone else, and some say he never did
die in 1945, but retired to idyllic Bariloche-Argentina, so
beautifully similar to his beloved Bavarian Alps, under the
known protection of Juan Peron (1946 to 1952 and on).

So goes the CASE OF A SUBSTITUTION, where exiled
heir to the british crown Prince Albert Victor assumes the
identity of one obscure irrelevant Adolf Hitler, chosen not
only based on his name, but on the Rothschild 'dark' blood
lineage (illuminati top players often have bastard offspring
that they place high in "opposite camps", so they control all
sides of every artificially created conflict). Thus Adolf and
Eva Braun did not have offspring neither, that would give
away Dna evidence as well. A strange case of... Zero Dna!?
So the story goes, in Nov 18-1908, young Adolf left his old
address without a forwarding address; enter the famous
"lost years of Adolf". Rumour goes exiled Prince Albert
Victor had been studying Architecture in the meantime
-as it was one of his passions-, thus this would also explain
the inexplicable, that acc. to none other than master architect
of the 3rd Reich -Albert Speer-, Hitler was a "good architect"
(in his own words). How come? Unless he was Prince Albert
student of Architecture of course. He and Speer would go on
to re-design Berlin, a habit still continued up until his very
"death"; models of their majestic urban/arch plans have been
reconstructed, and they are pretty darn good. Never mind
how an obscure low IQ low-class abnormal depressive guy
without any formal education could have achieved such...
Hitler painted as well, and eerily both Arch. & Painting are
2 passions of one Prince Charles. Paula H. had no contact
with Adolf during is 'alone' years and military career; she met
him again in Vienna in the 1920's. During official 12 July '45
interrogation by the allies, she declared: "I never saw him
from 1908 until 1921 (that's 13 years, and she was the only
relative that could identify him). And he added: "I did not
recognize him at first when he walked into the house". Was
she aware he was NOT the original "Adolf". It appears so;
until 2005 it was thought she was a bystander in the nazi
period, only relation to Adolf being her working as his maid
at first, and then he got her a job as secretary in a military
hospital (he gave her their father's military pension as well,
that he had lived-off during his 'alone' years, it was quite a
decent wage). However only in 2005 it was revealed she had
been engaged to one of the most notorious euthanasia doctors,
Dr. Erwin Jekelius, but Adolf did not allow her to marry him.
Docs that prove this are suspected of being fake, but there is
something funky with her "innocent" story. At any rate Adolf
gave the name "Frau Wolf(f)" for her to use per life. And yes,
her own vagaries after her mother's death (1909), are unkown.
Why would anybody forge her docs? Distraction of the truth?
[Paula Hitler=123=Prince Albert=Duke of Clarence]
Did this numerological coincidence keep her alive?

Now on Queen Victoria's side, the british dynasty name is
Was this numerology the reason to choose "Adolf Hitler"
as identity-theft victim on the part of a numbers obsessed
Albert Victor? Let's keep in mind that also there is a Rhyme
relation, as: "r-I-pp-ER" rhymes with "h-I-tl-ER".
And then of course the famous legend of Hitler having been
bisexual in his lost years, a rumour than continued on during
his glory years as Fuhrer, the other nazi leaders nicknamed
his former jail partner after the Putsch (Rudolph Hess)
"Frau Hess" -Mrs. Hess-', for this reason. Psychological
studies conducted by allied intelligence services on Hitler,
state that he had a sexual perversion, wanting to see (and
else) defecate a young woman. The urban lore about Hitler's
lost years in total debauchery, is well-known. The point is,
this woud match a debauched Albert Victor's personality,
both sexually, and his lust for blood. If there's any truth to
any of this, naturally. But other "clues" can be found.

We observe the ritual codename "RIPPER" contains an
all-too-obvious giveaway clue "PR" (PR-ince), whereas the
other "Adolf Hitler" of alleged identity-theft, was born in
April 20: ""a-PR-il". Hitler's birthday was lavishly & ritually
celebrated each year, with famous international dignataries
always invited ceremonially, including Vatican top envoys.
You'll also notice the name for his book "Mein Kampf":
[ MEIN = 41 = DUKE ]
Particularly revealing is the last name he chose her sister
to change to -"Wolf(f)": [ WOLF = 56 = APRIL ]. While
on the other hand he chose for sole partner "Eva Braun":
"Alois" being Adolf''s father. Also eeringly plausible as
another reason to riskily let Paula Hitler live on:
[ PAULA = 51 = GOTHA ]
Prince Albert Victor's last name: "Saxe-Koburg-Gotha".

Besides this, as the "Branau" location-name became then
later a nazi term (New Branau, etc) -for Eva Braun-one
may also conclude the real reason he chose her as partner:
So a distinct picture begins to emerge of this identity-theft
scenario as quite plausible, with Albert Victor methodically
and obsessivelly/ritually laying out all the proper clues his
royal dignity wold merit, for posterity and for enjoyment of
the secret elite. And last -but not least-, the also inexplicable
anomaly of Hitler always carrying in his hand a WHIP; it was
actually a dog-whip, and this could have been a clue as to his
royal former british hunting days, as well as a pun for his
sado-masoquistic excesses. Did the Ripper disguise his knife
inside a dog-whip...? Do the numbers again:
Yes, it helps to observe, reversing "56" to "65" (mirror No.):
[ 65 = PRINCE ]

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